Did you hear Canberra’s big bang?

Ian Bushnell 21 May 2020 208
Canberra big bang

Big bang theories are welcome. Photo: File.

Mystery surrounds a loud bang heard early this morning in Belconnen and Gungahlin but it’s not the first to be experienced in Canberra’s north.

There have also been reports of an orange flash seen in the sky, which the ANU says discounts a meteor being responsible.

That description is reminiscent of reports two years ago of a big bang in Holt that attracted many theories but no actual cause.

And back in 2012 a big bang was reported in Nicholls, where houses were shaken.

Just like this time, Geoscience can’t help, and the police and ESA have no idea.

That leaves Defence, but don’t expect it to let on if the military have been up to anything.

But we asked anyway.

A Defence spokesperson said it was definitely not the culprit, saying there were no training exercises being conducted at present.

What do you think was the cause?

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208 Responses to Did you hear Canberra’s big bang?
Stuart Harris Stuart Harris 12:51 am 21 May 20

Heard in Emu Ridge. Similar to two other big bangs heard in last few months. First was a commercial firework ignited between building of Oracle apartments (near my place) Police and Fire attended, had no idea what or where second one was and the third was last night. All late evening when quiet. I suspect we have a serial 'bomber' who has a stash and gets their kicks out of all the hoo haa following an ignition. At least no one has been hurt nor property damaged (that we know of?)....wait for the next one i suppose !?

David Johnson David Johnson 12:34 am 21 May 20

I heard it in Evatt.

Chelsea Graham Chelsea Graham 12:21 am 21 May 20

Alot of people believe it was a mortar firework. And yes, they are extremely loud. In the video you can hear it shoot off, top left hand corner above the car you see a flash then BOOM!

I believe it could of been a mortar for sure

Jenni Wells Jenni Wells 10:46 pm 20 May 20

Heard in Holt

Jenni Wells Jenni Wells 10:43 pm 20 May 20

I live in Holt and heard the bang

Steven Miller Steven Miller 10:38 pm 20 May 20

Some jerk let off a very large firework by the sounds of it. If you listen carefully there’s a whoosh noise then a flash followed by the boom a few seconds later.

Sue Ellen Sue Ellen 10:25 pm 20 May 20

Sonic boom from a UFO? 😜

Iven Spicer Iven Spicer 10:16 pm 20 May 20

batch of home brew exploding?

Linda Keevers Linda Keevers 9:48 pm 20 May 20

Yes I heard it as well.

Caddie Slattery Caddie Slattery 9:35 pm 20 May 20

A lot of people here in Leeton NSW possibly heard it, too.

Kylie Jane Bucat Kylie Jane Bucat 9:28 pm 20 May 20

Stephen Bucat I wasn't imaging it

Kristian Dosen Kristian Dosen 9:22 pm 20 May 20

James Andric see jadan the krop can be heard from outta space

Caitlin Watt Caitlin Watt 9:17 pm 20 May 20

Lily Knifee did you guys hear it ? We didn’t 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Lily Knifee Lily Knifee 9:28 pm 20 May 20

    Caitlin Watt nope 🤷🏻‍♀️ none of us woke up to it!

Isabel Jay Isabel Jay 8:37 pm 20 May 20

Jessica Deen I heard and felt this last night - you?

Ben Fairhall Ben Fairhall 7:37 pm 20 May 20

Ever since the works have been going on in Molonglo the explosions have been happening. I saw the light from one go off and the loud bang a few months ago. It is most likely the construction of the new suburb and the removal of some rock.

Jimmy Stephanis Jimmy Stephanis 7:25 pm 20 May 20

Probably a sewer main methane gas exploding.💩

Chris Dimmock Chris Dimmock 7:22 pm 20 May 20

Jason Evans. I had nothing to do with it.

    Jason Evans Jason Evans 7:24 pm 20 May 20

    Chris says "up north" Canberra so we might hear a new story tomorrow 🤣

Paul Wheatley Paul Wheatley 7:11 pm 20 May 20

Meteorite / space junk landing, it, I heard one many years ago and it certainly sounded like it???

Richard Gurevitch Richard Gurevitch 7:05 pm 20 May 20

Is the CC🤓P up to its usual tricks?

Phil Tarrant Phil Tarrant 6:40 pm 20 May 20

Yep, I heard it in Torrens, but earlier than 12.09 I am sure! Rattled my window. I blamed the neighbours.

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