Dirt mounds in Conder

diespiter77 8 March 2007 14

Back in January when work started on the month long project to re-build the roundabout intersection of Johnson/Ashley Dr in Calwell trucks started moving loads of dirt, concrete, fill, rubbish and god knows what else to the spare block opposite the Lanyon Shops. Two months down the track it is still there, an eye sore and a dangerous magnet for children…

Anyone know what the go is?

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14 Responses to Dirt mounds in Conder
bubzie bubzie 7:32 pm 09 Mar 07

eh, kids will be kids. and its normal to get dirty, god damn it!!

Im 16 (going on 8, swear to god!!) and geez, back in my days, why didnt we have roundabouts torn down, and big dirt piles to play in? Geez…today’s generation has it tough 😀

(but i’ll happily admit, the new roundabout is ALOT easier to drive on!!)

mutley mutley 2:46 pm 09 Mar 07

I reckon it’s great when the mutlets get filty dirty. It means they’re exploring and trying things out. Of course I have help who do the cleaning up.

schmerica_ schmerica_ 2:42 pm 09 Mar 07

Don’t kids play in parks or in their backyard etc and not on piles of dirt around the place?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 2:17 pm 09 Mar 07

It is dangerous for kids because dirt is dirty.

Better for the wee angels to stay safely indoors wrapped up in a blanket and nice warm cardigan away from the danger and temptation of dirt!

mutley mutley 11:17 am 09 Mar 07

Yep – leave it as it is as a natural playground for kids.

gurunik gurunik 11:10 am 09 Mar 07

and for once i am in full agreement with bonfire

Kramer Kramer 10:43 am 09 Mar 07

Forget the kids, I’m 30 (going on 17) and I’d be out there building dirt jumps if it was a bit closer to my home.

neanderthalsis neanderthalsis 10:08 am 09 Mar 07

I thoroughly agree Bonfire, when I was a kid, we would have “Borrowed” shovels, rakes and other instruments of destruction to make the perfect BMX track (mind you, this was back in the day when BMX bandits was still on tv).
And when you tired of bike riding, dig trenches, fill water bombs and water pistols and have an all out water war.

But it seems that kids (or indeed their parents) these days have a different idea of fun than what existed back in the old days, if indeed the 80’s qualify as the old days.

bonfire bonfire 9:17 am 09 Mar 07

how is this dangerous for kids ?

if anything its an absolute goldmine for kids.

there imaginations and little bodies will run riot on this sort of setup.

‘think of the kids’ mantra is the sort of retrograde thinking which cottonwools society and makes us and YOU soft.

a few skun knees and the occasional broken limb arte the price you pay for an adventurous and physically fit child with confidence and curiosity.

or you could drive him to and from school in your landcruiser and let him sit in front of the playstation the rest of the time.

Tigs Tigs 8:07 am 09 Mar 07

The dirt was dug out of the drains etc after the NYE floods.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 7:35 am 09 Mar 07

I believe thay are trying to make it an attractive wombat habitat. These animals are fast disappearing from the ACT, so I approve.

Pandy Pandy 10:03 pm 08 Mar 07

that cant be from one round-about? Must be an illegal dump.

Kramer Kramer 8:15 pm 08 Mar 07

Yeah! New dirt jump park for Calwell!!

mutley mutley 7:49 pm 08 Mar 07

looks like it would be good fun for kids on a BMX.

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