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DPP appeals rape verdict

By johnboy - 28 March 2007 35

The Canberra Times reports that the Richard Refshauge (the DPP) is appealing another controversial sentence from our little loved judiciary.

The sentence in question is the rape of a 16 year old girl which earned the rapist, Luke Maddison, 20, of Fisher, a paltry 15 months of weekend detention from Justice Terry Connolly.

“Maddison and co-offender Adam Voughan Stewart, 21, of Kambah, coaxed the Year 10 student into their car near Tuggeranong Hyperdome on the night of June 3, 2005, after she had finished work at McDonald’s.

She had consented to get into Stewart’s car, and he drove to his Kambah home where he swapped cars. The two men then drove the victim to an isolated and unlit place near Kambah Pool, where they took turns raping her despite her constant cries for them to stop.

After the assault, the pair dumped the victim in a Kambah street.

UPATED: Thanks to Stan Bowles for the link, here’s the sentencing transcript in which the victim is blamed (yes the victim was silly to get in the car but how does her silliness justify the pack rape?) and Maddison is praised for his “high level of moral courage”.

What’s Your opinion?

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35 Responses to
DPP appeals rape verdict
Danman 11:32 am 28 Mar 07

Bonfire – totally agree.

We can only hope……

I think sex offenders should be chemically castrated upon a guilty verdict.

fnaah 11:32 am 28 Mar 07

Having just read the transcript (stupid flying off the handle, sorry), I’d like to rescind the word “brutal” from my previous post.

The sentence is still far too lenient.

fnaah 11:14 am 28 Mar 07

Excuse me? Reduced sentence for “early and complete cooperation”?

So if I beat both offenders to death with a baseball bat one night, but immediately drop it and say “I’m sorry, please arrest me now”, I’ll get off with weekend detention?

Their crime was pre-meditated, callous, and brutal.

johnboy 11:12 am 28 Mar 07

It wasn’t that stern a talking to!

I’ve had worse for failling to close a gate.

Thumper 11:12 am 28 Mar 07

Indeed Caf,

it is admirable that he stood up and admitted his actions were wrong. However, if they didn’t do it in the first place then then be no drama.

They obviously realised what they were doing was wrong.

But the sentence is still piffling for such henious crime.

caf 11:08 am 28 Mar 07

That’s all very well (and was my first reaction too), but obviously we do have to give some sort of reduced sentence for early and complete co-operation with the authorities (consider that both of them may well have been acquitted if Maddison hadn’t talked). But certainly not reduced so far that it looks like little more than a stern talking to!

Thumper 11:05 am 28 Mar 07

There is absolutely no excuse for rape.

Justin Connelly should seriously look at his views and compare them with the rest of society as he appears to be greatly out of step with community views, morals, ethics and ideals.

High level of moral courage? Where?

Absent Diane 11:00 am 28 Mar 07

put them in a lab and test them. Make them give back to society.

bonfire 10:39 am 28 Mar 07

i dont care how sorry he is.

stick him in the pokie, not just for a day or two on the weekend.

stan_bowles 10:26 am 28 Mar 07

You can read the sentencing transcript here:

snahon 10:17 am 28 Mar 07

Sometimes judges and their sentences disgust me more than the offenders actions. What message do we as a society give when judges hand down these types sentences ?

Ralph 10:07 am 28 Mar 07

Only life or hanging are suitable punishments in my opinion.

Thumper 9:41 am 28 Mar 07

Let’s hope so….

bonfire 9:41 am 28 Mar 07

perhaps he spends his weekends in a cell with two large hairy gents who take turns raping him despite his constant cries for them to stop ?

RandomGit 9:37 am 28 Mar 07

Every time I hear the term ‘took turns’ I reach for the nearest heavy blunt object and start googling their names.

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