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Ferret torturers get custodial sentences

By johnboy - 27 October 2008 186

Convicted ferret torturers Thomas Sorahan and Adriano Larobina have now been sentenced for their crime.

The RSPCA have put out a media release applauding the sentence:

    “RSPCA ACT today applauded the firm stand of the legal system in the ACT region to appropriately punish two men found guilty of animal cruelty. Sentencing the men to ten months jail with a five month non-parole period, the decision by the magistrate represents one of the most severe punishments for animal cruelty in the ACT region in some years.

    “This represents a breakthrough for RSPCA ACT in fighting for appropriate punishment for animal cruelty,” RSPCA ACT CEO Michael Linke said, “I can only hope that this firm stand will act as a deterrent to others. This case was one of the most grotesque I have seen in my time as RSPCA ACT CEO and I am confident that the community will support this sentence as an appropriate response to sick and disgusting acts of cruelty against animals.”

    Mr Linke has long sought to raise awareness of the identified link between cruelty against animals and subsequent offenses against people. Referring to the “cycle of violence”, Mr Linke said today that he hoped the early conviction and sentencing in relation to animal cruelty would act as a deterrent to future offences.”

The two plan to appeal both sentence and conviction.

UPDATED: I have it on good authority that the defence tried to argue that the previous discussion of these two on RiotACT constituted a punishment from the community already delivered. That’s something we’re all going to have to think about. Personally I’m relieved this argument did not sway Magistrate Brian Van Zuylen.


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186 Responses to
Ferret torturers get custodial sentences
Skidbladnir 8:58 pm 27 Oct 08

They might end up getting violated by everybody, violated by nobody, or they might not get violated at all…

The formula is probably complex, and involves working out how pretty they are, if they cry alot, and if they mind being married to whoever has the most cigarettes.

If they come out with a number tattooed onto their person somewhere, they were just too pretty for their own good, and the market decided their value for them.

Pandy 8:48 pm 27 Oct 08

When they are violated in prison, I pray it involves gaffa tape.

Bungle 8:45 pm 27 Oct 08

I got the feeling that supporters of these 2 idiots were trying to incite a few comments a couple of weeks ago. Probably trying to get a few more to use in their ‘punishment in the community’ line of defense.

PsydFX 8:36 pm 27 Oct 08

Sucked into them.

My Ferret told me, that she hopes they get violated in prison, but I told her that saying things like that is inappropriate.

Thumper 8:21 pm 27 Oct 08

Yeah JB, I did forget that…

Either way, google will not be their friend…

Skidbladnir 8:01 pm 27 Oct 08

So, the lawyer that claimed that public interest in, and comment in a public forum, on an event which occurred in it, was against common behaviour, unlike the gossip which already occurs in back yards and cafes everywhere, and constituted prior punishment….
Was he appointed by the court, or did they have to pay actual cash money for his advice?

johnboy 8:01 pm 27 Oct 08

NSW Thumper.

Thumper 7:56 pm 27 Oct 08


I’m amazed…

They deserved all they got. Frankly I hope this conviction follows them for the rest of their lives.

Primal 7:47 pm 27 Oct 08

“a punishment from the community already delivered”?

Well yes… if we get to deliver some of what was discussed in that thread!

BerraBoy68 7:35 pm 27 Oct 08

For once I agree with a sentence. Now if our local magistrates would issues such harsh penalties for those that hurt ‘people’ we’d be getting somewhere.

Sammy 7:05 pm 27 Oct 08

I totally agree with this sentence. Animals, and particularly small animals, are incapable of defending themselves against such barbaric idiots. I hope this dissuades others from thinking about doing anything similar.

futto 7:03 pm 27 Oct 08

As I sit here patting my ferret, I can only wish there is a nice place in hell for scum like this.

Deadmandrinking 7:02 pm 27 Oct 08

The internet is serious business…

I mean, seriously, the conversations on here could have just as easily gone on in a backyard.

toriness 6:58 pm 27 Oct 08

I second that WMC

Woody Mann-Caruso 6:46 pm 27 Oct 08

RiotACT constituted a punishment from the community

No, it constituted the community talking about what punishment it would like to deliver were they found guilty. I’m thinking rusty barbed wire wrapped around an old school glass Coke bottle stuck where the sun doesn’t shine, but with any luck they’ll get worse than that where they’re going. Enjoy your holiday, scumbags.

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