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Dijon Restaurant – A review

atnas 21 April 2005 13

Tasting menu Available

Entrees: $18 – $25
Mains: $25 – $30
Desserts: Are available but we didn’t order them.
Corkage: $9 a throw. Very nice wine list, so don’t brining your own.

Well, last night I had the chance to take fine young lass out to dinner at Dijon, which is situated on 29 West Row (Two doors down from The Muddle Bar). WE arrived a wee bit early for our quater to eight booking, and the restaurant was surprisingly empty for a night before public service pay week. We were situated right near the large windows which seem to be a standard feature of all the West Row premises, and were subsequently blown away by what was on offer on the menu. There was even a complimentary home made bread with butter infused with truffles and shitake mushrooms whilst you considered all that was on offer.

The entrée’s were a gastronomical excursion into Asian influences for Modern Australian cuisine. However, and thankfully they leave very little for vegetarians, who really ought eat the grass in the park over the road for all I care. Seeing it was a special night, we decided to share the lamb loin with scallops, on bed of red capsicum, eggplant and some sort of wasabi and herb jus. That was very nice, and it washed well with a couple of Stellas.

Speaking of Grog at this point the wine list is incredible, they have quite a nice variety of middle of the road to top end (but not overly expensive) Australian wines, all of the better ends of the recent vintages. Unfortunately the wonderful girl was a bit crook, and had more drugs in her than Snoop Dog at the Amsterdam Airport, so wine was off the list for us, but I got to have beer, and lots of it, god bless her.

The mains, again, much akin to the entrée’s are quite varied. There were definitely some very nice blending of tastes, textures and influences and it made choosing your feed an absolute bastard. In the end, we went for the Rib eye fillet with the usual bed of mash, with wasabi and mustard sauce, and Pork Belly in a red wine jus. These two were incredibly tasty, and the meat melted in your mouth. It was fantastic. There are sides available with the usual assortment of vegetables, breads etc.

The service considering ti was quiet was very good, the food was produced quickly, and there the timing between entrée’s and mains couldn’t be better. The folks also make a deadly espresso. So all round it was a great evening, and has great potential if your keen to pull.

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13 Responses to Dijon Restaurant – A review
Santa Santa 1:07 pm 21 Apr 05

Not on your nelly. Unfortunately for you all my morals are slightly stronger than that of Paris Hiltons

threeze threeze 1:05 pm 21 Apr 05

well, if a gentle man won’t tell your friend, can you tell us?

bonfire bonfire 12:41 pm 21 Apr 05

must give it a try. although i finnd those influence blend places a bit trite. washabi mashed potatoes ? i also want to beat people who use the word jus.

had my worst restaraunt experience in canberra ever last week at a vietnamese place in kingston.
the meal took 90 minutes to arrive. the vb i ordered never arrived, despite asking twice. they did bill me for it though – twice.

next time i’ll go a few doors up to vasco’s which is reliably good.

or the new belgian place which rocks.

except when i ordered a kwak beer and they told me i needed to leave a 50 dollar deposit for the glass. i declined and asked for a riedenbacher. the serveling said i could have the kwak but in a different glass if i didnt want to leave a deposit. i declined again, pointing out that her offer would be a distortion of market forces.

it was late, id been drinking.

RandomGit RandomGit 11:01 am 21 Apr 05

Well, I am certifiable, but not in the academic sense 😉

Santa Santa 10:47 am 21 Apr 05

How about Dr. Random?

RandomGit RandomGit 10:45 am 21 Apr 05

Thanks bud, and please, call me Random 🙂

Santa Santa 10:19 am 21 Apr 05

try that Mr Git. It is a cracking restaurant. And the folks there are awesome

Santa Santa 10:18 am 21 Apr 05
RandomGit RandomGit 10:15 am 21 Apr 05

but hints alot about it at his blog site, which is a good read by the way


RandomGit RandomGit 10:11 am 21 Apr 05

Dijon… noted. The wife will be well chuffed with that.

che che 10:10 am 21 Apr 05

but hints alot about it at his blog site, which is a good read by the way

Santa Santa 9:44 am 21 Apr 05

A gentleman never tells my friend.

che che 9:42 am 21 Apr 05

so did you, pull that is

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