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Flame of the Week comes from the monkey bike crowd.

By johnboy - 22 August 2005 57

Well it’s been a little while since we’ve had a top-drawer flaming (I guess this means an empty defo threat is due soon too) so we really should thank our newest reader “ufuckface” for the folowing contribution to our earlier story on the value of monkey bikes in culling the weaker regions of the gene pool.

your a bunch of num nuts ur have to b like 40 and ur balls havent drop yet i am 14 i ahve a mini moto and they r the fucking ticket u need to get 1 ur selfs right and u wont complain they r the doogs ballax so shut ur fuckin faces or ill come round and kick ur facs in ur bunch of cunts

“ride it like u stole it”

cya fuck faces

Your Honour, the prosecution rests.

(Oh and Mr. Face, it’s 32 and my full sized bike will leave yours in the dirt any day you want to bring it on)

What’s Your opinion?

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57 Responses to
Flame of the Week comes from the monkey bike crowd.
Bodhichitta 2:07 pm 22 Aug 05

Sounds like a challenge.
My GSX1300R Hayabusa against your doogs ballax!
Any road that allows over 60km/h should do the trick.
Winner keeps the bike 🙂

Caz 1:42 pm 22 Aug 05

Sorry, babelfish doesn’t seem to have a “fuckwit to English” translation option. Could you repeat that please, Mr Face?

Thumper 1:21 pm 22 Aug 05

On very little wheels…..

bulldog 1:21 pm 22 Aug 05

World’s longest sentence. I’m fair dinkum surprised that someone with those literary skills can walk, let alone balance on a mini-bike.

I’d just like to add how frightfully terrified I am of a fourteen year old who cannot spell and knows how to post on blogs. I really hope he doesn’t come around and kick my face in…

He’d probably look quite funny with a mini bike stuck up his insolent little ass.

Confused 1:15 pm 22 Aug 05

As my mama always said, Confused is as confused does.
Now, back to flaming kids on wheels.

Thumper 1:01 pm 22 Aug 05


does that mean your confused, or simply confused?


Confused 1:00 pm 22 Aug 05

After having said in a previous thread that we should not be focusing so much on English, and more on the content, I hereby change my opinion.

terubo 12:46 pm 22 Aug 05

Mind you, not a bad literary effort from a 14-year old monkey. Wonder if he/she’s a macacaque, vervet or plain old baboon?

Maelinar 12:05 pm 22 Aug 05

I was asked to sign a petition this weekend at Kippax. It was a bunch teachers requesting the holt school be kept open.

I did feel like asking just what are they intending to produce in scholatory terms, but was outweighed by my desire for the school to remain open.

As long as my kids can’t read at the same level of illiteracy as everybody else, I think I’ll be happy. I think.

Thumper 12:02 pm 22 Aug 05

Hmmm.. I was just thinking that if my old 1000 Virago had fallen on a monkey bike it would have crushed it to nothingness…..

And it’s Master face, he is, after all, only 14. geez, such words of conviction from one yet to have allowed a razor near his face…..

I think this guy should be held up as a blazing beckon of, um, of….. well, something, for all to see.

Thumper 11:49 am 22 Aug 05

Just sensational the average level of intelligence our schools are churning out.

And so polite….

johnboy 11:10 am 22 Aug 05

Oh give him a break evictor, girlfriend’s only 14.

But his comment is going straight to the pool room and will be appearing in the tagline any time soon

Evictor 11:05 am 22 Aug 05

Does he hang out at the Turner Club?

Special G 10:55 am 22 Aug 05

JB – I am not quite sure if your bike will leave the old Mini moto in the dirt. Get a bigger bike he he.

As for the comical stylings of Mr Face – bring it on I say..


Spectra 10:35 am 22 Aug 05

I kind of hope he returns and graces us with more of his (sadly anything-but-unique) lexical stylings. I’ve never seen a point demonstrated in quite such a beautiful way. And I could do with a laugh.

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