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Does anyone care if burlesque performances clash?

By johnboy - 17 December 2008 29

CityNew is in a tizz about clashing burlesque performances next February while Canberra’s opaquely named festival season plays out.

The article carries no byline but does have this disclaimer:

    “Festival Fringe director Jorian Gardner is also the “CityNews” arts editor and had no part in the preparation of this story.”

Anyone want to have a stab at explaining this bit of strangeness?

What’s Your opinion?

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29 Responses to
Does anyone care if burlesque performances clash?
Felix the Cat 10:22 pm 17 Dec 08

Not all burlesque girls ate fat with piercings and tatts, there was a rather nice normal sized girl that didn’t appear to have tatts or abnormal piercings that was on one of those talent shows a while back. Can’t recall the name of the program, Australia’s Got Talent maybe – I think Red Symons was one of the hosts. Not sure of the name of the girl either. In her act she started off looking all prim and proper and sweet and innocent with the librarian glasses and then she stripped off (to her corset, not naked…unfortunately!) and showed her ‘bad girl’ side.

Mary Whitehouse 9:00 pm 17 Dec 08

When I hear the word “burlesque” I keep thinking of those unfortunae Goth girls that sparked such debate here six months or so ago. Tatts, piercings, glasses, weight problems… glamourous it ain’t!

Mr Evil 5:52 pm 17 Dec 08

You can’t even use City News as toilet paper because the paper it’s printed on is too shiny: and there’d be nothing worse than smearing a piece of Jorian all over your buttocks.

housebound 5:19 pm 17 Dec 08

R. Slicker said :

flase use of the word News.

No need to correct spelling. A mix of blase and false is perhaps more descriptive than you first realised.

R. Slicker 5:10 pm 17 Dec 08

Sorry, false.

R. Slicker 5:10 pm 17 Dec 08

And they call it CityNews? Perhaps we should call in the Trade Practices Commission to investigate the flase use of the word News.

cleverclogs 4:39 pm 17 Dec 08

Forgive me for stating the obvious but as the City News article itself explains:
“A Stacked Deck” …[running from the 12th to the 14th] is to include performances in Civic Square, workshops, presentations and a burlesque night market. Meanwhile, The Street Theatre’s “The Burlesque Hour”, will take place from February 10 to 14.”

So if someone happened to go to see the performance of “The Burlesque Hour” and felt inspired, they could toddle off to the many and varied items on offer during the run of “A Stacked Deck”… and vice versa.

Doesn’t this mean everybody wins?

Maybe the article had the disclaimer at the bottom so Jorian didn’t come off looking like an idiot for complaining. Oh wait, he did anyway.

Skidbladnir 4:13 pm 17 Dec 08

Still, too much burlesque is better (as a consumer) than no burlesque.
But as a man, there is more flesh available if it was only about getting drunk and seeing some skin.

Apparently burlesque is _cultural_, and is a wine event, and so its okay to go with the girlfriend’s parents.

seekay 4:12 pm 17 Dec 08

But that headline is so f*cking obvious, Caf – rather like everything in burlesque and everything in the CityNews.

caf 3:58 pm 17 Dec 08

I believe the explanation for the article is simple – CityNews couldn’t bear to let an excuse to use that headline pass them by.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 3:23 pm 17 Dec 08

Quality control in this area is critical, but largely lacking.

seekay 3:16 pm 17 Dec 08


Burlesque = fat girls with tatts and piercings in nasty lingerie.


poptop 3:08 pm 17 Dec 08

City News logo appearing on the Multicultural Festival’s website in a manner that could suggest it might be a sponsor could be a hint. The Burlesque Hour Show seems to be touring, so it seems likely that The Street Theatre wouldn’t have much choice with the timing.

My personal view is that there is no such thing as too much burlesque.

Mr Evil 3:06 pm 17 Dec 08


Roma 2:56 pm 17 Dec 08

Not sure. It just seems that even though the article features in a publication that the Festival Fringe Director also happens to contribute to, they did not try to influence the tone of the article. This may just be a pre-emptive response to a cynical person who might suggest that Jorian might have tried to influence an article that may be viewed as somewhat biased against the competing event (if only because the “stacked Deck” event has been publicised for a while now).

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