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FlexiBus ads: Some people are not amused!

Smackbang 6 October 2005 9

I know that the curious FlexiBus ad was mentioned on this site when it was launched – the one with the guy hopping out the window. I believe someone made the comment that it is strange that Action is marketing to adulterers… (although try as I might, I can’t find a link to that old thread).

Just came across this [Advertising Standards Bureau].

It appears some one took great offence to this ad, and complained that “this is not an appropriate advertisement for a government organisation to show on television, especially at a time when children watch television. It is an immoral depiction that should have no place in any advertising.”

But they got short shrift from the Advertising Standards Board, which states “The Board considered that in the context of prevailing community standards, the majority of people would find this advertisement humourous rather than offensive. The Board also noted that there was no overt indication that the person who entered the house was the woman’s husband. The Board found that the depiction did not contravene the provisions of the Code relating to the portrayal of sex/sexuality/nudity.”

So there you go.

What’s Your opinion?

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FlexiBus ads: Some people are not amused!
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ssanta 2:06 pm 10 Oct 05

I got sent a link to that website from a mate who is trying to trying to bring GWB from the inside while he is in America on sabbitical(sp.).

bulldog 4:24 pm 07 Oct 05

top link ssanta; where do you find this sh*t?

Samuel, we are aware of your conflicted views on busses, let’s not go down that road again.

As for the whiney minority of fun-nazis; well they can f*ck right off. I bet these are the same arseholes who won’t get out of the right lane, start their lawnmowers at 7.30 on a Sunday morning and knowingly obstruct people in the supermarket. Fred Nile and his ilk have a lot to answer for.

tallian 10:11 pm 06 Oct 05

I’ve always thought ACTION should have a slogan along the lines “For the best routes in town …”

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 5:18 pm 06 Oct 05

If it weren’t for the fact that I am overly tolerant when it comes to buses, I would boycot them simply because of their misinformation officer Barb Barrett…oh, and those horrid green contraptions that they call buses. I’ve documented my reasons previously and I’m too tired to do it again, so google if you’re curious.

Thumper 1:43 pm 06 Oct 05


Check out that website, especially the chick on the right of the page with the, ah, exceptionally well endowed chest, advertising a “new line of Christian attire”.

Indi 1:40 pm 06 Oct 05

LMAO – ‘what would Jesus’ do thong…

Jey 1:18 pm 06 Oct 05

“How to Crash Satan’s Birthday Party and Ruin Halloween”..where’d u dig up that site from?

ssanta 1:10 pm 06 Oct 05

Fucking good for nothing do gooders. I think these people need to attend this church.

Have a look at some of the sdiebars links. pur gold. the rest of you can have a look to and wake up.

justbands 12:19 pm 06 Oct 05

I’m glad that’s the resonse they got. Seriously…same people need to take a long hard look at the world they are living in & then shutting the f*** up.

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