Employment scam in Canberra?

1337Hax0r 21 October 2012 10

In the past week I have received two different unsolicited offers of employment via email that both look a little too generic to be true. They were sent to two separate email addresses, both of which I have used in the past to seek work. Neither email address has ever been “in the public” such as on web sites ever, only ever being used to apply for jobs. So someone out there has somehow harvested email addresses, or someone is advertising fake jobs to harvest email addresses.

Anyone out there had a generic job offer such as:

Subject: Job 1350514380

HR Manager wrote:

HI, Our Company is hiring for new officials to join our team.

We have clearly examined your resume and you fit the specifications for this job offer. At this point I write to say that your candidacy has been picked for the position we have recently launched. There are no strong requirements for our opening and we believe that this vacancy is going to be a perfect fit for you.We will provide you with a competitive salary job with flexible schedule.

If you think that you are the best fit for this opportunity and if you currently reside in Australia or have a work permit there, please email us back at job@recruiteaujobs.com and we will provide you more  details.


The other one was much the same only it used the email address


We have found your resume at a jobboard website and we have work opportunity at this time that might suit you.

Our Company, Genesis, can offer amazing post for you – Customer Assistant. You need to perform managerial tasks related to the efficient maintenance and processing of transactions from customers.

If you have an interest in our offer, have good managerial skills, have Australian citizenship or permit for work there and would like to know more detailed information, please, email us at hr.manager@genesismailsm.com .

Kind regards,

Genesis team

Anyone else experienced these emails? They look far too generic to be genuine.

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10 Responses to Employment scam in Canberra?
Jivrashia Jivrashia 3:11 pm 22 Oct 12

dominic_mhd said :

sounds like a money laundering scheme


Or errand for relaying parcels containing questionable goods (e.g. illegal).
I think in the old days there were posters on telegraph poles advertising “Work from home”.

You’ll probably earn quick and easy money, but then get a visit from the authorities soon after.

Deref Deref 2:04 pm 22 Oct 12

You’re new to this Internet stuff I see.

BelcoMan BelcoMan 10:29 am 22 Oct 12

Definite 100% scam.

If you want to have a bit of fun with tehm, this is your bible: http://www.419baiter.com/

Zan Zan 7:05 pm 21 Oct 12

Have a look at SCAMwatch, there is also a place for reporting. http://www.scamwatch.gov.au/

jayskette jayskette 5:02 pm 21 Oct 12

so, you reckon they are clever enough to harvest your email address from a non-public domain, but they don’t have the smarts to harvest your residency and work permit details?

ScienceRules ScienceRules 4:30 pm 21 Oct 12

Heh, these have spam/scam written all over them. The halting English and lack of reference to any details you might have in your actual resume.

By all means have some sport with them and waste the time of the scammers (huge fun if you’re in the mood), but don’t give them any personal details and especially don’t send them money. They will definately ask for money, oh my word yes…

FXST01 FXST01 3:51 pm 21 Oct 12

Well if they read your resume, they would know you live in Australia and where you were born.
1st email address has an E on the end of recruit.
Work permit they mean work visa?

TheDancingDjinn TheDancingDjinn 3:25 pm 21 Oct 12

The second email address does not exist ..

TheDancingDjinn TheDancingDjinn 3:23 pm 21 Oct 12

I just emailed both, i will update you on the “details” they provide hehe.. i do enjoy a good syke.

dominic_mhd dominic_mhd 2:02 pm 21 Oct 12

The second one in particular sounds like a money laundering scheme – they will make deposits into your account (from compromised net banking accounts and the like) and you will be required to wire the money to them minus a small commission.

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