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First TransACT, now Bigpond on the fritz

By soulman - 5 June 2007 21

On Monday morning, TransACT users experienced widespread network outages. Now it’s Tuesday night and users of Bigpond seem to be having the same problem. From 8pm onwards in Conder, Bigpond ADSL and nextG mobile internet was non existent.

Based on Bigpond website and call to tech support (with a 40min wait), here’s the low down:
– Several scheduled outages throughout Qld, NSW and Vic.
– Tech support claims no outages scheduled or occurring in ACT today, although Bigpond website states outage scheduled for Erindale.
– Bigpond servers are blocking international websits for some reason. Technicians investigating.
– Current problems affecting some users include the usage meter, connections and timeouts and email.

Anyone heard anything? TransACT and Bigpond having disruptions within two days, coincidence?

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
First TransACT, now Bigpond on the fritz
ant 8:36 pm 06 Jun 07

I’m not sure! One’s Iinet, and the other, um, I haven’t checked what it is yet. (erm that’s the er backup access).

el 7:51 pm 06 Jun 07

Ant – Do they both use Telstra infrastructure?

(And yep, Digital TV reception was utter arse this morning in Woden too.)

ant 7:36 pm 06 Jun 07

That’s interesting. I’ve been having “brown outs” on my net too. And I access two separate ISPs. When one dies, usually the other is still working (although it speeds up and down). But both have been bloody flakey. I wonder what’s going on?

el 6:46 pm 06 Jun 07

No probs so far on iinet (touch wood).

Chowderhawk 5:52 pm 06 Jun 07

I’ve been having Packet loss and slow internet since Saturday morning.

I hope they fix it up soon as it is becoming very annoying.

soulman 4:52 pm 06 Jun 07

Television on Tuggeranong Hill returned to normal this afternoon.
Techos inform me there was a problem on Black Mt.
Seems to be resolved.

soulman 11:15 am 06 Jun 07

The pitfuls of having so many ISPs using the same dodgy Telstra infrustructure.

Also, anyone still having problems with television. When it came back on again this morning after blacking out, the digital signal of Tuggeranong Hill is very poor. High bit error rates and a signal stregnth of only 50-60% (I normally get 90% with no errors.) Tried rescanning tv to no avail. No I have to use my digital television’s analogue tuner. And that look pretty poor too.

Al 9:32 am 06 Jun 07

Certainly put a dint in the productivity last night…
At least I know it’s not my modem playing up I guess…

InfoAddict 9:11 am 06 Jun 07


Took out a lot of ISP’s – other ISP’s mainly getting poor service rather than non-existant with high packet loss.

Prefect on the day little johnny talks about next-gen net for AU 😉

Ruby Wednesday 5:31 am 06 Jun 07

Internode went down tonight for a bit due to something Telstra-related as well. It also coincided with an internal phone switch over, so you couldn’t even call the help desk and ask what the deal was.

Also, what’s with ISPs putting the message about checking their website for outages on the phone message? Obviously if I’m calling, I can’t get to the bloody website.

soulman 1:52 am 06 Jun 07

Tell me about it. I was watching The Dead Zone. He was just about to foil the assisnation attempt when the signal went dead. Despite trying in vain to get anything, digital, analogue, even trying to get Win from Wagga which is sometimes possible. It was hopeless. All I could do was wait until twenty minutes later, it came back on revealing the closing credits. Idiots.

gooterz 1:33 am 06 Jun 07

Seems the TV stations are doing the same… No reception tonight after 1:20 am!!!

soulman 1:23 am 06 Jun 07

Could be. Although I think sacking over 300 call centre staff across Launceston and Adelaide willget back at the govt. enough. Those Telstra Bastards.

Nik_the_Pig 12:24 am 06 Jun 07

Could it be they are just pissed at the Fed. Govt’s broadband decision?

gooterz 12:19 am 06 Jun 07

It seems to be affecting the telstra network all over since 9pm tuesday. All across the country is slow thanks to telstra

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