Election Wrap – 15 September

johnboy 15 September 2008 16


The ABC notes that Labor’s Mary Porter is sneering at yesterday’s Liberal plan to make themselves more accessible to the public:

    If you look at all his colleagues and add up all the things they have made representation about, it doesn’t even come close to my 1,655, nowhere near.

Meanwhile the CT informs us that Mr. Stanhope is promising an Investment Facilitation Program to reduce payroll tax on new businesses.

Also Katy has mentioned to the ABC that she’d like to spend three million dollars trimming down fat kids if she gets returned.


The ABC brings word that The Greens (particularly Amanda Bresnan) are planning to get the ACT Government running completely on renewable energy.

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16 Responses to Election Wrap – 15 September
Aurelius Aurelius 12:41 pm 15 Sep 08

I am not a party official, so I cannot be certain the rules have not changed recently. But in the time I’ve been involved in such processes, that’s how they’ve worked. Factions do exist within the Territory’s ALP, and they lobby for their preferred candidates.
From what I have seen though, to call the groupings ‘factions’ in the ACT is a bit misleading, since they’re nowhere near as strongly divided as factions in NSW or Qld, where it’s hard to imagine they’re in the same party the way they carry on.

jakez jakez 12:39 pm 15 Sep 08

whistle said :

Don’t tell me the factions have been abolished in the ACT? How about the union delegates?

…I’m guessing your boss doesn’t have many representations if you have spare time to be on riotACT?

jakez jakez 12:37 pm 15 Sep 08

Aurelius said :

Whistle, within the ACT ALP, to get preselection, you nominate, and then there’s an election of grass roots party members.

HAHA yeah after they’ve been to their factional meetings (although I do understand the ACT has a nice chunk of independent people).

I had an ALP mate tell me about the factions. She said she just turned up and did whatever her faction told her to do.

I nearly plotzed.

That’s not meant to be an indictment of the ALP though, more about how uninterested she was at the time. The same thing happens in the Libs, just on an informal level.

whistle whistle 12:34 pm 15 Sep 08

Don’t tell me the factions have been abolished in the ACT? How about the union delegates?

Aurelius Aurelius 12:32 pm 15 Sep 08

Whistle, within the ACT ALP, to get preselection, you nominate, and then there’s an election of grass roots party members.

whistle whistle 12:26 pm 15 Sep 08

How do these people get preselected? Is the attendance at factional meetings the real qualifier?

Aurelius Aurelius 11:18 am 15 Sep 08

Whilst I can’t comment on all 1655 of Mary Porter’s ‘representations’, I can say that in my 13 years attending Labor party meetings, I haven’t seen any MLA attend as frequently as Mary Porter (and she’s not even in my sub-branch, she belongs to one of the Belconnen ones). She’s at more than half the monthly meetings I’ve been to since she was elected, whereas the one MLA who *is* a member of our sub-branch has not been seen there for at least a year.

grrr grrr 11:15 am 15 Sep 08

Sorry…Mary Porter, no idea what you do. Obviously you like to complain though. And boast about how many “representations” you make…to what? But I can assure you you don’t have my vote.

S4anta S4anta 10:58 am 15 Sep 08

I would be more concerned about whether the representations led to any delivered outcomes and improvments to service delivery. Any idiot can run about slapping the top of their head ‘representing’, but listening to the constituency and then acting is a completely different thing.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 10:55 am 15 Sep 08

Until they give more detail, they’ll continue claiming they’re the the most efficient party based on representations per capita (or per hilowatt hour in the last finanical year, however they want to use this useless metric)…

So its unlikely to happen.

johnboy johnboy 10:42 am 15 Sep 08

Jazz said :

Does anyone know if those ‘representations’ are listed anywhere?

They tabled the raw numbers a few weeks ago.

Without some qualitative data they’re pretty meaningless.

caf caf 10:31 am 15 Sep 08

Having “no other responsibilities” is pretty much the definition of Opposition, wouldn’t you say?

PM PM 9:53 am 15 Sep 08

Isn’t it easier to make representations when you’ve got no other responsibilities…? And what were the outomes?

Thumper Thumper 9:37 am 15 Sep 08

Does anyone know what Mary Porter actually does?

Apart from representations, obviously 😉

Jazz Jazz 9:29 am 15 Sep 08

Does anyone know if those ‘representations’ are listed anywhere?

jakez jakez 9:16 am 15 Sep 08

Thus the need to make themselves more accessible!

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