Eastman Rides Again

che 22 November 2007 8

Like Don Quixote, David Eastman is taking another tilt at the windmill, trying to argue that he’s as crazy as the Man from La Mancha and so should not have been capable of dismissing his lawyer and defending himself in this snippet from the ABC. I guess he has nothing else to do with his time.

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8 Responses to Eastman Rides Again
bd84 bd84 10:05 pm 22 Nov 07

The police now offer a reward to shoot mr eastman in the head. Someone should try it, the sooner rather than later.

ant ant 10:03 pm 22 Nov 07

He’s back on that old tactic again (his mates at ANU found that loophole for him years ago), trying to get judges disqualified. And then he sacks his lawyers.

VicePope VicePope 8:35 pm 22 Nov 07

Like a lot in this town, I had the odd dealing with Mr E over a few years. I found him unpleasant, obnoxious and abusive. Does this (I ask myself in Rudd style) mean that I think he did it? No.

The fact that he was found guilty and lost some appeals is far more persuasive, as is the result in the inquiry into his conviction. But it is not and cannot be determinative and I am glad his fate was determined by people who heard the whole of the evidence. I still feel a bit uncomfortable about the conviction, but I don’t know enough to assume it was wrong.

His continued use of the courts is, no doubt, a pain and a pest and a public expense. But he’s not the only serial litigant in the country. If, however, it transpired that (a) he was simply incapable of instructing his defence and (b) he was deprived of a fair chance of acquittal because of that, then he should litigate until he gets a satisfactory trial. I expect that many of us, if we convicted of an offence and were innocent or not guilty, or genuinely believed ourselves to be so, would not be happy to rot in prison until we died. I cannot, on what I know, exclude the possibility that Mr E is simply in that position.

atoz atoz 4:45 pm 22 Nov 07

still reckon it was kenny koala.

sepi sepi 4:44 pm 22 Nov 07

Just say he was declared a nutcase, where would he go then?

JD114 JD114 4:17 pm 22 Nov 07

Fruitloop maybe, but what if a lot of people’s gut feelings that he didn’t do it is actually proved to be correct?

fnaah fnaah 2:53 pm 22 Nov 07

If there’s one thing I think we can all agree on, it’s that David Harold Eastman is an a-grade, certifiable, pants-on-head fruitloop. Isn’t there some way we can stop him wasting the court’s time with this nonsense? Hasn’t anyone told him “you lose, to infinity no returns, no comebacks” yet?

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 2:38 pm 22 Nov 07

I laughed when I heard that he finished today’s court appearance by sacking his lawyers after failing to have the judge hearing the appeal dismissed!

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