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Dragway for Majura Valley

By seepi - 1 December 2005 52

The proposed Dragway for block 51 behind Mt Majura is causing consternation amongst Hackett and nearby residents, and excitement in the motor racing crowd. The dragway was an election promise by Labor, but they have been unable to find a suitable site. So in desperation they have settled on Majura Valley. This site, within 3km of houses, will apparently be the only dragway in the world to be within 3km of residential areas. It does seema bit unfortunate to set up such a major project for protests about noise and the hours it operates etc, even before it is built…Canberra residents in the neighbouring suburbs are very upset, and anyone who likes to walk/run/ride on Mt Majura can kiss the tranquility goodbye. There are also issues about heritage buldings + wildlife.

Last night a packed public meeting was held at the legislative assembly. Bizarrely the meeting was held in a small room, meaning many had to stand and further crowds hung around the doorway. Some motorsport fans stayed outside with their cars and beers. It was stifling inside, and that was before Simon Corbell started speaking.

Simon spoke, and sat on the fence as usual, stating that while we must listen to residents, we must also support the needs of the dragway fans. No clues there.

Bill Stefaniak then spoke and he stated that Hackett residents would only hear noise to the level of a car going past your window, for 12 minutes a year. He also stated that the noise would be easily drowned out by a magpie warbling. He presented no actual evidence for these theories.

Deb Foskey then spoke, and mentioned that fossil fuels are old fashioned, and that Majura Road is already hard to turn onto for local residents. She stated that she had not got elected by promising a dragway. She also went into costs of a dragway (which are not fully budgetted for by the government) , and associated costs for improving the roads giving access to it.

So what is the truth of the matter. Will Hackett residents hear a constant drone of engines all weekend every weekend, or not? And is there any way to test this before the dragway is decided upon? Can’t they go out to the site and make similar noise, and prove to local residents that this will not be a permanent end to the use of backyards in Hackett on weekends? Also – isn’t there a speedway at Queanbeyan? Do we really need another one in the ACT?

What’s Your opinion?

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52 Responses to
Dragway for Majura Valley
Ralph 4:15 pm 01 Dec 05

What a bunch of fucken cardigan wearing NIMBYs. You people epitomise why the rest of the country hates Canberra.

Maelinar 3:49 pm 01 Dec 05

oh, the enthralling sense of an argument…


Aussie Culture…

A VB holding, Monaro Driving, black T shirt with some kind of slogan on it. They’re a culture of their own…

And if a fucktard arts bludger can get funding for their bullshit, then so can everybody else in my books.

Indi 3:20 pm 01 Dec 05

I’m no real petrolhead, but I miss the V8 car race – its abolishing proved that the ‘not in my backyards or anybody elses’ type of folk in this town hamper any efforts to showcase this place a real city…for those unaware of the great financial impact that motor vehicle related sports have for the economy, a quick check with tourism authorities will indicate the value of such activities.

justbands 2:20 pm 01 Dec 05

Actually Maelinar…whilst I myself am a strong supporter of the arts (at least in the form of live music), I’m indifferent to public funding & could quote hundreds of instances where I think the public purse has been ripped off through poorly considered arts funding. That said…the arts are long seen as a contributer to our culture, I don’t think the same has been or ever will be said of cars. To the majority of people, they are simply a means of transport. I’d hate to see money go to a dragway that could perhaps have been better spent on public transport infrastructure for example.

gingermick 2:05 pm 01 Dec 05

Could they use the footsul, fooball or whatever that bloody useless slab is called? The one Kate laid at great expense.

Maelinar 1:53 pm 01 Dec 05

hmmmm Justbands

Given that ‘artists’ want to receive money to fund their works of art, I can’t see how you come to the conclusion that a petrolhead shouldn’t be allowed the same access to facilities, as ‘expected’ for the arts community.

I haven’t followed your conversations too closely about whether or not you are pro or against arts funding, but reacted at your name only (and a dim recollection that you are pro).

As I said earlier, if that’s what gives these guys hardons, go let them do it.

I’ll be there to pick up their household goods at bargain prices because they’ve run out of money and need to sell off their chattels.

justbands 1:29 pm 01 Dec 05

I STILL don’t understand how anyone can seriously expect a Government to fund their car hobby for them…election promise or not. Want a dragway? Find investors & go for it….on private land, with private funding.

bonfire 1:02 pm 01 Dec 05

the gummint conducted a noise study over teh last summernats period, in response to complaints from residents over many years.

the study conclusively proved that birds in your backyard caused more noise than summernats.

i think canberra residents just like to complain about things for the sake of it. they fear change and want everyone in bed by 9PM.

bring on the dragway. it woudl create far less noise than summernats, and with a range in between you would hear sfa from any of the suburbs where residents have already started to whinge.

Growling Ferret 11:19 am 01 Dec 05

So long as all members of Save the Ridge, the Federal Liberal Party, Eddie Jones and George Gregan, anyone up in arms over the death sentance for the drug trafficer and anyone else that pisses me off is included in the group, it would be a thing of beauty!

Kandy A 11:00 am 01 Dec 05

growling ferret – within your inquiry lies a beautiful plan – why not combine the rifle range, dragway, police driver training, bombing range and airport – now I’d definitely watch that!! (on telly)

Maelinar 10:32 am 01 Dec 05

I say they build the bloody thing, and put a whole strip of petrol stations, tyre sales, bodywork shops etc all along the frontage.

If people are that stupid they want to watch their income reduced as simply as F goes to E, let them.

The dragway will be covered in weeds in a few years and they’ll question why they even built the bloody thing.

Kerces 9:47 am 01 Dec 05

I thought Majura Valley was always thought to be the best site for a dragway if they couldn’t have it back where it used to be (or am I confused and the old one was also in Majura Valley?). Certainly that was the impression I had way back when when I talked to some politicans about it.

Growling Ferret 9:37 am 01 Dec 05

I lived in Campbell many years ago, when the last major events ran at the old CID. You would only ever hear a drone from the drags when the Top Fuel/Alcohol/Doorslammers ran. Club level and road legal classes were not heard.

For Hackett residents, they will have the benefit of a mountain range in between them and the races which we never had in Campbell…

The airport, which provides noise 15 hours a day for 365 days a year is more intrusive…
Summernats would be more intrusive…

In reality, the new CID would probably run no more than 15 events a year + street drags which is far quieter. These events would last a day from lunchtime until 10pm – and you wouldn’t hear the drags over the aircraft taking off and landing…

Whatever happens, the new dragway will be a white elephant unless it also becomes part of an advanced driver training facility and gets use more than once or twice a month.

The question is, can anyone actually point out the site on Majura Lane where the proposed dragway will be – is it closer to the Airport or the rifle range? Is it on the site of the Police Driver training facility (hidden behind the pines). Is it next to the bombing range?

Thumper 9:29 am 01 Dec 05

Why does this not surprise me? Select a site where you know there will be complaints. Hold a public meeting to hear those complaints. Elect to go with the so called consultation and simply forget the election promise.

Surely no-one in this territory really believed that they were ever going to actually build a dragway?

Absent Diane 9:19 am 01 Dec 05

As someone who finds most motorsports completely boring(with the exception of the 500cc bikes and the jet sprint boats)…… My support would lean towards not bothering…. the mountain will stop the noise to an extent but im sure the sound will still reverberate off everything else and be heard…

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