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Down Memory Lane

By Peter Holland 23 July 2008 152

We keep mentioning old pubs, clubs & restaurants in other threads.

Some examples of old pubs now gone, that i remember, are:

Platform 3 in tuggers hyperdome, before they got modern, they were a bikie bar.

Blind Beggars in Belco – 2nd last place after the friday night singles party night closed at the labor club.

Hungry Horse in belco – last place after the friday night singles party night closed at the labor club.

The Private Bin

The Avenue

there are others, but does anyone have any nostalgia for the old haunts?

What’s Your opinion?

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Down Memory Lane
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Rob Chalmers 10:05 am 02 Nov 17

For my two bob’s worth a couple of mentions The Ambassador Hotel now the Mawson Club was the 1st stop for many before heading to Phillip in its Hay Day. The Carousello (disco) was right next to The Flloyd ( live music ) that hosted some big names of Oz Rock. Honey’s Disco was on the corner of Townshend and Botany streets. The Elbow Room was the late night last port of call for many. Bobby McGees got a mention I notice but the Lakeside itself with the 3 ground floor bars was terrific. Other posts have jogged my memory to places frequented, been to many but name changes elude me with others. I stumbled on this post trying to find something on the old Floyd and its like I’ve stepped into a post apocalyptic world… ‘There’s a Storm coming…..she says ‘I know.’……. I don’t know if I’ll be back.

MelonHead 9:37 am 02 Aug 08

I have to double post to correct “has drowned there sorrows ” to read “has drowned THEIR sorrows”

MelonHead 9:32 am 02 Aug 08

Finally someone rememembered the Hunters Tavern. A fine dive if ever there was one. It was next door to the Captain Cook Hotel in Narrabundah.

Is it political correctness, or don’t we count the long list of ethnic clubs that one were big in the entertainment/drinking scene?

The German Club and Spanish Club and Hungarian Club, all of Narrabundah, The Dutch Club, The Austrian Club and the other one at Mawson. The Lithuanian Club in Lyneham. The Croatian Clubs in O’Connor and the other in Deakin. The Irish Club in Belconnen when it was where Clark Rubber is now. There was a Teachers Club. The Burns (Scots) in Forrest. I am sure lots of us have been there. The Greeks have always been at the Hellenic. What about the Catholics? Starting at the Southern Cross and expanding the empire. There was, and is the Tradesmen’s Clubs.

I’m sure at least one person here has drowned there sorrows at the Workers Club in Civic. Two storeys of the finest drinking you could imagine.

Lest we forget the heyday of the Fyshwick Tavern, and all other suburban drinkerys. Fraser, Page, Giralang, Caldwell and Charnwood. All the taverns passing us by.

Ahh, great times, now all passed us by.

Holden Caulfield 12:49 am 02 Aug 08

jvb said :

…Wicked Lady mid-late 70s…

jvb, care to go in to more detail on this one please. 🙂

The Public Watchdog 10:14 pm 01 Aug 08

Hunter’s Tavern in Narrabundah. Got knocked down in about 1990, if I recall.

It was a local Booner dive, for the few Booners that still existed in Narrabundah.

We used to stick nearby in Kingston & Manuka at the Kingo, Boot & Flogger, Blue Beat, (now
B Bar) Manuka Football Club, El Rancho, Easts Rugby Club, Eastlake Football Club, Rudes, La Grange. The usual local drinking holes.

Ahh memories, or lack thereof.

Overheard 1:26 pm 25 Jul 08

Oh, memories of the old playground — the ‘dump truck’. Never heard the term but saw it done plenty of times. Some waggish ‘friend’ would then inevitably spoil the party by slapping the ‘trucker’ on the side of the face, eliciting an outpouring of cigarette, spittle and abuse!

Jem 1:05 pm 25 Jul 08

Duke – classic. I remember my sister trying to hide her (lit) cig from a teacher by putting it in her jacket pocket and then trying to remain composed as smoke started billowing out of it 🙂
Seen a few dump truck attempts go wrong too!

Duke 12:43 pm 25 Jul 08

I well remember the Marist Brothers being down at the interchange to bust kids in uniform and I also remember cupping my durrie.

The braver kids would not cup but rather attempt the infamous ‘dump truck’ whereby the cigarette was flipped backwards and hidden in the mouth. I never perfected it but burnt myself many times trying. I still get a kick out of seeing somebody perform a dump truck!

V8-Prius 12:14 pm 25 Jul 08

tylersmayhem said :

Mind you, these days if you saw a Marist Brother roaming the interchange I think most kids would scurry!


Remember when getting rolled for your Nike’s was all the rage? You couldn’t walk through that area outside Metro in a new pair of Jordan’s without looking over your shoulder. There was no greater ignominy than having to walk home from Woden in your socks.

tylersmayhem 11:46 am 25 Jul 08

Ahhh yes…Metro. I forgot to say when I wasn’t at the Basement, Happy Days or the Firehouse I was at Metro. Every afternoon after school, and every Saturday night before heading to Civic. Ironically, it became lass of a hang-out after school when the Marist brothers had a crack down and started turning up around 5pm during the week. “Quick, cuff ya durrie”.

Mind you, these days if you saw a Marist Brother roaming the interchange I think most kids would scurry!

V8-Prius 11:24 am 25 Jul 08

Duke said :

I used to like The Metro in Woden bus interchange. At the time I was going to school at Phillip College and my maths teacher used to joke he should hold his classes at Metro because more kids would show up.

There was also a cool little video game place in Manuka, upstairs in the back alleyway.

The muso in the back alley was also Metro. Friday arvo’s circa early 90’s in that place were nuts. You could barely see a foot in front of you due to the ciggie smoke. I used to play a golf game since that’s about all I could get on. All the cool kids played Super Sprint. I’m still getting over the time my mum came up looking for me and promptly dragged me home by my ear.

tylersmayhem 10:50 am 25 Jul 08

V8-Prius: Haha, my mum and dad were concerned that I was taking drugs because I hung around The Basement with all the “shady characters”. I was actually given a bit of an intervention by them haha. I probably wasn’t one of the shadys who was there. I was more of the try-hard booner playing Wonderboy in the corner and scabbing Winny Blues. I’m sure the place was more of a front than a pinny parlour. That’s how it stayed open for so long.



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