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Fat yanks crush Canberra concrete

By Ari 23 May 2006 18

Perhaps it’s all the cheeseburgers that yanks eat, but President Bush’s jumbo was so much heavier than normal that it squashed Canberra Airport’s pansy piece of pavement causing permanent damage.

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18 Responses to
Fat yanks crush Canberra concrete
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Mr Evil 8:23 am 26 May 06

Interns with nasty stains on their dresses?

Thumper 8:05 am 26 May 06

And interns!!!!

Ari 6:12 pm 25 May 06

Don’t forget the Oreo cookies!

Mr Evil 5:12 pm 25 May 06

And twinkies!

Ari 3:03 pm 25 May 06

… stuffed with burgers and cheese-whip in cans.

Kramer 1:57 pm 25 May 06

This happened last time AF1 flew out of Canberra when Clinton visited several years ago. Damn big yank planes…

caf 11:33 am 25 May 06

I disagree that the feds should have been fixing it anyway, Mr Snow should have been using some of his monopoly profits to fix his own damn runway.

Thumper 10:51 am 25 May 06

Ah, the great John Belushi….

Ari 10:30 am 25 May 06

As Bluto would say: “Food fight!”

SamTSeppo 9:55 am 25 May 06

Thumper, amen to that (eat less, exercise more). It’s amazing in its simplicity, and the fact that unlike other fad diets it actually, you know, works.

Anyways, I just saw that bit o’ chubby Australian data today, was reminded of Ari’s snark and felt the need to throw my own snark on the pile!

Thumper 8:33 am 25 May 06

And by the way SammyTSeppo…

I’ve never been even remotely fat at any stage of my life. Even with the vasy amounts of beer I drink.

Simple formula regarding weight. Energy in equals energy out. Balance this and you’re fine.

Or, eat less, exercise more. Even simpler I guess…


Thumper 8:31 am 25 May 06

Actually, word is now going around that it was simply convenient to blame Airforce One.

One must remember that when AF1 came in, it was also followed by a veritable squadron of back up aircraft.

Now, if I remember this correctly, runways are nothing like roads. Runways are there for aircraft to land on and are not as robust as roads. Therefore there is a school of thought that the airport was already in need of an upgrade but no-one wanted to pay for it.

Then along comes the Prez and his lackeys and suddenly we’ve got an excuse as to why the runway needs fixing. It’s all the fault of the USA.

Thus the Feds jump in and allocated $28M to fix it and look like the good guys whereas they should have been fixing it anyway. Bit as we have seen, it was apparently those cheeseburger eating seppos that did it.

Sounds feasible to me.

Mr Evil 8:14 am 24 May 06

The smart-arsed comment at the end of the article that “Canberra airport is the only airport in Australia to receive federal funding for runway strengthening” was the bit that pissed me off. This work at Canberra should have been done years ago: thank God Bush came and ‘ruined’ the runway, so we might finally get a decent airport.

How much federal money was pumped into Sydney and Melbourne before they were privatised? I don’t think Sydney paid for their new runway in the early-90s……mmmmm, must have been federal government money, eh?!


Absent Diane 3:43 pm 23 May 06

it will probably be jeb bush by the time its finished…

seepi 3:18 pm 23 May 06

This is the reason for all teh new works at the airport. George B’s gigantor entourage used up Canberra’s ‘heavy flight’ allowance for the next few decades. So at first it seemed he could never come back… but now they are doing the upgrades he probably can.

johnboy 2:08 pm 23 May 06

and our inadequate airport for a national capital.

Why he flies into Canberra is slightly odd though, mascot isn’t that much further from Canberra than many internationl airports from the cities they serve.

Mr Evil 2:03 pm 23 May 06

Another excuse for the Sydney media to have a go at Canberra?

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