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Dodgy Dealers at Canberra Outlet Centre and a Toothless Tiger

By imarty - 3 March 2014 25

A lesson learnt.

Last November my wife and I bought a remote control helicopter from a store in the old DFO as a Christmas present for my son. It’s the shop opposite Coffee Club that sells many of these types of toys as well as heaps of other ‘Made in China’ crap toys.

I asked the sales person if  it could be flown outside which he said it was capable of doing.

Come christmas morning a very excited 7yo boy and his dad took it outside to fly on a clear day with a barely perceptible breeze.

Basically the helicopter gained altitude ok however it kept drifting with the breeze.

This continued for several attempts and after the helicopter landed in our neighbour’s yard for the third time we came to the conclusion that this device was not fit for purpose and was clearly not capable of flying outside.

Anyway we took it back to the store to request a refund. Immediately I was met with resistance and the salesperson in charge offered me a credit note which I refused, they also explained that they needed to conduct their own tests, the helicopter did not have enough charge to do that there and then.

I left my details and requested contact be made ASAP so we could resolve the issue.

After a few days and no call from the shop I phoned them only to be advised by that the helicopter I purchased was not meant to be flown out side despite the salesman telling me it was.

I subsequently visited the store where the sales girl contacted another gentleman who advised me that he had indeed tested the helicopter outside and it was in perfect working order and flew well. So who was telling the truth?

They had absolutely no intention of giving me a refund so off the the Office of Regulatory Services to submit a claim. After a few days I was contacted by a nice lady explaining their procedures but she was not at all confident of getting a refund. The ORS also have no powers to compel dodgy companies to provide refunds so I’m not sure of exactly what they do?

BTW I’m pretty sure I’ll get some ‘advice’ from the usual suspects here, go for your life however this is my way of extracting some sort of satisfaction/revenge out of an incident with an unscrupulous and dishonest business.

What’s Your opinion?

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25 Responses to
Dodgy Dealers at Canberra Outlet Centre and a Toothless Tiger
Masquara 9:02 pm 03 Mar 14

Maybe make a kite … that would be fun …

imarty 7:58 pm 03 Mar 14

Thanks all for your constructive comments, especially you Trollsniffer, good to see you’re living up to your name and rep, well done champion.

The “brand” and model is a Digi One Flying Fox 888-203. It’s not a small one it’s about 50cm in length.
It cost >$100 and nowhere on the box or in the instructions does it say anything about not being able to be flown outside, indeed it says don’t fly in windy conditions which makes sense.

My point was that even in conditions with the tree tops barely moving it can’t be controlled beyond up and down and round and round (I’m sure I’ll be corrected on the proper terminology for these manoeuvres …) and yes we tried it down the local oval.

I understand I’ve done my dough, it was an impulse purchase, my post was simply a way of making myself feel better and an attempt at bringing your attention to the business’ idea of customer service and in the process limiting the amount of people that might make a purchase there.

How_Canberran 7:48 pm 03 Mar 14

troll-sniffer said :

My guess is you’re the kind of person who thinks the world owes you a soft easy living and you don’t see why you should have to take responsibility for your own decisions.

What more can I say…. ‘how utterly Canberran’.

Roundhead89 7:35 pm 03 Mar 14

We are on the brink of another Afghanistan/Iraq-style war with a Liberal government in office and you are whining about losing $14.95 buying a shoddy toy.

It takes all types…

screaming banshee 6:57 pm 03 Mar 14

Wot they said /\

switch 6:10 pm 03 Mar 14

Caveat emptor. Unfortunately shows like The Checkout makes it look so simple, dodgy sellers will just crumble in the face of your Righteousness and hand all your money back. It doesn’t work like that in the real world. Maybe it should, but it doesn’t.

troll-sniffer 5:04 pm 03 Mar 14

Am I allowed to say OMFG here? Coz even though I would normally never dream of uttering that bogan sentiment, in this case it’s the one that captures the moment. OMFG are you like, serious?

The fact that you posted your pointless drivel here indicates that even if someone were to explain that your RC chopper did in fact fly outside, you are so far up your own backside that the sound would never make it to your ears. I guess deep down you know that this post will forever mark you as a anally retentive dickwad, and you might as well go out with all bums blazing… (yes bums, not guns).

How much did you spend on this lifetime mortgage purchase? $14.95? $19.95? You know there’s a model shop just along past Bunnings where you can get advice on how to purchase an RC chopper that will fly in all sorts of windy weather? The only problem is, you have to spend real money, and get some real advice, and be prepared to learn from experts who will gently introduce you the rather difficult world of remote control helicopters.

My guess is you’re the kind of person who thinks the world owes you a soft easy living and you don’t see why you should have to take responsibility for your own decisions.

justsomeaussie 4:40 pm 03 Mar 14

Slow day in the public service eh?

Postalgeek 4:13 pm 03 Mar 14

I’m going to ask what type/model did you buy/ how much did it set you back? Then I’ll decide if I’ll stick the boot in.

c_c™ 4:08 pm 03 Mar 14

These are the same ones they hawk in the Canberra Centre, or did hawk before someone cued into the whole OH&S thing. They’re evidently not meant to be flown outside and the more reputable retailers, or even Amazon, have warnings to that effect. Always do your research before purchasing.

JesterNoir 3:54 pm 03 Mar 14

You know real planes, the ones with people in them, have to drastically alter their flight path according to wind speed/direction?
Same goes for the expensive RC stuff.
Why would your cheap RC be any different?

Just because there isn’t any wind at ground level doesn’t mean there’s not plenty a couple of metres up.
Go find a field to play in with your child, rather than a backyard, and use this as an opportunity to teach your child about atmospheric stratification instead of whining.

basketcase 3:21 pm 03 Mar 14

It flew outside. That’s the question you asked, so what’s the problem?

tommy 2:59 pm 03 Mar 14

I’m no help – but from my experience of buying units from these kind of shops (both physical and online) is that they are generally crap. Pretty packaging to be alluring to kids – but a let down when purchased.

If it is worth a lot, maybe try the manufacturer (but no doubt it will be in china). You just got scammed by a sales person who doesn’t know the products they are selling (most cheapy RC helis are indoor only).

Do you have a link to the model you purchased?

zorro29 2:38 pm 03 Mar 14

You don’t have enough to do with your time do you?

Fly it inside…problem solved.

Or go and spend a few grand on a not “Made in China crap toy”

muntychops 1:08 pm 03 Mar 14

My husband flys rc stuff and if the one you bought is similar to all the crap Chinese stuff on sale at all non RC stores, it really wasn’t meant to be flown outside, and the salesperson didn’t know their bum from their elbow.

The old adage of you get what you pay for rings true with RC, trust me I’ve seen our credit card statement. The RC dept at Toyworld is really switched on and I’m not sure if Stryker RC at Belco is still open, but they knew their stuff as well.

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