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Don’t panic – F/A-18s are having a play over the airport on Sunday.

By johnboy - 24 October 2008 32

Defence is warning us that fighter jets will be showing off their stuff as part of the Canberra Airport Open Day.

The display will run from 11.30am to 11.55am.

For those into more sedate pastimes there will also be tethered ballon rides.

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32 Responses to
Don’t panic – F/A-18s are having a play over the airport on Sunday.
captainwhorebags 8:19 am 25 Oct 08

Qantas should have got the Airbus A330 Precision Aerobatics Team to do a display.

deye 3:03 am 25 Oct 08

cranky said :

I would expect one ‘dump & burn’ to be worth about 5 years of fund raising for the charity.

I seriously doubt that. From what I can find the internal fuel capacity is about 19,000 litres.

ant 11:44 pm 24 Oct 08

…last manouvre, they bomb the crap out of DFO. Otherwise Snow won’t let them land back at his airport.

jase! 10:29 pm 24 Oct 08

hornets can’t dump and burn (sadly)

Bundybear 9:57 pm 24 Oct 08

No, cranky, you may not. Let us have our fun.

cranky 8:40 pm 24 Oct 08

May I play the Devil’s Advocate.

These exhibitions may well be classed as training exercises, but on this page of RA we have a group of people doing their best to raise money for Newborn Intensive Care.

I would expect one ‘dump & burn’ to be worth about 5 years of fund raising for the charity.

There has to be a better way.

futto 7:43 pm 24 Oct 08

anyone know a good spot to watch this from? I will pretty much just watch the jets and then leave. I love it.

Mr Evil 4:55 pm 24 Oct 08

If you can make the time to see this display, it is truly well worth it. Just be aware that small children may not like the noise…….and there will be plenty of noise!

I also doubt the display will last as long as advertised, as it usually only takes about 10 mins to perform this Hornet display.

And watch how quickly the Hornet decelerates when Flt Lt Ward performs the high-G pull!!!!

deye 3:23 pm 24 Oct 08

*note to self* remember fly by, grab camera, head to airport 😀

aronde 3:10 pm 24 Oct 08

Given the amount of roadworks and the traffic chaos I have seen going on around the airport recently I was surprised to see an airport open day being held!

Whatsup 2:36 pm 24 Oct 08

That does sound kinda fun to go and watch. Might have to drop in to Brand Depot with the the little Whatsups.

fnaah 1:49 pm 24 Oct 08

Cmon Pany, you know and I know better (than that). 😛

Pandy 1:48 pm 24 Oct 08

I hear the screaming jets…………..

fnaah 1:45 pm 24 Oct 08

Suh-weet! I’m going to be in the office (at BBP), definitely have to pop outside to check this out. Thanks heaps!

Devil_n_Disquiz 1:40 pm 24 Oct 08

This info on the Hornet display has been provided by the pilot FYI.


Manoeuvres are difficult to describe, but they are as follows:

-First pass low & fast

– inverted (upside down)

– “Hornet turn” – fastest, tightest turn the hornet can fly, into a high AoA squat into the vertical,

– square loop (loop with four tight, “hornet” corners) into a “loaded roll”, a corkscrewing pirouette type roll-unique to the hornet, no other aircraft in Aus can fly this loaded roll and this is only the second time it has been displayed in Australia.

– slow pass (25 degrees angle-of-attack, 200km/h)

– fast pass

– configured pass (speedbrake, tailhook, air-to-air refuelling probe, landing gear and flap)

– vertical departure and rolls

I’ll then descend down for a low-level pitch out into the circuit to land, with a “low overshoot” and one last high-G pull.

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