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What was that big bang in nicholls?

By dr phil - 17 June 2012 21

5am this morning here was a big bang in nicholls. Shock the house and also friends up the road rang me to see if we heard the same thing.

Nothing on geoscience, nothing on the news.

Was it an earth quake?
Was it a UFO crashing to earth?
Was it the local drug lab trying to boost its productions with out success?
Or was it Rinehart expanding her mining expedition?

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
What was that big bang in nicholls?
fiddlesticks 3:01 pm 17 Jun 12

Yep I heard it near Bywong, I agree it sounded much like the last ‘earthquake’ but shorter., bit of a roar and house shuddered.. looked up Geoscience Australia site… nothing. Thought I must have imagined it, so glad to see it’s not just me after all!.

scorpio63 2:51 pm 17 Jun 12 is the site to view the tremors around Oz and our region (many of you would know anyway) and was viewing late last night.

For those who do not find the opportunity to view the tremors occurring throughout each year, I have noticed that the same frequency,similar locations and similar strengths of tremors took place last winter in comparison to the beginning of this winter. I had expected another tremor near Yass/Bowning/Dalton after the last one to be honest.

damien haas 2:45 pm 17 Jun 12

i really hope Geoscience Australia has a better tracking system than reports filled in by people who felt a bang that may have been thunder or Queens Birthday fireworks.

poppy 2:44 pm 17 Jun 12

Yeah I heard this in Giralang, it was about quarter to six. Bang followed by windows rattling, just like earthquake a few months ago only much shorter. The dog was up and agitated just prior, he came right back to bed after it was over. Don’t know if they have some sixth sense or something of this stuff. Dog did the same thing in the previous earthquake. Then again, it could have been a possum or cat that had him upset…

Deref 2:19 pm 17 Jun 12
thehutch 1:07 pm 17 Jun 12

I heard on the radio this morning that there was a small earthquake felt by residents between northern canberra and yass

Deref 12:45 pm 17 Jun 12

I heard – and felt – it in Kaleen too. I assumed it was an earthquake.

Tony 12:21 pm 17 Jun 12

I also heard it in Casey. It sound like a raw followed by a loud rumble followed by some shaking and window rattling.

BenMac 11:53 am 17 Jun 12

Heard in Ngunnawal, although it was around 545am. I noticed that it had been raining, so assume it was some late thunder.

gooterz 11:43 am 17 Jun 12

Map out where people have heard it and then work out the centre

Randy 11:33 am 17 Jun 12

Heard that in Macquarie this morning too. Thought it was another earthquake as the sound was very similar.

maui 11:26 am 17 Jun 12

I heard it in Kaleen! I’m glad someone else heard it – thought I was going mad.

Northsidechick 11:25 am 17 Jun 12

A few of my friends on facebook are also trying to find out what it was (because everything important happens on facebook). I’m in Harrison and heard a huge bang then rumbled for a bit, I assumed earthquake..but can find nothing out either.
Conspiracy! Conspiracy!

iceu 11:23 am 17 Jun 12

Heard it here in Ngunnawal, woke me up. Dogs weren’t fussed. Shook the house!

DrKoresh 11:20 am 17 Jun 12

It was me! :shifty:

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