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Employment, editorial policy and the Art of Googling

By Ntp - 20 July 2007 83

Yesterday we at Riot central received an email from a Canberran who discovered he was infamous in a minor way that I’m sure he wishes had never occurred. Entitled “Clemancy” he had a “serious favour to ask.”

Stating his name (which I feel no need to mention) he went on to say that “unfortunately if I google my name the top hit is an archived post of yours”… being about …“a narrow brush I had with the law. The issue is that I have had prospective employers ask me about this incident because they have googled my name. Regardless that I didn’t get convicted”… well he was placed on a good behaviour bond… “and it being a small and insignificant bust in Canberra, I can’t get a job with your post coming up as the top hit on google

I’ve worked very hard to get my life on track since the ordeal of my trial and am hoping you will help me out by removing this post.”

Now in general we are against removing posts and have informed the requestee as such but what do you think? And what of his being googled by potential employers; have you ever googled an applicant or been googled as an applicant? What do you think of the practice and is it wide spread?

What’s Your opinion?

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83 Responses to
Employment, editorial policy and the Art of Googling
caf 10:59 am 20 Jul 07

I reckon I know who it is (initials GTH?).

It isn’t the first time such a request has been recieved – see here for johnboy’s response in the past. I say let precedent stand – it’s now a matter of public record.

Snahons_scv6_berlina 10:57 am 20 Jul 07

If he was cleared of all charges, perhaps editing the riot act story to reflect this? That way, history “isn’t erased” but the outcome can be reflected in the story?

Ntp 10:50 am 20 Jul 07

us and the ABC. I can’t see them doing anything to help our Mr X

Sammy 10:50 am 20 Jul 07

Yeah, like ABC News online, which is frequently cited as a source on this website.

Ntp 10:49 am 20 Jul 07

on the many times it’s been attempted legal action has never succeeded against Riot.

Although if I was the potential employer I might be worried about a discrimination case.

bonfire 10:49 am 20 Jul 07

is this the only place he comes up ?

if it was a ‘brush with the law’ then its probably also on other websites.

Sammy 10:47 am 20 Jul 07

And I guess if we were talking about Gareth, then he might have sought legal advice from his father. That’s assuming they’ve reconciled, which I have no idea about.

Sammy 10:44 am 20 Jul 07

is googling a potential employee kosher

People Google potential employers, so I see no reason why it shouldn’t work in reverse.

If this person is serious, then they may consider legal action. Then you’ll have some decisions to make.

Sammy 10:43 am 20 Jul 07

I agree. Leave it up. History should not be censored.

Having said that, it’d suck to be in the unfortunate complainants position.

Ntp 10:43 am 20 Jul 07

despite all your incorrect guesses as to the identity of the requestee (can’t you lot read – it’s a bloke!) you seem to be missing my point (well Maeliner hasn’t).

Should we ever remove a post?

And is googling a potential employee kosher?

Sammy 10:41 am 20 Jul 07

Anu Singh was convicted, so that rules her out.

Maelinar 10:40 am 20 Jul 07

If the brush with the law didn’t result in anything, then what is the problem with a discussion about it ?

Surely an employer (who I might note, very well done on googling your prospective employee), may want to know the character qualities of a prospective member of their staff ?

If the employer elects not to choose you based upon non-tested allegations, that is their loss (provided you were the lead candidate for that position).

Personally, I say leave it up. If he wants to defend himself against googling, he can create a few webpages or a wiki node to himself in a more positive spin.

bonfire 10:39 am 20 Jul 07

look anu, you made your bed now lie in it.

or scuttle off to the states like the cockroach accomplice rao.

Sammy 10:38 am 20 Jul 07

And I guess if you’re asking for ‘Clemancy’ [sic], you should first learn how to spell it.

Sammy 10:37 am 20 Jul 07

First thing I do after meeting someone is Google them.

So, is Amber applying for jobs now?

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