‘Disgusting’: ACT Policing slam massive increase in high-range speeding

Dominic Giannini 26 April 2020 32

Detective Station Sergeant Marcus Boorman has said it is disgusting that motorists would endanger the lives of the public by continuing to speed on emptier roads. Photo: File.

Speeding drivers have been put on notice by ACT Policing after consistent reports of Canberrans driving well over the speed limit on emptier roads.

Examples include a 33-year-old woman driving more than 70 km/h over the speed limit along Horse Park Drive, and a 25-year-old man caught travelling at 200 km/h – 110 km/h over the speed limit – without ever having held a licence.

Officer in Charge of Traffic Operations Detective Station Sergeant Marcus Boorman called the high-range speeding incidents “disgusting”.

“It is idiotic, it is irresponsible and, worst of all, it is dangerous,” Detective Station Sergeant Boorman said.

“This month alone, we have seen an increase of three to 11 drivers caught travelling more than 45 km/h over the posted speed limit compared with the same period last year.

“When you are behind the wheel of a vehicle, you are not just responsible for your own safety and those in the vehicle with you, but the safety of other road users. It is that blatant disregard for the safety of others that make these incidents so infuriating.”

The number of drivers caught speeding between 30 and 45 km/h over the limit has almost quadrupled from seven to 26 when compared with the same period last year.

“This is unbelievable. There is simply no excuse for speeding,” Detective Station Sergeant Boorman said.

From Thursday, 16 April to Sunday, 19 April, a single police traffic team issued 43 infringements for speeding by 30 km/h or less and another nine to people exceeding the speed limit by more than 45 km/h.

“Some of the speeds are just staggering, as is the stupidity of the drivers involved in these incidents,” Detective Station Sergeant Boorman said.

Although double demerit points will not be in force over the Anzac Day long weekend, ACT Policing has ramped up their operations and will target speeding motorists.

There will be zero tolerance for drivers found doing the wrong thing, Detective Station Sergeant Boorman said.

“I know there are fewer cars on the road at the moment, but that does not give a driver or rider the right to turn a public road into their own personal race track,” he said.

“The faster you go, the harder you hit, and at high speed, a collision is more likely to have tragic consequences.

“Our message is clear – slow down, do not speed, drive to the conditions, and help us save lives.”

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32 Responses to ‘Disgusting’: ACT Policing slam massive increase in high-range speeding
Queanbeyanite Queanbeyanite 5:09 pm 30 Apr 20

Tailgating is way down, there are fewer cars to tailgate.

rationalobserver rationalobserver 10:10 am 27 Apr 20

I feel for the cops and can only imagine how frustrated they must be, but I also feel that some of that frustration should be directed towards our elected leaders and the courts who too often let these idiots off with a caution.
Let the punishment fit the crime. If the punishment is weak (as it so often is), then that is interpreted by offenders that it’s not really a serious issue.

    mark boast mark boast 10:20 am 28 Apr 20

    Agreed. I think it is time for the “legal” constraints on accident and driving offences reporting be removed so that we can see what is really happening on our roads in real time. No need to assign blame straight away, just tell us what happened so we learn from it and don’t repeat their mistakes!

Sue Sutton Sue Sutton 9:13 am 27 Apr 20

I have thought that there a quite a lot of significant speedsters around at the moment, a few quite dangerously. Good one you cops for booking getting them.

Oh my God Oh my God 7:15 am 27 Apr 20

Auction the car, one year licence cancellation and fined $1000.00. He/she can catch Light Rail/Bus/Taxi/Walk/Pushbike for one year. He/she may think twice of doing it again.

Luca Biason Luca Biason 11:49 pm 26 Apr 20

It's clearly the mating season of the burnout mob, as they are out in force doing the thing they do best (the only one, likely) i.e. their smokey hi-revved courtship displays or whatever else helps their reproductive organs get some kind of kick.

The only problem is that all the above happens in residential areas and no one seems to give a hoot about it.

Michelle Rose Michelle Rose 9:39 pm 26 Apr 20

Coming from interstate I have been taken aback how speeding is the norm in Canberra. Everyone seems super aggressive and think they are entitled to speed and tailgate others. I regularly see drivers approach roundabouts at 80km without pausing to give way before entering the intersection. Only yesterday a motorcyclist overtaking a truck on the wrong side of the road missed me by seconds. I don’t understand the mentality. For god’s sake slow down and listen to what the police are trying to tell you. A few more minutes will not matter but may mean you and others make it home alive.

    DJA DJA 3:42 pm 27 Apr 20

    Not sure what you mean by “pausing to give way”? The results would have been obvious (and traffic-jamming) if they failed to give way at the roundabout. Roundabouts are a means to improve the flow of traffic and avoid/lessen the stop-start nature found at other intersections.

Jude Beck Jude Beck 6:56 pm 26 Apr 20

Not a speeding comment but on Anzac Day we were doing the driveway dawn service & we experienced a drug deal in our street & it’s been going on for years & they’re known to police!

Cary Elliot Johnson Cary Elliot Johnson 6:15 pm 26 Apr 20

Yep, every day I’m on the road I’ve been shocked at the numbers speeding excessively

    Joanne Mitchell Joanne Mitchell 11:08 pm 26 Apr 20

    Cary Elliot Johnson and it’s been every day for years .

Bri Heseltine Bri Heseltine 2:32 pm 26 Apr 20

Has anyone noticed that the ACT Police have never been visible on our roads until COVID-19? I've been here 10 years and have never seen any patrol cars until now, just AFP protective personnel patrolling on Federal matters.

    Bill Gemmell Bill Gemmell 7:36 pm 26 Apr 20

    Bri Heseltine be careful of expressing that view. It usually brings out a bunch of denialists.

    Geoff Rey Geoff Rey 1:29 pm 29 Apr 20

    Many years ago there was a much higher police presence on our roads.

    In recent years though you can happily drive for a month and not see a cop car.

    The government makes more money from speed cameras than police presence

Mac John Mac John 1:19 pm 26 Apr 20

I hope these people had their cars impounded

Chloe Riles Chloe Riles 9:01 am 26 Apr 20

Put them in jail before mire innocent lives are lost 😡

Phyl Oliver Phyl Oliver 8:07 am 26 Apr 20

Are these people serious?????? They must be travelling on a death wish.

actcyclist actcyclist 7:45 am 26 Apr 20

The Police could look at doing something to counteract how easy it is to avoid them using apps. Mobile, unmarked cars that actually don’t go to the same spots all the time. Maybe even aerial drones.
Placing a fixed speed camera on the road just slows traffic for that one spot, and reassures everyone they can speed everywhere else.

Sher Bee Sher Bee 11:11 pm 25 Apr 20

Start impounding and crushing the vehicle’s. Please

    Liam Bourkaggio Liam Bourkaggio 11:04 am 26 Apr 20

    Sher Young as much as they like to claim it, they're not legally able to destroy property without compensation.

    It ends up costing the taxpayer

    James Forge James Forge 1:49 pm 26 Apr 20

    Crushing someones car is a waste. Auction it off but ban the offender from bidding on it and make sure that it can never be registered in his/her name again just in case they get a friend to bid for them.

    Sher Bee Sher Bee 2:26 pm 26 Apr 20

    James Forge that’s awesome, way better than my suggestion. Thank you

Ercan Girmez Ercan Girmez 10:22 pm 25 Apr 20

I drive all day everyday mate. I tell you this I have never seen more police presence on our streets than this week. Maybe you didn’t notice but I am super careful. They are everywhere and they stay longer on the streets to catch more and more people. Just be careful

    Julia Dunn Julia Dunn 5:15 am 26 Apr 20

    Ercan Girmez people don’t need to be careful just don’t break the law simple!

Jessee Bunyip Jessee Bunyip 10:12 pm 25 Apr 20

less traffic - more speeding - at least that's what I've noticed in Adelaide and we've had several epic accidents because of it including one big one today.


Bill Gemmell Bill Gemmell 10:06 pm 25 Apr 20

It is now Saturday evening. Has anyone actually seen a marked police vehicle conducting any traffic enforcement? I know I haven't. Seen a few bogans though, doing what bogans do.

    Liam Bourkaggio Liam Bourkaggio 11:02 am 26 Apr 20

    Bill Gemmell yeah I've seen heaps

    Bill Gemmell Bill Gemmell 4:39 pm 26 Apr 20

    Liam Bourke still haven't seen one and it is now Sunday afternoon

    Cary Elliot Johnson Cary Elliot Johnson 9:30 am 27 Apr 20

    Bill Gemmell I saw two between Hospital and Calwell, one a van that stopped a vehicle....9.30pm

    Bill Gemmell Bill Gemmell 11:54 am 27 Apr 20

    Cary Elliot Johnson Monday 11.00 am I finally saw one doing mobile phone enforcement in O'Connor. I gave him a wide berth at below 40 km/h, along with an approving thumbs up.

Stacey Donnelly Stacey Donnelly 9:37 pm 25 Apr 20

It’s not a “free for all” Ferals...the police are still on the job...they are essential...so now there are more of them...with more time...to catch you!! 🙂

Craig Pope Craig Pope 9:21 pm 25 Apr 20

Throw the book at them and lock them up toss the key away

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