Desperately Seeking Galangal in Canberra

trevar 24 June 2011 16

A recent trip to Cairns and a visit to their magnificent Rusty’s markets saw me return with a chunk of galangal, with which I indulged my love of south east Asian cooking. After some great dishes, the last bit of this spice went into a satay that attracted a very positive response from She Who Must Be Pleased.

Now I find myself with no more galangal and my usual Asian grocery doesn’t stock it. Does anyone know of a shop or market in Canberra that makes this wonderful tropical spice available to we lowly mountain-dwellers?

A supplier of fresh turmeric would also be great!

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16 Responses to Desperately Seeking Galangal in Canberra
I-filed I-filed 12:40 pm 26 Jun 11

mp2615 said :

Farmer’s market at EPIC, tomorrow morning

Farmers market allows growers only. Who would be growing galangal in this region?

trevar trevar 2:35 pm 24 Jun 11

Thanks for the help, everyone!

KaptnKaos KaptnKaos 2:33 pm 24 Jun 11

There are a number of online spice stores if you can’t find any at the local markets:

Wily_Bear Wily_Bear 2:04 pm 24 Jun 11

There’s a small Asian grocer in Erindale near the Cheescake shop, I think it’s call Lucky Price or something like that. Although small, they always carry a good range of fresh herbs and spices, galangal included. The produce is super fresh and very cheap, if you live down that way

braddonboy braddonboy 2:03 pm 24 Jun 11

Having just returned from the Fyshwick markets I can report that both galangal and fresh tumeric are available in abundance at the greengrocers there.

mp2615 mp2615 1:49 pm 24 Jun 11

Farmer’s market at EPIC, tomorrow morning

madamcholet madamcholet 1:46 pm 24 Jun 11

BTW, you can also buy galangal powder from spice shops (we use one in Phillip). It’s also sometimes called laos powder I think

madamcholet madamcholet 1:41 pm 24 Jun 11

Try Wiffens at Fyshwick – can normally get most anything there – fresh turmeric, finger limes, curry leaves, lime sleaves all the exotic stuff you need for this type of cooking. I think even Woolies stocks galangal though.

EvanJames EvanJames 1:22 pm 24 Jun 11

ColesWorths often have it, but it’s not with the Ginger (which is with the garlic and onions and stuff), it’s usually with the fancy things in a cooler unit, with the picked herbs and chillis and things. Looks like ginger but often the skin looks sort-of shiny, it all looks moister than the ginger. I’ve never had any problems getting it if I want it. Haven’t seen turmeric though, I’d like to get hold of some of that, too. Wish we could grow it.

Silveras Silveras 1:08 pm 24 Jun 11

I seen some Galangal in Coles Gungahlin last night… Looks similar to ginger root. Hope the information helps.

McSomething McSomething 11:54 am 24 Jun 11

I buy both fresh galangal and fresh tumeric at Simply Fresh in civic. They usually have both in stock.

Rusalka Rusalka 11:32 am 24 Jun 11

I bought both galangal and fresh tumeric from Simply Fresh in Woden on the weekend, and have frequently bought them from most of the veggie shops at the Fyshwick Markets.

Rusalka Rusalka 11:30 am 24 Jun 11

I bought both galangal and fresh tumeric from Simply Fresh in Woden the other day, and have bought them frequently from most of the fruit and veg stores at the Fyshwick Markets.

TeeTee TeeTee 11:17 am 24 Jun 11

Ziggy’s at the Belconnen Markets also stocks it.

FioBla FioBla 10:47 am 24 Jun 11

If you are in the southern suburbs, I have seen them at the Asian grocery shop at 67 Townshend Street, Phillip 2606. They only receive fresh vegetables 3 days a week. To save a trip, call them first at 62811227. Since finding a source of fresh galangal, I have stopped putting mine in the freezer.

Slashor Slashor 10:05 am 24 Jun 11

Try another Asian grocery. I have seen it in quite a few places in Canberra. Ziggy’s in Belco mall stocks it.

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