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DIY Wotz on guide for the weekend of 17 October

By johnboy - 17 October 2008 35

[First filed: October 16, 2008 @ 09:45]

Election weekend is upon us!

But surely there are better things on in this town than politics?

Leave your suggestions in the comments Rioters.

What’s Your opinion?

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35 Responses to
DIY Wotz on guide for the weekend of 17 October
Granny 12:56 pm 16 Oct 08

I should mention that the Cranleigh Art Show is on this weekend.

I will be cutting the ribbon on Friday night, so if you need something to laugh at and you’ve got a spare $10, rock on down to Starke St at 7pm and we’ll stuff you full of food and wine.

I’m pretty impressed, ’cause I’ve never opened anything before in my life. Well, tins of soup and doors and stuff, but you know what I mean. The principal said, “Would you like a ribbon?” and I’m like, “Hell, yes!”

*heh heh heh*

Then on Saturday if you’re going to be out voting anyway you can just drop by for a gold coin donation. The show will also be open on Sunday.

We’ve got over 30 local artists, who will be exhibiting their work, and our children’s work will also be exhibited.

This is only the third year the school has run the art show, and artists from previous years commented that they had sold more paintings there than at any other exhibitions.

So please turn out in force to support the local art community in this tougher economic climate, and the hard work of the teachers and kids in putting this together.

We will be raffling three original paintings kindly donated by two of our artists. They are each worth hundreds of dollars. Tickets for the raffle are also available from Capital Chemists.

Overheard 12:53 pm 16 Oct 08

Er, my latest was an addendum to the second event listing I put in, JB, apropos my comment to you offline that probably the Merry Muse posts don’t get read. Which I get, and I’m ready to talk to you guys anytime about full-blown contra deals for my posting the same.

For anyone who wants to go further afield, the Moruya Jazz Festival is on this weekend. Go web search your little heart out; I’ll be near it but not at it.

Then on Sunday, if you’re up for a fine day trip, I’ll be singing with Ecopella here: at beautiful Jamberoo.

Thumper 12:52 pm 16 Oct 08

The Feldons- @ The Phoenix, Bootleg Sessions Monday 20 October.

(I’ll post the other acts when I know who they are)

johnboy 12:47 pm 16 Oct 08

events please people

Overheard 12:44 pm 16 Oct 08

To borrow a phrase from the Coodabean Champions, ‘I could say something but I’d only say something’. Or something.

I meant to mention that on the Merry Muse thread I’ve offered two free tix for tomorrow night to a bona fide knitter who wants to turn up with a friend and their knitting to the Muse.

I’m going to add an extra qualifier: it can’t be anyone I’ve met at more than one function that’s loosely associated with RA. I want newbies. Sorry, Thumper and Danman, as I’m sure you’re both nuts for the knitting!

Granny 12:40 pm 16 Oct 08


Keep going, Overheard! It’s just getting interesting ….

I went to confession once.

Overheard 12:37 pm 16 Oct 08

Probably stuff at the Folkus Room but I invite you go check it out:

It’s likely to be very good. Damn, went to have a look and it’s down so Big Bill must be tinkering with the site. Check back later. Or check Culturazi if you’re on this very fine newsletter and if you’re not, whack it into a web search and sign up. You will never utter the phrase, ‘There’s nothing to do in Canberra’ again ever. And if you do, you’re a little hard to please.

Overheard 12:34 pm 16 Oct 08

Big sing and big MC night Friday night at the Merry Muse. See here:

Now with added picture of Ecopella. Thanks, JB.

I’m not in the pic; that was taken at a Sydney gig a week or so ago. I keep bunking off to go to other festivals or MC weddings or do radio or (most likely and most importantly) hang with the little Overheards. From now on I’ll refer to them as not so much the Overheards as the Dutch Whispers!

I will not talk it up any more other than to say I reckon it’s going to be a great night of community singing and audience participation will be warmly encouraged. (From your seat, totally optional, you will not get picked on.)

Overheard 12:31 pm 16 Oct 08

Hey, sepi, love to and would love to see you there.

Also, if I’m time poor and haven’t done it, last week’s blurb will do just fine. Details change little. In fact, thanks for the heads-up and here comes a cut and paste from last Thursday, er Thursday before:

Trivia in the Trams at the Tra dies Dickson, Monday from 7pm. Free entry. Cash + voucher prizes. Games, fun, and stuff.

Team can be one; we’ve had teams of one who have done brilliantly, and one bloke who just sloped in to have dinner took the $75 first prize plus a $5 voucher.

No cost — it be free to come and play.

7.00pm to register, 7.30pm for a start, 9.15pm to finish.

Yeah, you can leave early if you must. It’s nice to stick it out (as the priest said to the arch-bishop*), but I know Mondays are sort of sucky. What can I do? The club’s paying my bills!

* That’s a sort of in-joke from two weeks ago when we had a table of Catholics in, including the parish priest from my old parish.

Overheard: “I’m a lapsed Catholic.”
Former priest: “No such thing; you’re just ‘on a break’.”

So he’s religious AND a fan of ‘Friends’ TV show.

“Bless me father for I have sinned. It’s been 24 years since my last confession and these are my sins. Running in the hall with scissors. Taking my sister’s name in vain. Fornication. Hmm, this could take some time. Do you have to be anywhere any time soon?’

Granny 12:19 pm 16 Oct 08

Just rock up and join us sepi! 7 pm Monday night at the Tradies. Sheep Wrangling Riot people tend to hang out in tram 45.

We could use your help ’cause I really suck at Trivia! It certainly is a lot of fun though.

Teams seem to vary from one person to a tableful, but Overheard will no doubt post more.

sepi 11:22 am 16 Oct 08

Overheard – can you put up details on your quiz night?

– how small can a team be? Cost? How long does it go? And can we leave halfway thru if we have to?

I like a good quiz night.

Tonka 10:41 am 16 Oct 08

Cocktoberfest at the Greenroom Saturday.

This year it’s a fundraiser for prostate cancer.

Local and interstate bands.

11am – very late.

jakez 10:07 am 16 Oct 08

Liberal Party election night party. Eastlakes from 6.30pm. Members and supporters are welcome.


johnboy 9:56 am 16 Oct 08

Madman sent in the following offerings:

So if you hadn’t noticed – it’s Motorcycle Awareness Week which wraps up this Friday. If you didn’t then you’re not really aware then!..

To conclude the MAW, there will be a BBQ Breakfast on Friday Morning starting from 0730 at Lennox Gardens (behind the Hyatt Hotel). Google Map – Lennox Gardens

After the breakfast there will be a “Ride to Work” event and hopefully there will be a turnout of 100+ bikes just like the launch of the week at Garema Court last Saturday. It will look cool with all the bikes leaving at the same time to arrive for work into the City and other location.

Hope to see you there!

Girls on the Move have organised this years Pink Ribbon Ride 2008 for the fight in breast cancer.

The ride will commence at 8.30am this Sunday 19th October for breakfast with a planned start from 10am at Old Parlianment House.

The ride will start at 10am for the destination of Weston Park and will cost $10 which includes two raffle tickets and a pink ribbon wrist band.

This event is not just for people with motorbikes!
After the convoy of bikes has left you are encouraged to follow them down to the park for a whole lotta fun and most important – fundraising. (fundraising for such a good cause is great – it even has “fun” in the name!)
There will be plenty of entertainment, food and drink, raffles and a great day out for the family.

So if you’re looking for something to do with the family, a supporter of Canberra charitable events, a supporter for breasts, or just looking for something fun to do – then come on down and join the Pink Ribbon Ride Day.

If you’re looking for further information, Girls on the Move have an excellent website.

jennybel75 9:52 am 16 Oct 08

Lithium (alt, indy, retro music) is on at the Transit Bar on Saturday night.

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