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Door Knocked by Optus rep?

Ally-J 3 March 2008 19

Sunday 2nd March a gentleman from Optus knocked on my door to inform me that Dial up internet was no longer available from Optus and if I did not upgrade to broadband I would no longer have an optus Internet connection. I asked a few questions but as his english wasnt perfect a lengthy explanation did not eventuate so I signed up, and Ive been shopping for broadband anyway.

I thought it interesting that dial up wasnt available so took a look at the Optus site and they were still selling dial up so I contacted them, their response :

“Optus Dialup is still going to be available to existing customers, but as of 1st April 2008, Optusnet will no longer be offering Dialup to new customers.”Needless to say im pretty angry, just want to put the word out incase any one else signed up under these false pretences. There is a 10 day cooling off period which I will be taking up and Ill take my business elsewhere.

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19 Responses to Door Knocked by Optus rep?
FoMoCo FoMoCo 8:58 pm 04 Mar 08

I however did not have any issues with Internode

FoMoCo FoMoCo 8:57 pm 04 Mar 08

I left Internode for Westnet as I could get a higher download limit for the same money. Mind you I can only get ADSL1. There ADSL2 plans might be different

Ally-J Ally-J 1:05 pm 04 Mar 08

yeah totally hoolahawke. I only use the net for email and very minimal surfing… I still buy my music and movies on disc 😛

hoolahawk hoolahawk 11:21 am 04 Mar 08

I thought that no one was using dial-up (well in the big cities any way) although I went to a friend’s house the other day and she has only just gotten on to a broadband plan (amazing!)

I suppose it still has it’s uses for some people hmmmmm

EtFb EtFb 10:44 am 04 Mar 08

Whirlpool is back up again after its mysterious absence yesterday. It has an excellent tool to help you choose a broadband plan, which may or may not be what you need if you were planning to stay with dialup. Have a browse through the forums and be amazed at just how many people have nothing but praise for Internode, and remember: they’re not getting paid to say this. It’s ordinary Australians, cynical old bastards the lot of them, actually saying complimentary things. About a company. If that’s not amazing, what is?

threeze threeze 10:33 pm 03 Mar 08

i was going to suggest Internode, but it appears I am late to the party. iiNet then, maybe?

RuffnReady RuffnReady 9:55 pm 03 Mar 08

What they all said!

I’ve always had a good experience with iiNet.

CanberraResident CanberraResident 9:19 pm 03 Mar 08

Skip the large ISPs at all costs. I’m with Internode – no contract at all – very fast ADSL1 or ADSL2, NodePhone VOIP, fabulous clean website with no pop-ups, annoying advertising or crap you don’t need (unlike the atrocious Bigpond site), and very reasonable prices. Been with them for 18 months, and never been down – not once. Choice to pay monthly or quarterly in advance. FANTASTIC! Stuff Optar*e and BigPoop. Internode have one phone number with three options – Sales – Billing or technical – easy! No annoying voice prompts. Google them – they come up top of search. I don’t work for them. Good luck and thanks for heads up re Optar*e.

starry starry 8:40 pm 03 Mar 08

my parents and i were also told by optus phone ppl that once you leave optus you cant get back onto there services, as i was looking for a new provider i bought it up with optus who tryed to deny it and told me to go for the fusion plan(which i cant get here)basically i was told it was costing them to much money to keep me on there lines and there prices will be going up to kick me off……….. im looking at netspace

gooterz gooterz 7:15 pm 03 Mar 08

also note the Door to Door Trading Act 1987

Gives u 10 days to get out of anything done unsolicited!

bighead bighead 7:08 pm 03 Mar 08

Internode or iinet are you 2 best bets. I love Internode.

NathanaelB NathanaelB 6:58 pm 03 Mar 08

I’m happy with Netspace 🙂

Dave_K Dave_K 5:41 pm 03 Mar 08

I would have been instantly suspicious of someone knocking on my door to sell internet services.

ns ns 5:07 pm 03 Mar 08

Try the Telecommunications Ombudsman if you don’t have any luck with the Optus complaints dept. Trust me they will sit up and take notice then.

LG LG 4:58 pm 03 Mar 08

iiNet is good

Ally-J Ally-J 4:55 pm 03 Mar 08

I have contacted optus complaints dept, so maybe they will come back with a good offer. Ive also posted something on whirlpool much the same as above. Im thinking of 3 for BB, but ive not heard a lot of feedback on their mobile BB service

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 4:50 pm 03 Mar 08

What EtFb said.

gooterz gooterz 4:47 pm 03 Mar 08

Twist it around to try get broadband for dialup prices!!!

EtFb EtFb 4:44 pm 03 Mar 08

Now pop over to Whirlpool and find out the best ISP to move to.

Hmmmm… Whirlpool seems to be down. Dang. Oh well, the answer will always be Internode, so you might as well cut out the middle man and just go right there.

(This is not a paid advertisement for Internode. They’re just bloody good.)

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