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distance around base of Mt Ainslie

By lastresort - 13 June 2010 18

Hello fellow runners in the Canberra region.

Can anyone tell me what the distance is around the base of Mount Ainslie? There doesn’t appear to be any information available online.

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18 Responses to
distance around base of Mt Ainslie
troll-sniffer 10:14 am 15 Jun 10

Well all these suggestions to use Google Earth and other sites are all very well… but where’s the accuracy? What if the runner has to jump 2m to the side to avoid a barreling kangaroo? What about the little washaways and vegetated clumps that add literally metres to a run? Do they cater for the little nip into the bushes to augment the rainfall? No, they don’t and that’s the problem with technology today, promises so much but in the end delivers so little.

Ceej1973 1:07 am 15 Jun 10

If you are after elevations as well, try this site/map.

JessP 7:02 pm 14 Jun 10

Far too far, pet.Have another coffee and dont even think about it.

p1 12:33 pm 14 Jun 10

As people have mentioned, google maps is pretty good, even if you don’t have a device with a GPS. For example, this lap is 7.85km long.

vg 7:35 pm 13 Jun 10

Map My Run
Map My Run
Map My Run

Any runner worth his salt is all over that site like a fat kid in a cake factory

kennardly 6:10 pm 13 Jun 10

I think we measured it at 9.5km.

dvaey 5:23 pm 13 Jun 10

You could try google earth or google maps.

(hate to be the only one to not suggest it)

abc 12:26 pm 13 Jun 10

It’s about 10 k’s… Go to Google Earth and click on the ruler and you can map your exact path.

Thoroughly Smashed 12:05 pm 13 Jun 10

I can’t answer your question, but Google Earth enables you to measure it yourself.

hk0reduck 11:49 am 13 Jun 10

Have you tried ?

They’ve added a “Distance Measurement Tool”

2. Click the little potion that says “New!” at the top of the screen (might need to be logged in)
3. Enable the Distance Measurement Tool.
4. Click the picture of the ruler on the bottom left of the map.
5. Start clicking the points you walked on the map.

Hopefully that helps you 🙂

trevar 11:42 am 13 Jun 10

Looks like it’s about 10km.

I don’t know your route, but you can work it out: there’s a distance calculator here.

Matt Sheppard 11:31 am 13 Jun 10
The cat did it 11:28 am 13 Jun 10

Have a look at Google Earth- (you’ll have to install it if you don’t already have it) Try using the ruler and/or path tools to estimate distance around your running course.

astrojax 11:16 am 13 Jun 10

i always thought the track round the base was about six kays, but can’t recall where i got that, so not sure it has any efficacy as a fact. seemed that far when i once was running. s’nice run, but – lotsa roos…

OpenYourMind 10:43 am 13 Jun 10

It depends on the route you run, but try MapMyRun and put your course in. Alternatively, here’s a 9.35km one that’s already been mapped by the Bilby’s triathlon club:

Alternatively if you have an iPhone (or equivalent), there’s some awesome GPS apps that will map your run/ride and tell you your average pace, elevations etc.

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