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Employment, editorial policy and the Art of Googling

By Ntp 20 July 2007 83

Yesterday we at Riot central received an email from a Canberran who discovered he was infamous in a minor way that I’m sure he wishes had never occurred. Entitled “Clemancy” he had a “serious favour to ask.”

Stating his name (which I feel no need to mention) he went on to say that “unfortunately if I google my name the top hit is an archived post of yours”… being about …“a narrow brush I had with the law. The issue is that I have had prospective employers ask me about this incident because they have googled my name. Regardless that I didn’t get convicted”… well he was placed on a good behaviour bond… “and it being a small and insignificant bust in Canberra, I can’t get a job with your post coming up as the top hit on google

I’ve worked very hard to get my life on track since the ordeal of my trial and am hoping you will help me out by removing this post.”

Now in general we are against removing posts and have informed the requestee as such but what do you think? And what of his being googled by potential employers; have you ever googled an applicant or been googled as an applicant? What do you think of the practice and is it wide spread?

What’s Your opinion?

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Employment, editorial policy and the Art of Googling
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The Turd 4:17 pm 25 Jul 07

And…just to bring it back to the original context of the thread ( well one of them anyway)
I google all potential employees and if anything evil comes up then they dont get the job. Simple as that. I work with vulnerable clients and we cant afford to hire anyone who might exploit that vulnerability in any way. Sorry. If I have to chose between someone with absolutely nothing and someone with a minor dope charge Ill still go with the cleanskin just to be on the safe side.

Pandy 7:53 am 24 Jul 07

Chances the dunny wall has a wee bit more wisdom than what you wankers ever will. S4anta

Pool room!

S4anta 11:47 pm 23 Jul 07

For Pete’s sake. Editorial decisions ought be left up to the people who actually get to moderate and decide what goes up, what path to take etc. More importantly let those decisions be made by the people who balls are on the line if it blows up in their face. I love your style boys, but stop teasing the rabid idiots, bottom dollar one of you arse clowns thought this would happen.

As a reader, and more importantly as a person who has a significant easy to find past on the web, I say leave it up. I have been on the receving end of both positive and negative sides of google searches, and its simple, you stuff up, or do something that hinders you some way, deal with it. Perhaps counter this information by being up front about it at some point prior to them having to sneak around your back like a dirty rank and file voter in an ALP conference.

and dont get me started on people using google as a means of making judgements on people. Dont write anything on the internet, or associate your name anywhere near it, unless you are happy to have someone write on the nearest toilet wall. Chances the dunny wall has a wee bit more wisdom than what you wankers ever will.


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