ESA offices “terrorist target”, childcare told to move

Kerces 24 August 2005 15

A childcare centre that shares the Emergency Services Authority’s building in Curtin is being asked to move because the building is a potential terrorist target (CT story here).

The owner of the centre, Mark Gillett, says that Emergency Services Minister John Hargreaves told him ESA chief Peter Dunn told him the building is a “high priority terrorist target” and for the kiddies’ saftey they should be moved out. Of course, Mr Hargreaves is now denying ever pressuring the childcare centre to move and Mr Dunn is refusing to comment.

There’s also been all kinds of complications with leases not being granted for long enough and stuff like that.

Mr Gillett does make the interesting point that there is also a childcare centre in Russell Offices, which one might suppose to be more of a terrorist target than our ESA bureau.

UPDATE: Vicki Dunne has weighed in to the debate, asking all kinds of tricky questions that never occurred to me, such as, “If that is true [that the ESA is a terrorist target], why has Teddy Bears been granted a six month lease? Why haven’t they been moved out immediately?”

FURTHER UPDATE: SpinStartsHere have taken up cudgels on this to hilarious effect.

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15 Responses to ESA offices “terrorist target”, childcare told to move
Ari Ari 8:47 am 24 Aug 05

For a terrorist looking to destabilise Canberra the ESA is the last place they’d want to target.

The high-level bureaucrats of that organisation do a better job of harming Canberra during major emergencies than any terrorist could.

sk8erboi sk8erboi 8:15 pm 23 Aug 05

Terrorism is the new black, nothing to see here, move along.

Thumper Thumper 7:29 pm 23 Aug 05

This comment popped up at the top of the page. I kind of like it….

“I don’t propose to engage any further because your website is way out of date and it does you no credit to suggest/insinuate a position without due research. ” – John Hargreaves MLA.

Why research the bleeding obvious. If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, looks like a duck, chances are….

Thumper Thumper 7:14 pm 23 Aug 05

T Bone,

They’d never find it. It looks like a school.

Oh, thats right, it was a school….

Thumper Thumper 7:11 pm 23 Aug 05

Some very interesting comments by Mr Hargreaves tonight on Channel Ray news.

He commented that the government is not obliged to prop up a comercial enterprise.

Which is actually very true.

Except in this case where the government is kicking them out on their arse because it can’t live up to its election promises of providing a new and larger ESA HQ.

And then to use the excuse of terrorism to justify the decision.

Mr Hargreaves, go to a room of mirrors, forget all your blokey, matie talk, and have a good hard look at yourself. You are becoming a laughing stock.


Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 5:23 pm 23 Aug 05

around the hill, down the road, up the ramp…if you can’t work that out then you shouldn’t be allowed to be a terrorist.

T_Bone T_Bone 5:01 pm 23 Aug 05

Yes get the kiddies away immediately! The last I heard the terrorist target list read:
1. Sydney Water Supply
2. Melbourne Electricity Board
3. Emergency Services Authority’s building in Curtin.
Beware of terrorists asking for directions to Curtin.

Chalker Chalker 4:25 pm 23 Aug 05

True, it’s not like Canberra could be destabilised by bombing a reliable public transport network, but I’d think one of our brothels to consumerism (i.e. shopping malls) might be more effective.

Maelinar Maelinar 4:17 pm 23 Aug 05

Who better to be able to look after the kiddies AFTER a terrorist incident than ESA ?

They are probably in the best spot to be looked after!

The fact that the location is a target is absolute bullshit. Terrorists would have a better success rate in destabilising Canberra by bombing any given brothel in Fyshwick.

Pardon the pun, but then we’d be fucked.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:08 pm 23 Aug 05

Maybe they should be more concerned about angry residents from Weston Creek attacking the building, rather than some ‘international’ terrorist group?

Spitfire3 Spitfire3 2:00 pm 23 Aug 05

Terrorism is gradually being discovered by many organisations, especially government, to be a versatile concept to bring in to bat for you when you want to do something that someone else objects to.

Terrorism is bad enough already. We need our public officials to stop exploiting it in order to get their way. It doesn’t help that our prime minister has always set a prime example of how to get one’s own way through underhanded means.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 1:27 pm 23 Aug 05

The question I ask is this:
“Which one of these two locations and organisations is better equipped to protect the little kiddies?”

I would suggest that the department of defence would win hands down, because ESA aren’t capable of organising a flea market, let alone protecting anything.

That is my impression of the administration anyway, I’m sure the non-administrative people are quite competent, but severley hampered by the loony admins.

bulldog bulldog 12:42 pm 23 Aug 05

sorry, pissed-fingers; that should read;

I think that the real reason behind this is that the poser and wanker contingent of ESA find it difficult to look hardcore and cool with children playing in the vicinity.

bulldog bulldog 12:40 pm 23 Aug 05

There’s also one in the Treasury building if anyone really cares.

I had thought that ESA were to supposed to move out to new offices in Fyshwick (as opposed to Hume). I may have been living under a rock but I thought the deal was signed, sealed and delivered. In fact I know that the new comm’s equipment required to be in a location such as Fyshwick to function at an optimum level…

This boggles the mind, but the real stroy is that we have a small business operator being diddled by the Gov’t. Where is the problem in being up front and telling him one way or the other? The Gov’t don’t have to give any other reason not to renew his lease than to say that ESA requires the space. if that’s the case then so be it.

I think that the real reason behind thid in that the poser and wanker contingent of ESA find it difficult to look hardcore and cool with children playing in the vicinity.

Thumper Thumper 12:36 pm 23 Aug 05

It would appear that, like unregistered helmetless motorcyclists and speed cameras, that the reasons for acting by the government are spurious to say the least.

Why not just come out and say, ‘We at the ESA have’nt got enough money for a new building which was promised at the last election and so we need more space where we currently are. As such the childcare centre will have to go.’

Easy, isn’t it.

But no, we get some half arsed statement by hargreaves about terrorist threats and safety of the children.

Give me a break. Do they really think we are that stupid?

Well, total majority in government. Maybe we are that stupid to allow these people the freedom to do anything they like.

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