Does anyone know where Chris the waiter from Courgette has gone?

Lili Pier 26 May 2010 26


I have been a frequent diner at Courgette for a number of years and we have always had this great waiter called Chris.

Last week we went there for dinner and were told that he doesn’t work there anymore. Does anyone know where he is?

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26 Responses to Does anyone know where Chris the waiter from Courgette has gone?
krats krats 9:35 am 27 May 10

He has changed his name to Wally

harley harley 11:33 pm 26 May 10

*polite cough spoken under the breath* debt collector…

bd84 bd84 9:17 pm 26 May 10

MrNurseRatchet said :

*polite cough spoken under the breath* stalker…


Funny I was thinking exactly the same thing..

Perhaps check your mailbox to see if there’s a restraining order waiting for you?

The Traineediplomat The Traineediplomat 9:14 pm 26 May 10

I heard he got signed up for the lucrative English Premier Waitstaff League with Pickles and Onions United. They’re up in Europe this year, first round a tough away fixture with Spatula Moscow from Russia.

Hopefully he’ll be fit for the World Cup…

MrNurseRatchet MrNurseRatchet 4:37 pm 26 May 10

*polite cough spoken under the breath* stalker… 🙂

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 3:51 pm 26 May 10

Last time you ate, the restuarant was short of food, so they butchered Chris and served him.

So, where’s Chris? HE’S IN YOU!

Fiona Fiona 3:47 pm 26 May 10


justin heywood justin heywood 3:06 pm 26 May 10

I had written Chris a letter, which I had for want of better
Knowledge, sent to where I met him in the city years before
He was a waiter when I knew him, so I sent the letter to him
Just ‘on spec’ addressed ‘Chris the waiter, address unsure’

And the answers, as expected, lots of mirth directed
At my motives (and I think some have gone too far)
But ’twas a waiter mate who wrote, and verbatim I will quote
Chris has gone to Tuggers, but we don’t know where he are

(apologies top Patterson. Some meetings are REALLY boring)

trix trix 2:01 pm 26 May 10

I dunno kambahkrawler – I think Pommy bastard wins the prize for most creative effort. Seriously, who cares where a waiter ends up, as long as the restaurant food stays decent.

phil m phil m 1:55 pm 26 May 10

Perhaps the other staff at Courgette know? Just an outside hunch.

astrojax astrojax 1:32 pm 26 May 10

i think there was a new guy called chris at kfc this week – coincidence?

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 1:22 pm 26 May 10

I heard he got a job door-knocking for the ABS. And then something about liver, fava beans and Chianti. I missed the details.

kambahkrawler kambahkrawler 12:16 pm 26 May 10

I don’t think anyone knows, do they really?

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 11:30 am 26 May 10

Chris, unfortunately was diagnosed with “sensitive person’s multiple chemical allergy sensitivity syndrome” by his Feng Shui consultant, he’s now sitting in a bath of warm Yak’s milk on top of Mt Painter, whilst receiving homeopathic reki by distance learning from a holistic Hopi Ear-candler.

indigoid indigoid 11:11 am 26 May 10

captainwhorebags said :

He’s moved to Tuggeranong so he can charge people $12 for a poached egg.

Entirely justified IMHO if he can do a nice poached egg without using vinegar to ruin the taste of the white. Only lazy-arse amateurs and/or Queenslanders do this. Wrong wrong wrong. It turned me off eating poached eggs in public. FFS, it’s not difficult to poach an egg quickly and neatly without vinegar!

Mr Evil Mr Evil 11:09 am 26 May 10

Maybe he decided there is more to life than being a waiter, so he joined the Foreign Legion and is now living in a mud fort somewhere in Chad?

astrojax astrojax 11:00 am 26 May 10

did you actually ask at courgette where he’d skived off to? maybe – left field, i know – he thought there might be more to life than being a waiter…

JessP JessP 10:22 am 26 May 10

Somebodys got a crush??

krats krats 10:09 am 26 May 10
XO_VSOP XO_VSOP 9:21 am 26 May 10

Little bizarre that they didn’t tell you his whereabouts? For a guy that worked with them for years? However I am putting my bets on his move to Tuggeranong

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