Fight in Civic

johnboy 13 March 2007 29

Thanks to the wonder of YouTube you too can see a fight in Civic following SkyFire:

And at no risk to your own life and limb.

UPDATED: We’re hearing there was a lot of agro with drunken teens post-Skyfire. We’re all ears if anyone has more detail.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The ABC has a report on the youthful drunkenness around the National Library.

Yet Another Update: The Liberal’s Steve Pratt has been reading and has announced his dismay at the young drunks. Rather than “getting the message across” should the police be arresting the little darlings and making their parents come out and collect them?

Whoops: Did we do this?

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29 Responses to Fight in Civic
VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 10:34 am 13 Mar 07

Hopefully they spent the night in ICU, after a performance like that.

The thing with drunk kids is that eventually one of them picks someone who knows what they are doing, and gets spanked hard. Then everyone is up in arms about how ‘children can no longer play in the street’.

More responsibility from parents is needed. Fine the parents, that way they will take an interest (and perhaps beat their kids a bit).

schmerica_ schmerica_ 9:56 am 13 Mar 07

I think you’ll find that a proportion of the parents of these drunk kids don’t give a rats arse about what their kids do… hence why the kids are out drinking.

I had a similar experience as you J Dawg… 5 guys and 4 girls minding our buisness then out of the blue 10 – 15 guys appeared and accused us of calling some random chick a slut or something. 5 minutes later there were 20 + of them surrounding the 9 of us with no police and no security. I’ll just say we spent the rest of the night in the emergency department.

DJ DJ 9:22 am 13 Mar 07

Sounds like a good law to me…. put the money back into education and we might even make it work!

johnboy johnboy 9:17 am 13 Mar 07

Do you mean blame the parents as in haul them down to pick up their passed out child and pay a fine (we make stupid laws in this town all the time, why not make a good one)?

Or just all shake our heads, mutter under our breath that we blame the parents, and move on?

DJ DJ 9:09 am 13 Mar 07

How about everybody holds on tight to reality for just a moment. Kiddies fight at school, school formals, parks, their own homes, playgrounds, childcare…. you all did it in one form or another.

Just because this happened in pubic and there was a suggestion of alcohol is it now the fault of Police? If everybody was a drunk as the media would have you believe there would have been no chance of a fight, just piles of vomiting kiddies and a few hot meals for the seagulls to fight over.

Blame the kiddies parents and the ACT Government for not making this, and the event at Parliament House earlier this year, alcohol free.

Thumper Thumper 8:16 am 13 Mar 07

“should the police be arresting the little darlings and making their parents come out and collect them? “

Too bloody right they should. Chuck the little darling in a mariah and lock them in a cell.

Wait until mummy and daddy get there and the kid will think twice about doing it again.

But I forgot, we don’t have enough police to do something as such.

huwr huwr 10:30 pm 12 Mar 07

They were obviously just angry about the lack of bus-routes and positive global warming action. The guy in the pink shirt is a Rudd supporter, but the other guy is a Beazley supporter.

Darn that infighting!

johnboy johnboy 10:02 pm 12 Mar 07

We’re pretty interested in embedding Canberra based video that illuminates an interesting story.

As the other news outlets in Canberra are too slow moving to handle that content it’s certainly a niche we aim to exploit.

More to follow.

seepi seepi 9:56 pm 12 Mar 07

– But maybe we will get some more police out of it. Maybe.

– SMH have got Pratt now.

simbo simbo 9:48 pm 12 Mar 07

Just wondering, is Riotact Editorial policy now to post any junior moron’s tryhard fight video? Becuase I’m not entirely sure this is the kind of thing I desparately want to encourage…

J Dawg J Dawg 9:19 pm 12 Mar 07

I encountered some rowdy teens post-skyfire too. Me being in the late-teens myself makes me a prime target for other teens wanting to ” ‘ave a go”.

Myself and 7 other friends (3 females) were minding our own business, making our way to the general area of stage 88, when a young guy approached us. He asked if we had any smokes, to which we replied no, and then he proposed a fight. “Wanna fight?” he said, to which we replied “No thanks”. He then asked again for some smokes, which we didn’t have, and he then proposed a fight with his cousin. “Want to fight my cousin then?”. We started to ignore them, until they ganged up on one of my friends, at which point we summoned a near by security guard to help keep these idiots away. Two security guards came over, kept the fighters distracted as we made our way back to the carpark. A few minutes later they appeared again, this time shouting louder and appearing more drugged up. We kindly asked two other security guards to stop them from getting to our car, and more security was summoned to help. They obviously had their limitations on dealing with these hoodlums, but what they did in keeping them away was more then enough. As we left Regatta Point we saw even more young people fighting.

bonfire bonfire 5:06 pm 12 Mar 07

i see pratts been reading riotact again.

terubo terubo 4:28 pm 12 Mar 07

The Burger and Biffo (or is that Bundy and Bash?)

vg vg 2:20 pm 12 Mar 07

The Food and Fight

Danman Danman 1:14 pm 12 Mar 07

brings back memories of the food and wine frolic….

The Alcoholic Frolic ?

Swaggie Swaggie 1:11 pm 12 Mar 07

All mouth and no trousers, I fully expected to see handbags flying by the end.

gurunik gurunik 12:54 pm 12 Mar 07

brings back memories of the food and wine frolic….

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 12:27 pm 12 Mar 07

Cameraman/woman was a pansy. Should have got right in there, up close and personal.

schmerica_ schmerica_ 11:51 am 12 Mar 07

This has been going on for years. A few years back, a girl had her pony tail cut off and another girl put in hospital not to mention that I’ve been involved in physical violence issues post-skyfire. It all happens when everyone packs up and leaves, police included. Most of the drunk kids just sit around and drink some more, then stumble around and pick fights with anything that moves, and there is nobody around to stop it.

boomacat boomacat 11:31 am 12 Mar 07


alcohol is the worst drug of them all. surely if these silly little boys were primed up on pot or ecstacy they wouldn’t behave like this (eg “shall we have a fight, or shall we just go to chicken gourmet and get some chips and gravy”, “let’s go to chicken gourmet man, I love that place, I love you, I love everything, geez that Police siren sure is good to dance to…”

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