Did you hear Canberra’s big bang?

Ian Bushnell 21 May 2020 208
Canberra big bang

Big bang theories are welcome. Photo: File.

Mystery surrounds a loud bang heard early this morning in Belconnen and Gungahlin but it’s not the first to be experienced in Canberra’s north.

There have also been reports of an orange flash seen in the sky, which the ANU says discounts a meteor being responsible.

That description is reminiscent of reports two years ago of a big bang in Holt that attracted many theories but no actual cause.

And back in 2012 a big bang was reported in Nicholls, where houses were shaken.

Just like this time, Geoscience can’t help, and the police and ESA have no idea.

That leaves Defence, but don’t expect it to let on if the military have been up to anything.

But we asked anyway.

A Defence spokesperson said it was definitely not the culprit, saying there were no training exercises being conducted at present.

What do you think was the cause?

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208 Responses to Did you hear Canberra’s big bang?
Alison Patterson Alison Patterson 6:38 pm 20 May 20

Kristi charlie and Karrie Patterson. I heard this

    Alison Patterson Alison Patterson 7:56 pm 20 May 20

    Kristi Charlie. Hopefully you see it this time

    Kristi Charlie Kristi Charlie 7:58 pm 20 May 20

    Alison Patterson testing for retaliation to China? 😂 was there a lot of bats?

Sumedha Bohra Sumedha Bohra 6:31 pm 20 May 20

Surabhi Mishra did you?

Sabur Fahiz Sabur Fahiz 6:18 pm 20 May 20

I see nothing hear nothing

Ali Lawrence Ali Lawrence 6:12 pm 20 May 20

I heard one yesterday about 4:00pm in Gordon too !!

Rob Watts Rob Watts 6:12 pm 20 May 20

It was the cloud of toxic gas around Uranus

Diane Creasey Diane Creasey 5:54 pm 20 May 20

I heard it in Ngunnawal.

Jeremy Calero Jeremy Calero 5:44 pm 20 May 20

I always assume bikies these days haha

Patricia Fearn Patricia Fearn 5:43 pm 20 May 20

We had it here in Victoria apparently we had a mini cyclone

Vishal Sampson Vishal Sampson 5:40 pm 20 May 20

The Big Bang Theory

Carol Knight Carol Knight 5:38 pm 20 May 20

Flash of light lit up the sky then 3secs later a loud clap of thunder..meteorite for sure

Lu Yu Lu Yu 5:07 pm 20 May 20

Orange light? Like the meteor-like object caught on camera in the US in this video?
It started with blue light but at the time of the BANG it was definitely shining orange light.

Paul Hardy Paul Hardy 5:03 pm 20 May 20

1209am I heard it in Dunlop

Tracey Pigram Tracey Pigram 4:52 pm 20 May 20

Scared the lifeout of me in Dunlop. Didnt hear anything after like debris or fire etc. Did here some burnt outs about 10mins after.

Paul Armstrong Paul Armstrong 4:21 pm 20 May 20

Jordie what are u smoking😘

Catherine Stevens Catherine Stevens 4:14 pm 20 May 20

I did I was wondering if there would be news on it

Gail Ward Gail Ward 4:02 pm 20 May 20

Too much of an explosion sound to be an earthquake

Alison Jones Alison Jones 3:39 pm 20 May 20

We heard it in Weston Creek. Wondered about an earthquake but apparently not.

Julia Keating Campbell Julia Keating Campbell 3:14 pm 20 May 20

.. I recall going to work early one morninng, about 6:30am, coming over the hill and driving down William Hovel Drive towards the city when there was this enormous CRACK breaking the still morning air and reverberating across the Molonglo River valley ....

Macy Lane Macy Lane 3:03 pm 20 May 20

This stuff happens in Queanbeyan a lot. That's not a Queanbeyan joke though. There's random explosion noises every now and then, and nobody ever knows what it is. I would assume fireworks, but everyone who mentions their experience heard it at the same volume, so my only other guess is above the town.

Graham Gittins Graham Gittins 2:59 pm 20 May 20

Nah, didn’t hear anything from my place Nancy😉

    Gail Ward Gail Ward 4:01 pm 20 May 20

    Graham Gittins you must live in tuggetanong then cause all belconen heard it

    Graham Gittins Graham Gittins 4:28 pm 20 May 20

    Gail Ward I live in the best place in OZ, Gold Coast 😄

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