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Dodgy neighbours and cameras

By PBO - 18 November 2009 44

I have a neighbour (Old Mate) who has lived in my street for as long as it has been a street.  Recently a new neighbour (Big Burly Builder) has moved into the place next door, did a knock down/rebuild and built an unapproved McMansion right up to the foot path blocking everyone in the streets view, this was the first issue.

The second issue is that the new neighbour installed cameras facing into Old Mates back yard and house.  When confronted about this he said that it was for his own safety and security and he then had a AVO placed against Old Mate which now restricts him going into his own backyard (WTF?).

It is going to court, but what can be done about the cameras?

What’s Your opinion?

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44 Responses to
Dodgy neighbours and cameras
S4anta 10:12 pm 18 Nov 09

take a spoonful of cement, harden up and knock on his door and ask what is really going on.

Sammy 10:04 pm 18 Nov 09

hit the camera surrepticiously in the morning…

Yeah, because he’d never work out to look at the camera footage to see who sprayed the camera. Duh.

Thumper 9:55 pm 18 Nov 09

FFS grow some balls. buy a can of matt black spray paint from bunnings and hit the camera surrepticiously in the morning…

Mr Evil 9:41 pm 18 Nov 09

Tell Old mate to get a shitload of black shade cloth and erect it across his backyard so Burly Builder can’t see into his yard.

Or get Old Mate to walk around naked in his yard – a lot……the cameras will soon be turned away.

PBO 9:35 pm 18 Nov 09

KB1971 said :

Is this the guy that rang 2CC last week?

Yes. I wish i could say more but that is all i know. I am primarily concerned about the cameras as i believe that they are infringing on his civil liberties.

georgesgenitals 9:01 pm 18 Nov 09

Make a large mix of dog faeces and petrol, set it alight, and fling it onto the roof of the big burly builders house using a large, homemade catapult. Laugh maniacally, and scream “THERE’S MORE WHERE THAT CAME FROM, BEEEEEAAATCH! BWA HA HA HA HA HA…”

busgirl 8:37 pm 18 Nov 09

…so, tell us the other side of this story.

bd84 8:32 pm 18 Nov 09

If it’s unapproved structure, ACTPLA? If he’s got cameras up, it’s probably being used as a drugs house, so the next call to Crimestoppers?

cranky 8:27 pm 18 Nov 09

There is another side to this story.

Woody Mann-Caruso 8:16 pm 18 Nov 09

Give him something to be afraid of. I suggest A Clockwork Orange for inspiration.

georgesgenitals 7:12 pm 18 Nov 09

Complain about the building. Get an AVO on the new guy. Call the police and say you feel threatened.

Oh, and complain on the RiotACT.

LlamaFrog 7:00 pm 18 Nov 09

so many questions not answered.

how do you know the new house isn’t approved?
an avo isn’t something that gets given out easily…?’
this can’t be new, did people not notice the size of the place as it was being built and do something about it?

KB1971 6:52 pm 18 Nov 09

Is this the guy that rang 2CC last week?

Chop71 6:31 pm 18 Nov 09


bloodnut 6:07 pm 18 Nov 09


and lets face it – sounds like you’re skipping a few important details.

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