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Do you feel safer in Canberra?

By Funky1 - 24 November 2009 37

Being the seat of Federal Parliament and with so many Dept of Defence facilities in the area, do you feel safer living in Canberra than anywhere else in the Nation?

I recall when the previous U.S. President (was it Bush or Clinton) stayed a few nights in our Capital city, the F18 flew overhead constantly 24 hours a day and surely we have more AFP officers per capita than any other city.

But I noticed something yesterday and today that alarms me a little. On the way to work both mornings and travelling up Yamba Drive, when you start to go around Parliament House, there’s rather large, full garbage bag sitting on the side of the road, between the road and Parliament House. Now surely someone of authority must have seen it there and thought (even ever so slightly) “what if there’s a bomb or some other incendiary device in that bag?” It was less than 100 metres from Kev’s place as well (which some of you may wish was a bit closer if it was such a device) and across the road from the U.S. Embassy.

Now it may just be (and probably is) someone’s garbage that has fallen off the back of a ute or trailer as they entered the curve, but am I being paranoid or should such items be investigated and removed as a matter of course?

What’s Your opinion?

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37 Responses to
Do you feel safer in Canberra?
Rad Dave 1:16 pm 25 Nov 09

Paranoid and a goose..

Holden Caulfield 1:01 pm 25 Nov 09

Well, the blue Falcon is still on the side of the road. ZOMG, what if … what if it has bombz inside?! We’re all doomed!!!

Funky1 12:30 pm 25 Nov 09

Went past this morning and the bag was gone. So hopefully some did do their job (even if it was a few days late).
Makes you wonder, if you did try something like this as a social experiment (or a Chaser skit) just how far you could go. I bet if you tried to dump a bag right out the front of the US Embassy, it wouldn’t be there for long.

T1G3R 11:57 am 25 Nov 09

No I don’t feel safe in Canberra but it not’s not due to terrorism. If terrorists and such wanted to do some damage they wouldn’t come to Canberra really and anyway they could just snipe anyone they wanted from mt ainslie haha. The guards are good at their job, if it was a problem issue they’d have investigated it, if its garbage is just that. Trust me on that those buffoons bother me all the time!

astrojax 9:33 am 25 Nov 09

maybe the guards did pop over for a squizz, determined it was merely someone’s refuse and of no further security concern – and like the rest of us, expected (vainly) that canberra’s [cough] efficient civic administrators would attend to the bag and remove it…

Braddon Boy 8:57 am 25 Nov 09

Yes, you’re being paranoid, but you’re not alone.

Even at the height of the IRA’s bombing campaign in England, which saw bombs going off every couple of months in London, there wasn’t this paranoia we are seeing in the modern western world.

Of course, the IRA didn’t intentionally try to kill as many people as possible, they just wanted to blow up buildings to get attention. The terrorist actions we see today, although far less regular, even unheard of in most countries like Australia, are just that little bit scarier.

grundy 8:47 am 25 Nov 09

The day that I start worrying about random garbage bags on the ground will be the day one of them actually blow up.

Stop falling for overhyped, American paranoia!

H1NG0 8:25 am 25 Nov 09

Wow, thats wierd. I noticed the exact same garbage bag you mentioned and thought the same thing.

Holden Caulfield 10:42 pm 24 Nov 09

Geez, I hope you haven’t seen the dark blue Falcon on the side of the road on the city bound side of Commonwealth Avenue. It’s been there for well over a week. We must be safer here, because I can’t believe it hasn’t been trashed or looted yet.

Aeek 10:12 pm 24 Nov 09

if it hasn’t blown up after a couple of weeks(months?) I’m sure the AFP bomb squad will feel they need to deal with it.

somewhere_between_bu 9:56 pm 24 Nov 09

I don’t feel safe in Gungahlin, too many juvenile delinquents. I’ve heard that the ACT has the highest level of them as well, though I don’t remember where I got it from

Thumper 9:33 pm 24 Nov 09

am I being paranoid


busgirl 9:05 pm 24 Nov 09

I noticed the very same bag of rubbish myself. Pretty poor effort on the Lodge’s security guards to not have gone and checked it out seeing as it is only about 100m from the gates.

I’m sure it is nothing sinister but even so…having it sit there for two days is not a good look. Will be interesting to see if it is still there tomorrow…

NickD 8:49 pm 24 Nov 09

We live in Canberra, not Baghdad, so it’s safe to assume that it’s a bag of garbage. Australian political leaders have pretty light security (when I’ve seen Howard and Rudd around town they only had a couple of guards with them and I’ve been to an event where Julia Gillard arrived by herself) so I guess that the experts don’t think that there’s much of a threat

bd84 8:10 pm 24 Nov 09

Pull over and take a look, or call Canberra Connect to come pick it up. No doubt it’s a bag of rubbish escaped or dumped. It would have blown up by now if it was something sinister.

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