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Fight in Civic

By johnboy - 12 March 2007 29

Thanks to the wonder of YouTube you too can see a fight in Civic following SkyFire:

And at no risk to your own life and limb.

UPDATED: We’re hearing there was a lot of agro with drunken teens post-Skyfire. We’re all ears if anyone has more detail.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The ABC has a report on the youthful drunkenness around the National Library.

Yet Another Update: The Liberal’s Steve Pratt has been reading and has announced his dismay at the young drunks. Rather than “getting the message across” should the police be arresting the little darlings and making their parents come out and collect them?

Whoops: Did we do this?

What’s Your opinion?

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29 Responses to
Fight in Civic
Danman 1:14 pm 12 Mar 07

brings back memories of the food and wine frolic….

The Alcoholic Frolic ?

Swaggie 1:11 pm 12 Mar 07

All mouth and no trousers, I fully expected to see handbags flying by the end.

gurunik 12:54 pm 12 Mar 07

brings back memories of the food and wine frolic….

Hasdrubahl 12:27 pm 12 Mar 07

Cameraman/woman was a pansy. Should have got right in there, up close and personal.

schmerica_ 11:51 am 12 Mar 07

This has been going on for years. A few years back, a girl had her pony tail cut off and another girl put in hospital not to mention that I’ve been involved in physical violence issues post-skyfire. It all happens when everyone packs up and leaves, police included. Most of the drunk kids just sit around and drink some more, then stumble around and pick fights with anything that moves, and there is nobody around to stop it.

boomacat 11:31 am 12 Mar 07


alcohol is the worst drug of them all. surely if these silly little boys were primed up on pot or ecstacy they wouldn’t behave like this (eg “shall we have a fight, or shall we just go to chicken gourmet and get some chips and gravy”, “let’s go to chicken gourmet man, I love that place, I love you, I love everything, geez that Police siren sure is good to dance to…”

queen_vic_toria_II 10:47 am 12 Mar 07

My nanna could have fought better than those boys… pretty poor!

And you guys should know by now that there is no such thing as ‘MAN PINK’… it’s just pink!

neanderthalsis 10:23 am 12 Mar 07

There must be something about men (or in this case boys) in Pink shirts. They all seem to be reprobates, degenerates or social misfits rather than the metrosexual that they think a pink shirt will make them. It was more like a tapdance spectacular than a decent honest street brawl. I’m sure their dance instructors would have been pleased with the choreography, although as a fight it was pretty lame.

Also good to see the standards of social responsibility of most of the bystanders too.

snahon 9:57 am 12 Mar 07

who needs surveillance, we’ve got youtube now. I can see it now –

Youtube – surveilling society since 2005

bonfire 9:48 am 12 Mar 07

good to see the surveillance cameras preventing violence.

snahon 9:42 am 12 Mar 07

my mumma could fight better than that.

gurunik 9:40 am 12 Mar 07

by the time the show was over the forecourt of the national library was getting pretty rowdy and the lawns about were getting a sprinkling of passed out bright young things…..was only heading downhill from there so i bailed.
heaps of young fellas in pink shirts…..

mudge-python 9:22 am 12 Mar 07

i can understand why one of the blokes was a bit angry, his mum made him wear a pink shirt out to skyfire!

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 9:10 am 12 Mar 07

Looks to me like a couple of lads with some attitude having some argy-bargy, and shouting a lot.

I’ve seen better fights on my highschool oval.

Sammy 9:04 am 12 Mar 07

Pretty dull fight. Good to see the cops (eventually) turned up in numbers.

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