Did you hear Canberra’s big bang?

Ian Bushnell 21 May 2020 208
Canberra big bang

Big bang theories are welcome. Photo: File.

Mystery surrounds a loud bang heard early this morning in Belconnen and Gungahlin but it’s not the first to be experienced in Canberra’s north.

There have also been reports of an orange flash seen in the sky, which the ANU says discounts a meteor being responsible.

That description is reminiscent of reports two years ago of a big bang in Holt that attracted many theories but no actual cause.

And back in 2012 a big bang was reported in Nicholls, where houses were shaken.

Just like this time, Geoscience can’t help, and the police and ESA have no idea.

That leaves Defence, but don’t expect it to let on if the military have been up to anything.

But we asked anyway.

A Defence spokesperson said it was definitely not the culprit, saying there were no training exercises being conducted at present.

What do you think was the cause?

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208 Responses to Did you hear Canberra’s big bang?
Nanna Campbell Nanna Campbell 9:52 am 20 May 20

Fireworks 🧨

Owen Loney Owen Loney 9:51 am 20 May 20

Yes they think maybe a meteor boom

Josh Horan Josh Horan 9:48 am 20 May 20

It was really loud in holt followed by two smaller bangs

chewy14 chewy14 9:48 am 20 May 20

Drug lab exploding clearly. We are talking the Northside.

Richard Ebsworth Richard Ebsworth 9:48 am 20 May 20

It was just ACT government dropping the ball again...

Matt Steele Matt Steele 9:46 am 20 May 20

Something exploded on tillyard drive. The media are trying to cover it up

    Troy Summerfield Troy Summerfield 9:53 am 20 May 20

    I bet it was 5G related, it released a new batch of coronavirus spores

    Dougie Haywood Dougie Haywood 5:48 pm 20 May 20

    Yeh a water main haha

Darron Marks Darron Marks 9:43 am 20 May 20

I once woke up to what I can only describe as a very short but violent shock wave. It was a number of years ago it rattled the walls and windows apparently it was explained to be an earthquake shockwave in the media.

So they definitely do happen and there has been a bit of seismic activity in Australia in the last few day ?

Patricia Ann Aitken-Coulthard Patricia Ann Aitken-Coulthard 9:43 am 20 May 20

Heard it, but took no notice!!

Jackie Chindamo Jackie Chindamo 9:42 am 20 May 20

Made my windows shake

Avril Pounds Avril Pounds 9:42 am 20 May 20

I heard it in Charnwood. Couldn't see anything out the windows so just put it down to an extreme car backfire.

Phil Slater Phil Slater 9:41 am 20 May 20


Jillian CarsonJackson Jillian CarsonJackson 9:40 am 20 May 20

I’m disappointed. I didn’t hear the bang...

Amelia Ponds Amelia Ponds 9:38 am 20 May 20

1st one I've heard that made my house windows shake

Bib Bhan Bib Bhan 9:38 am 20 May 20

🛸 crash lands in gunghalin

Fiona Green Fiona Green 9:37 am 20 May 20

Would like to know

Paul Hughes Paul Hughes 9:36 am 20 May 20

Meth lab exploding

Rhiannon Connolly Rhiannon Connolly 9:34 am 20 May 20

I heard it in Dunlop just after midnight.

Monique Fernandez Monique Fernandez 9:29 am 20 May 20

Probably someone putting a firework done the main drain

    Danielle Nethercott Danielle Nethercott 9:41 am 20 May 20

    Monique Fernandez we used to do that in the 80s down at Kippax. It wouldn't be THAT loud

    Monique Fernandez Monique Fernandez 10:23 am 20 May 20

    Danielle Nethercott yeah it can be especially if it's strong explosives

Mark Novitski Mark Novitski 9:28 am 20 May 20

Just a glitch in the matrix

Katrina Lovelock Katrina Lovelock 9:28 am 20 May 20

The earth cracking

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