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Drink Driving Capital of Australia?

By johnboy 4 July 2005 16

The Pratt has put out a media release bemoaning the halfing of RBT’s in Canberra over recent years.

Perhaps the Stanhope Government is aiming to create a new slogan for the national capital: Drink Drive in Canberra and you’ll never get caught

ABC Online takes up the story with John Hargreaves claiming the police are just working smarter.

Surely the real question is are there more or less alcohol related accidents?

What’s Your opinion?

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16 Responses to
Drink Driving Capital of Australia?
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nicedevil 1:36 pm 07 Jul 05

Yes! I think that was the last place i was tested too! Twice in the one day. All those years ago. I’ve only ever seen them on that road in the late morning anyway….

Ralph 1:07 pm 06 Jul 05

I know. Last time I was tested was about 5 years ago as well.

And apparently they’re regularly up on Adelaide avenue on the weekends. So the drink drivers know not to go along that road.

nicedevil 12:46 pm 06 Jul 05

I manage to see at least 3 or 4 cop cars a day driving around on the weekends and maybe catching the obvious crazies but i do find it strange that the last time i was breath tested was at least 5 years ago. And considering i go out at least 3- 4 nights a week….

What is also annoying is that when i see them, usually on the other side of a main road, it’s in the mornings. So they are more focused on catching the responsible people who didn’t drive drive the night before (perhaps) when they were drunk, but were still over the limit the next day.
They’re probably the poor unsuspecting people ‘meeting the targets’ as far as breath testing is concerned.
The irresponsible people on the other hand can do what they like at night cause the cops would rather be tucked up in bed.

bulldog 9:01 am 06 Jul 05

Sorry, I was too busy speeding and driving maniacally to notice them…

But you’re right, an obvious presence is the best deterrent.

Thumper 8:23 am 06 Jul 05

Just a quick comment on Police presence on our streets. Driving to work today a Police car with lights flashing was sitting under the bridge thingie under ANU on Parkes Way.

It was doing wonders for the traffic speed which not only stayed around 80 klicks, but also had none of the lunatic lane changing.

Presence on the roads. I for one applaud this sort of policing. It works.

bulldog 4:33 pm 05 Jul 05

What is it with you and Public Transport?

hehe 😉 just kidding!

Thumper I know you weren’t having a crack at her, but I heard part of the interview and I was unimpressed with the line of questioning.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 3:26 pm 05 Jul 05

hehe, I was in a Taxi one day when it was pulled over for speeding. The driver didn’t have his licence with him either, so a half hour delay to verify that the driver was who he said he was and a free taxi ride for me.

I can’t remember what punishment the taxi driver got, but I do remember him trying to haggle his way out of it. I suspect that he hasn’t forgotten his licence since.


Thumper 3:03 pm 05 Jul 05


I’m not having a go at her. I just was under the impression that her answers were a little hamstrung. I’m sure she’ll be fine in the job.

And yes, I did see a cop at lunchtime, booking a taxi of all things!

Maelinar 1:45 pm 05 Jul 05

I think you’ll find the last time you saw a policeman on the roads in Canberra was this lunchtime Thumper 🙂

bulldog 1:32 pm 05 Jul 05

Why is it that when a new person steps into an underperforming role the media immediately sets about trying to crucify them for the previous regimes mistakes?

Give her a chance (and some funding) and I’m sure it’ll come good.

Thumper 1:30 pm 05 Jul 05

Especially if those roadsigns attack you!!!!

I heard the new AFP Canberra boss on the radio this morning and she was very politically savvy in her answers about the numbers of cops in the ACT.

No fault of hers of course as she to has to answer to her political bosses who appear to be quite content to put out the rubbish that usually sprouts from the relevant minister.

Mr Evil 12:19 pm 05 Jul 05

Well, one of my housemates has managed to drive home from the Belconnen Soccer Club virtually legless on average 2 or 3 nights per week for the past 10 years, and he’s never been pulled over! The arsehole had a collision with a roadsign two weeks ago, so I think that’s taken the wind out of his sails! Maybe more roadsigns and roundabouts is the solution to the lack of Police? 🙂

Thumper 8:13 am 05 Jul 05

Apparently the Police meet their key performance indicators, which actually doesn’t say much at all really.

Frankly I can’t remember when I last saw a cop car on the road. Or a breatho for that matter.

Ralph 7:59 am 05 Jul 05

Hargreaves claiming that the police are working smarter is just spin.

seepi 9:21 pm 04 Jul 05

WEll the ACt has the least per capita in the nation.
I think one of the deterrents to DrinkDriving is the idea that the police might be lurking anywhere. Now that they have admitted they only pick a few obvious locations I think the deterrent is diluted.

Kerces 9:10 pm 04 Jul 05

Pratt also had another release out today saying that the police’s failure to arrest enogh people demonstrates their manpower shortage (or that’s the gist I got from my very brief read).

He also blamed lack of manpower for the halfing of RBTs.

it seems to me that, in the world of Pratt, any problems in society can be traced back to not enough police. At least, that’s all he ever seems to blah on about.


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