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Election Wrap – 9 October

By johnboy 9 October 2008 31

Mental Health:

The CT’s David McLennan has struggled manfully to keep track of the rivers of gold being thrown at mental health by both parties.


According to the Canberra Times the Community Alliance is looking for a volunteer to organise their events. A little late in the day surely?

Norvan Vogt wants to keep things simple when it comes to mental health policy.


The CT tries to get across a growing mess in the upkeep of the Supreme Court. There’s a press conference with Simon and JonKat there this morning which might address the issues.

Simon Corbell has announced he’ll set up a “sentencing council” to slap around judges handing out inadequate sentences. Someone’s been listening.

Jon Stanhope is excited that the Green Building Council has opened a Canberra office. If re-elected he’ll give them $75,000 for a study on refurbishing old buildings with an eye to green star ratings. Wake me up when something happens.

Katy Gallagher is having a go at perceived failings in the Liberal mental health policy.

Andrew Barr would like to know where the Liberal education policy is. Lost behind the couch? Or the dog ate it?


Zed’s promised the Canberra Times that he’d move any power station / data centre away from Tuggeranong.

The election turns once more to Gungahlin with Zed announcing he will build a swimming pool, and even a PCYC, and a swag of other goodies besides.

Adam Verwey:

Adam is calling for continuous disclosure of political donations. In this internet era the only reason why not to is an effort to put one over voters.

Mulcahy Canberra Party:

Richard Mulcahy is going in to bat for his beloved Canberra Symphony Orchestra. He wants more ACT Government funding for the music enjoyed by the wealthiest Canberrans.

Motorists Party:

One Nation On Wheels (aka The Australian Motorists Party) haven’t got anything official out, but I heard them on 666 yesterday calling for kids expelled from schools to be sent to Quamby, a facility we don’t even want to send criminally convicted felons to.


The Greens are calling on supporters to stay calm about early positive polling numbers. They’re asking supporters to keep putting in the hard yards.

Meredith Hunter promises the Greens would make better use of Federale funding for household energy efficiency.

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Election Wrap – 9 October
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Jonathon Reynolds 9:16 am 11 Oct 08


politikos said :

Couldn’t make it to the meeting and it might help me narrow down who to vote for – can’t believe the number of candidates in Molonglo!

An audio version of the meeting now uploaded, size is 76Mb, streaming version.
Available on the CanberraVotes site, also linked from GCC meeting video page

Skidbladnir 12:34 pm 10 Oct 08

his own expense with no profit driver

Freemium is a valid business model, provided you have a large enough support base. 🙂
I am entirey willing to have conversations about attention also being a commodity, and I can also provide some analytic research to back me up.

However, its a very dry topic, and I much prefer my socialising and beer drinking to be entertaining.

Gungahlin Al 12:14 pm 10 Oct 08

The GCC meeting full video is now posted on our website for your viewing pleasure.

For those wondering what the fuss with the format was about, the full instructions as supplied to all candidates prior to their attendance is also on that page.

A link for an audio-only file will be posted later tonight.

Thanks Jonathon for the work you’ve done in posting this for us. I might take a mo to remind people that Jonathon has been doing this (and video records of as many other election run-up meetings all around Canberra as he can get to, as posted on his website) at his own expense with no profit driver, simply as personal project to make sure as much as possible of the commitments and events from this election are captured and preserved. I think he’s bonkers bothering, but then again no doubt there’ll be cause to refer back to some of it over the course of the next term of government…

ChoiceMade 9:44 am 10 Oct 08

The Motorist Party’s policy on Quamby is a complete joke. It sounds like something Pratt would do as well. Thank god they won’t get elected!

sepi 10:18 pm 09 Oct 08

Zed has similar policy – in today’s CT. Except the minimal amount he’s willing to spend on public art he wants the community to vote on = bit like a high school prize or soemthing.

jakez 8:46 pm 09 Oct 08

Sepi: Unless the Liberals have echoed Mulcahy, that was Mulcahy’s policy not the Liberals.

However generally you are right to point out the contradiction and if pressed I think it’s safe to say the Liberals share in that contradiction.

sepi 8:10 pm 09 Oct 08

Wierd how the liberals think spending money on public art (sculpture) is a shocking waste, but that spending money on the symphony orchestra is a good idea (more of an elitist thing, that people will still have to pay to see).

I’ve got nothing against the orchestra – I just really don’t understand the anger generated by a few sculptures.

tom-tom 7:28 pm 09 Oct 08

D-Man said :

I’m surprised there’s nothing on the GCC forum last night. It was a complete farce. There were more candidates than crowd members, the format of the evening was utterly bizarre and the moderator was disastrously bad. Again, once you exclude spouses, apparatchiks and political groupies, there was a total of 8 genuine residents there. My colleague reckons there was only 4, but it’s possible some left half way. God I wish I had been able to. GCC are a laughing stock after last night.

yeah! shame on them for wanting to help to make their community a better place, shame, shame, shame.

on a side note i’m not convinced that refusing to allow MLA’s speak on their portfolio’s was a good decision, while it is important to hear from everyone standing i’d think that more insightful answers would be given if you allowed those with experience in the feild to respond.

politikos 6:58 pm 09 Oct 08

Much appreciated, Jonathon! Couldn’t make it to the meeting and it might help me narrow down who to vote for – can’t believe the number of candidates in Molonglo!

Jonathon Reynolds 6:39 pm 09 Oct 08


politikos said :

Could you elaborate, Al? Some of us have lousy internet connections and won’t be able to view the video.

I’ll cut an audio file from the H4 (sound recorder) and upload it to GCC over the weekend. As a 2 hour .mp3 it will be sizeable but no where near as large as the files I have to handle with the videos.

Hopefully the GCC video should be up tomorrow. The workflow to create these video is a bit finicky, it comes off the camera as an AVCHD directory (that itself can take about 45 minutes to transfer between the camera and PC), by the time its imported into FCE and decoded from AVCHD format it ends up being a 60-80Gb 1920/1440×1080 HD Quicktime movie, I then compress that down into Desktop and iPhone sized Quicktime files. These files are then further converted to Flash FLV files. The FLV files are typically 400Mb to <1Gb and transferred to for hosting (file size there must be less than 1GB per video). The upload process itself can take up to 8 hours -but that actually depends on what bandwidth I am getting through the RIM I am attached to. (I usually run the upload overnight whilst I’m encoding other meeting videos I have taken that night in parallel). Then finally the embed code manually placed in the relevant pages of the target web page. Having done over 30 of these videos this convoluted workflow is becoming almost second nature. I’ll be glad when the election is over and I wind the project up on the 18th.

politikos 5:48 pm 09 Oct 08

Oh c’mon Granny, give us some goss on the Libs!

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