E-scooters and skateboards now legal on footpaths in the ACT

Dominic Giannini 18 March 2021 53
Shane Rattenbury

Shane Rattenbury says e-scooters will be legal in the ACT from Friday, 20 December. Photo: File.

The ACT Government gave Territorians an early Christmas present today with the announcement that e-scooters, skateboards and similar devices can be legally driven on shared paths and footpaths.

Minister for Justice, Consumer Affairs and Road Safety Shane Rattenbury said the new laws will help the ACT move towards its renewable energy targets.

“E-mobility provides new and convenient options for travel. They let people leave the car at home, and are easily combined with public transport,” Mr Rattenbury said.

“With the ACT achieving 100 per cent renewable electricity they can be recharged using clean energy, free of greenhouse gas emissions.

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“Many ACT residents are keen to take advantage of e-scooters and similar e-mobility devices. I’m pleased to announce that these devices will be legal for personal use from 20 December.”

While these devices will not be legal on roads or on-road bicycle lanes, they will be allowed to be ridden on residential streets where there are no footpaths.

They will be subject to a maximum speed of 15 km/h on footpaths and up to 25 km/h in all other permitted locations. Users must wear a helmet, slow down to 10 km/h when going across a crossing, and give way to pedestrians.

Other road rules, like staying to the left, having a warning device like a bell and not being allowed to use mobile phones or ride under the influence, still apply.

“These are convenient and fun new devices, but I remind people to be responsible for their and others’ safety,” Mr Rattenbury said.

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“Speed limits are the maximum, not the recommendation. People must be considerate of other users and travel at a safe speed for the conditions.

“People should also take care and learn to use the devices carefully before using them.”

To find out about the new rules and which devices are eligible visit JACS.

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53 Responses to E-scooters and skateboards now legal on footpaths in the ACT
Yass Man Yass Man 9:01 am 24 Dec 19

Yass Valley Community can you please lobby NSW government or change local regulations to allow electric scooters and skateboards. Less cars on the road, more parking, less wear on town roads, better for the environment.

Kerri Hallas Kerri Hallas 8:37 pm 23 Dec 19

https://fbwat.ch/1JK9pH8l03Bb2m0v this is 9 news report from Brisbane about how dangerous these scooters are and how many people have been injured.

Capital Retro Capital Retro 5:28 pm 23 Dec 19

It’s just a passing fad to justify building a bigger ED at TCH and to prop up the funeral industry.

Next thing we will have is e-pogo sticks.

Ann Parkinson Ann Parkinson 4:35 pm 23 Dec 19

The e-scooters and the like should be required to make some sort of noise--cyclists rarely use their bells but they can usually be heard approaching. I walk to Yarralumla from Woden one day a week and there is no way I can tell that an e-scooter is coming up behind me and about to overtake. It is rather scary. I am thinking of getting a personal video recorder just in case of an accident (no, I don't expect to have one but the more e-scooters on the footpaths the greater the likelihood of an accident).

Mark Richardson Mark Richardson 8:00 am 22 Dec 19

Terrible, they better not take up the footpath as i wont be moving at all as i dont have too

Jackie Saunders Jackie Saunders 11:48 pm 21 Dec 19

I’ve spent many years paying taxes which I am sure have contributed in some way to Canberra’s beautiful bike paths and now lanes. I think it’s time to consider walking lanes for those people like me who just want to get from A to B without drama having to worry about crossing a path and being hit by someone on a bike, scooter or skateboard 🤷‍♀️

Michael Dunning Michael Dunning 11:18 pm 21 Dec 19

These have recently been banned from footpaths in Singapore where they have been the cause of pedestrian deaths

HiddenDragon HiddenDragon 6:30 pm 21 Dec 19

“E-mobility provides new and convenient options for travel. They let people leave the car at home, and are easily combined with public transport,” Mr Rattenbury said.

Great news – issue a scooter to each MLA and put the car parking spaces outside the Legislative Assembly building out to tender – or maybe use the space for a homeless shelter.

Aj Biega Aj Biega 6:30 pm 21 Dec 19

So are skateboards ok on roads then?

rationalobserver rationalobserver 6:14 pm 21 Dec 19

I think we seriously need to redefine what a “vehicle” is and harmonise the fees, charges and regulatory framework across all of them.

Kevin McInerney Kevin McInerney 4:07 pm 21 Dec 19

Saw a whole group of school age kids with these in Belconnen Mall last week!!! Surely that’s not allowed!

Anne McDermott Anne McDermott 3:03 pm 21 Dec 19

Have cohabited with these for years in Paris. They're even more dangerous on footpaths than on roads - pedestrians are more vulnerable than cars! Several times I've seen two helmetless people on an e-scooter slaloming at high speed through rush hour traffic causing havoc. I've narrowly avoided being knocked down by speeding scooters on footpaths. After a huge accident toll, France now considers e-scooters to be vehicles - no use on footpaths and road rules must be observed. (The reform push came from road users, pedestrians - and surgeon and dentist organisations). Cheap and cheerful they may be, but they can become a dangerous urban plague.

Paul Waters Paul Waters 11:19 am 21 Dec 19

about time!

Ben McGee Ben McGee 10:57 am 21 Dec 19

Maya Jayne like a boss

Suzanne Milne Suzanne Milne 9:10 am 21 Dec 19

so silly, the footpaths are for pedestrians, not skateboards & scooters, So you obviously have no thought for the elderly, folk in wheelchairs. An accident waiting to happen

John Clarke John Clarke 8:13 am 21 Dec 19

And just like that the emergency department is clogged up with injured pedestrians. Why do you idiots keep making stupid decisions like these!? You may as well allow motorbikes on the footpath too

Alby James Alby James 7:55 am 21 Dec 19

ACT govt making the foot paths more dangerous for pedestrians

    Rob Thomas Rob Thomas 9:27 am 21 Dec 19

    With this and the exploding pavement/hidden dart gun and trip wire proposal from last week.

Martin Walsh Martin Walsh 6:48 am 21 Dec 19

Very sensible regulation that brings us in to line with Queensland. These scooters are a cheap and convenient form of transport. Now, if a small portion of those billions spent on road infrastructure for cars can be budgeted for improving cycle and pedestrian path infrastructure..

    Trev Astle Trev Astle 8:26 am 22 Dec 19

    not cheap if you haven't got 3rd party personal and property insurance on your e scooter (vehicle). Yes you will be sued for your home if you seriously injure a Pedestrian (rich old folk).

Sue Elliott Sue Elliott 6:23 am 21 Dec 19

Get ready for the compensation claims!

Peter McMahon Peter McMahon 10:22 pm 20 Dec 19

Maybe just me but what is the difference between a road (not permitted) and a residential street (permitted when no footpath). Does a reverse distance of 1 metre apply from pedestrians. If not why not.

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