DFO Canberra Launches!!

OzChick 11 August 2008 41

I got this email today…

Just a thought for the Canberran men out there that they should hide their wives wallets until the novelty of this wears off…

Be our special guest at one of this year’s biggest VIP openings… the official launch of DFO Canberra.

DFO invites you to an exclusive preview of Canberra’s newest shopping outlet where you will have the opportunity to find great bargains from over 100 leading Australian and international brands at drastically reduced prices.

    Date: Thursday 11th September 2008

    Time: 6.00pm to 9.00pm
    Location: DFO Canberra
    Cnr Canberra Avenue & Newcastle Street

Don’t miss out on the hottest invitation in town restricted to the first 3,000 people, click to RSVP here

Be one of the first to arrive at the event and receive a complimentary DFO gift bag.

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41 Responses to DFO Canberra Launches!!
Granny Granny 4:22 pm 04 Sep 08

Holden Caulfield said :

Looks like a quiet night’s shopping for you and I then bubzie. :p

You might also bump into the odd janitor with a bucket.

tylersmayhem tylersmayhem 3:26 pm 04 Sep 08

This is exactly the shop we need in Canberra. Erm…please someone get me a bucket. Better yet a length of rope!

needlenose needlenose 3:09 pm 04 Sep 08

I have an invite I probably won’t use – if anyone wants it, you can reach me via the link in the Wotz On thread.

peterh peterh 1:27 pm 04 Sep 08


my wife dipped out. she has decided that a night out with the girls is far better, and has just stamped my leave pass for the sim challenge tonight. yes, yes i know, it isn’t the 11th, but it looks like i am on baby sitting duties on the 11th…

and possibly other nights as well.

she knows how I feel about DFO, about the same as christmas shopping, being chief pram pusher and carrier of all manner of sh!t, dragged from store to store and trying to placate bored, tired, screaming kids, while she marvels at how good item of clothing will look on her…

it never matches up for her after she buys it.

I always decline to voice an opinion. we don’t have a dog house, but there is the cat enclosure…

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 1:15 pm 04 Sep 08

Looks like a quiet night’s shopping for you and I then bubzie. :p

bubzie bubzie 5:45 pm 03 Sep 08

zomg yeah, totally!!

omg omg omg!! 😀

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 5:27 pm 03 Sep 08


I got my DFO Official Opening lanyard the other day. Anyone else get one?

ant ant 9:39 pm 28 Aug 08

OzChick said :

I want my freebie gift.

It’ll be a voucher. Spend $500 at a shop, get 5% off… you bet.

SheepGroper SheepGroper 7:57 pm 28 Aug 08

@ Mick, if you don’t get a better offer, I’m only going for JB Hi Fi and the book shop. I don’t mind giving my pass to someone else when I exit, I doubt I’d be in there for long.

Sands Sands 7:42 pm 28 Aug 08

hehe, actually I was thinking of a particular person! No offence to the rest.

OzChick OzChick 7:06 pm 28 Aug 08

I want my freebie gift.

Sands Sands 6:48 pm 28 Aug 08

I’m with you Scootergal. Yawn. I’ll get more entertainment from seeing the photos in the city news of all the bores getting frocked up and posing for the cameras.

Mick Mick 6:07 pm 28 Aug 08

If anyone has a spare ticket, can you maybe let me know? I got one, but stupidly assumed they were doubles.

Duh 🙂

G-Fresh G-Fresh 5:06 pm 27 Aug 08

Well yippee. More giordano and scooter stores.

G-Fresh G-Fresh 5:06 pm 27 Aug 08

Well yippee. More giordano and scooter stores.

Danman Danman 3:04 pm 27 Aug 08

Mia80 – you sound like you know what you’re talking about…tutt tutt off now

Mia80 Mia80 2:51 pm 27 Aug 08

Man this is going to be a real challenge for Bogan Depot to keep it’s limited clientele.
All Canberra needs now is an Ikea and we are a trashy southern Sydney burb.

dragonflygal dragonflygal 12:17 am 13 Aug 08

Fair enough if you’re not interested in shopping. Neither is my husband – which is why I have to shop you see, so that he has clothes to wear ;o)

novocastrian novocastrian 9:09 pm 12 Aug 08

I think I can resist for a few years. I have only been to Brand Depot once, about 6 months ago, and it was looking pretty sorry then – lots of empty shops. They have been promoting Tuesday (I think)as pensioners day, free coffee, sing along with the Silver Baron whoever he might be. Desparate. On the plus side, there was a hell of a lot of parking space outside.

ant ant 8:45 pm 12 Aug 08

“Don’t miss out on the hottest invitation in town restricted to the first 3,000 people, click to RSVP here”

Hottest invitation?! Bah. It’s a big shop.

miz miz 2:59 pm 12 Aug 08

Meh, care factor?

I hate shopping – though I s’pose this may be because I never get to buy more than the essentials, what with rent being so ridiculously high . . .

I certainly would not bother to travel to either of these places.

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