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Ever heard of – Golden Key International Honour Society

By Wini - 31 July 2012 19

Just checking with the Rioters out there – has anyone had any dealings with the Golden Key International Honour Society? They have a charter at ANU and UC and searches of the web show that Katy Gallagher is an honourary member.

I would be interested if anyone had any insights into this group/society/organisation…

What’s Your opinion?

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19 Responses to
Ever heard of – Golden Key International Honour Society
c_c 11:01 pm 31 Jul 12

Honorary members include apparently:

Tupac Shakur
Dolly Parton
Bill Cosby
Tim Tebow
Donny Osmond
Kevin Rudd
Quentin Bryce

Heaps of honorary members, and yet they don’t seem to manage either any success stories or actual endorsements on their site.

satyr 10:40 pm 31 Jul 12

It’s a big scam. A small % of your membership fee goes to your local chapter, while the rest pays the salary of corporate staff back in the United States. They portray themselves as an academic society, and manage to leverage university staff into advertising for them (back in my day, college and university wide emails). I can’t remember how they go about recruiting, but from memory it was invitation only. I’d love to know how they get their hands on your academic information to ‘invite’ you.

LSWCHP 9:45 pm 31 Jul 12

My ex-wife was invited to join back around 2000 when she was at UC pissing my money away on her degree that she’s never used.

I think I forked over some cash, and neither she or I received any subsequent benefits.


milkman 7:16 pm 31 Jul 12

It’s a wank.

m@ 5:26 pm 31 Jul 12

Membership is worth the fee if you pick up a scholarship… otherwise, not so much.

Ian 3:45 pm 31 Jul 12

You people who reckon they never get much out of it clearly never learnt the secret handshake. That opens doors everywhere.

cubicle01 1:49 pm 31 Jul 12

I’m a member, I think you get it for life… Never received any benefit. I think I listed it on my CV for a couple of years out of Uni but other than that… not worth it, although I think they did send me a little pin that made me feel all special and elitist.

Gungahlin Al 12:51 pm 31 Jul 12

Yep – total waste of money.

p1 12:24 pm 31 Jul 12

HeighwayQueen said :

They only ask students with top grades.

Explains why I was never invited.

NoAddedMSG 12:01 pm 31 Jul 12

They are legit, but there is still a faintly lingering scent of scam with this group – you have to pay to join, and the benefits are often fairly limited and if you go looking you can find the same thing being done much better by other clubs and societies on campus. It doesn’t improve your CV anymore than writing “with a distinction average” does – and the latter doesn’t cost you any membership fees.

maniac 11:42 am 31 Jul 12

I am a member and it was a total waste of money. Yes you have to pay for the privilege of joining. It provided me nothing, but promised everything. I got to where I am today on my own merits.

HeighwayQueen 11:08 am 31 Jul 12

Yep I was asked to join when I was at University too. They only ask students with top grades.I didn’t because I didn’t have the funds at the time. It’s a networking thing with occasional social activites like beejay said.

VYBerlinaV8_is_back 11:06 am 31 Jul 12

It’s a fairly pretentious group. I’ve known a few people to be invited to join and all of them threw the letter away for that reason.

No doubt members enjoy it, though.

beejay76 10:46 am 31 Jul 12

Yup! I joined a few billion years ago when I was at Macquarie Uni and it was Golden Key Honor Society. They offer memberships to good students – IIRC top 10 or 15%. They provide good networking opportunities, scholarships, social activities and so forth. My degree was psych and my field now is research, so I don’t find that they really offer anything in that line. They appear to be very business/ finance/ economics focused. However, it still has always looked good on my CV, so why the hell not?

AG Canberra 10:39 am 31 Jul 12

I thought the golden key people were the society of concierges. To be a member (and be awarded the golden keys) you had to demonstrate excellent customer service and a detailed network of contacts in your city to assist guests at 5 star hotels.

Doesn’t sound like Katy does it?

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