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Fashion tips from CityNews

By johnboy - 19 April 2007 21

Westfield’s Shane Rogers has written a CityNews piece advising the ladies what they should wear this winter.

“This Autumn / Winter the key look of the season is layering.”

Hmm, sounds suspiciously like last Autumn / Winter.

Do the ladies of RiotACT have any thoughts beyond Shane’s?

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
Fashion tips from CityNews
Genie 9:45 pm 21 Apr 07

And ballet flats are so passe. They make your foot look longer than it really is, and no woman wants her feet to look bigger (in width OR length).

Ballet flats can make p’ple feet look longer, but not as much as the tacky pointy toed shoes. Are we witches or something ?? I have tiny tiny feet – i cant even buy ladies shoes – but gimme ballet flats anyday over pointy shoes.

In regards to leggings and dresses – they do realise we live in Canberra and need to dress a little more warmly ??

bubzie 7:49 pm 21 Apr 07

nah..besides, i cant walk in them 😀

jemmy 3:25 pm 21 Apr 07

bubzie, you’re never too tall for heels. You’ll look stunning at your formal, I’m sure.

I saw an amazing woman at the Belconnen mall yesterday. Easily 6’+ and she had high-heels on, and leggings too come to think of it. Anyway, everyone turned to look at her. She had real presence.

bubzie 3:15 pm 21 Apr 07

my feet are too..unique to even fit into ballet flats!
(i was so heart broken last year to realise that i’m way too tall for high-heels, and my feet are too weird to fit into ballet flats for my school formal :D)

And animal prints..ewwww.

schmerica_ 12:42 pm 21 Apr 07

I’m quite tall so I find ballet flats a nice alternative so I like them – but I do agree with you on the animal prints!

emd 8:39 pm 20 Apr 07

I wish people would stop saying animal prints are back in. They’re never back in. They always look cheap and tacky.

And ballet flats are so passe. They make your foot look longer than it really is, and no woman wants her feet to look bigger (in width OR length).

However, I do like pinnies or sweater dresses with tights. If only because it’s the only normal fashion a pregnant heifer like me can fit into.

Avy 11:39 am 20 Apr 07

LOL I read that and thought the exact same thing! A shame I don’t have last year’s issue, or I’d have checked.

GnT 11:35 am 20 Apr 07

I love the fashions this season! Especially the leggings. I can pull out all my old dresses that I wouldn’t want to wear anymore, and wear them like pinafores – it’s great!

Of course the fashion is like last year. People aren’t going to buy a whole new wardrobe every season. And of course it is what your mother wore – fashion is always repeating itself, usually with a bit of a twist. I love the 60s fashions this season, especially the cropped jackets and bright prints.

schmerica_ 10:26 am 20 Apr 07

Oh and Ankle Boots! I actually like the winter fashion this year. I love the grey and dark colours. The shapes of the dresses and smocks that are around are a little short but i’m pretty sure they are designed to be worn over tights or leggings. I really don’t like the animal prints though… gross. The oversized tote bags have been around for a while, had mine for over a year now but the leggings and tights are newish. So overall – I like the winter fashion this year – even if it is the same as previous years!

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 9:22 am 20 Apr 07

They got it wrong, the correct fashion for all (hot) females is micro-mini skirts, tiny bikini tops and big heels.

Hasdrubahl 7:20 am 20 Apr 07

Perhaps hairshirts are this year’s fashion.

Hasdrubahl 7:19 am 20 Apr 07

I thought layering was to do with hair.

Kerces 9:45 pm 19 Apr 07

ooh, also, sweater dresses are *new* this year, though I think my mother said she wore them at my age. They’re mostly alright looking except for all the shops have them too short so they’re a touch indecent for work. To my thinking anyway.

Kerces 9:42 pm 19 Apr 07

This year’s “looks” ARE remarkably similar to last years, except with the awful smock and pinafore dresses thrown in: layers (but who doesn’t layer in winter in Canberra anyway), dresses with tights, flats, belts whose position seems to go up and down with each issue of Cleosmo, trenches (though to be different, this year double breasted is the way to go I think) and skinny scarfs.

It’s almost like the stylists and so forth couldn’t be bothered thinking up anything new, or didn’t like the last round of fashion shows, so just kept all the same but with new stuff. Makes it good for people on a budget though.

bubzie 8:20 pm 19 Apr 07

Pfft, thats seemed like the..’key look’ for practically all year..

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