Floriade 21 – Films that shaped our nation? Pictures and thoughts.

johnboy 15 September 2008 18

There are a few of things which make Floriade such a beloved part of the Canberra calendar.

Commonwealth Park, Canberra spring weather, loads and loads of beautiful flowers.

The rest is, frankly, crap.

Armies of public servants trying to justify their worthless existences keep layering more crud onto proceedings and their efforts one day will sink the whole concept. But it is not yet that day.

The ever more execrable themes have reached a bit of a crescendo this year with “Films that shaped our nation”.

Star Wars?


Australian made films. So they really themed it as “Films which we haven’t watched either, but we like to talk about at cocktail parties”. Are you inspired yet?

In some cases, such as Priscilla and The Dish the theming of the flower beds works really well (perhaps not coincidentally because they actually were widely watched and influential films).

In other cases shabby props have to give onlookers a cue, and they make the whole thing look a bit like a third rate roadside theme park.

But the daffodils are an endless joy. And the tulips that are out always impress. And it’s great fun for photographers.

If it’s a nice day, and you have nothing else to occupy you, then it remains a pleasant way to kill an hour.

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18 Responses to Floriade 21 – Films that shaped our nation? Pictures and thoughts.
sepi sepi 4:42 pm 18 Sep 08

Floriade parking is a disaster.

I would be so annoyed if I was a tourist who had paid to come to Canberra for Floriade, then drove around all morning looking for a park. And this was on a weekday – I bet weekends are worse.

The govt needs to get a bit creative – a shuttle bus from civic would be a good idea. Or even one from EPIC.

The rest of Floriade was great though – beautiful day, picnic on the grass, free farm animal zoo for little kids, kiddy craft zone, little rides – and gorgeous flowers! (Not all out yet tho – wait a while if you only go once.)

Loquaciousness Loquaciousness 10:56 am 15 Sep 08

ant said :

… if they must have Art, just have bloody art and bung it around the place.



Granny Granny 10:49 am 15 Sep 08

I would love to see a ‘Malcolm’ display.

Ozhair Ozhair 10:39 am 15 Sep 08

Is there an Alvin Purple display?

seekay seekay 10:21 am 15 Sep 08

I’m looking forward to the Turkey Shoot flower bed.

Granny Granny 9:35 pm 14 Sep 08

I was just looking at the giant popcorn going, “What the …?”

ant ant 9:25 pm 14 Sep 08

Man of Flowers is boring and would put everyone to sleep!

I don’t know why they must have themes. Why can’t they just have lots of flowers, and if they must have Art, just have bloody art and bung it around the place.

Bundybear Bundybear 8:48 pm 14 Sep 08

Anyone else out there mentally linking to “Day of the Triffids”?

Ari Ari 8:00 pm 14 Sep 08

Granny said :

It sounds like the inanimate objects of Floriade are waging a War On Canberra

Yes, we’ll have to nip that in the bud.

New Yeah New Yeah 6:29 pm 14 Sep 08

As part of the Floriade Nightfest they should show Paul Cox’s 1983 depiction to a rich old man with a love of flowers, and of nubile women – “Man of Flowers”. This would be a neat link between Australian films and flowers.

I would like to see how ‘Man of Flowers’ could be interpreted into a floral display for Floriade.

Whatsup Whatsup 6:02 pm 14 Sep 08

I love how you mind works !

Granny Granny 3:52 pm 14 Sep 08

It sounds like the inanimate objects of Floriade are waging a War On Canberra, like some B-grade horror movie. This could be just the beginning ….


ebony57 ebony57 3:47 pm 14 Sep 08

Like most years, if you squint a little, and tilt your head slightly to the left, you might (and only might) stand a better chance of “getting” the flower beds.

Ventured forth to Floriade this morning, and have to say that the increase in picnic-style seating, and better placement of coffee stops (and toilets) is definately an improvement. The lack of raised viewing platforms, however, definately a minus.

Hiding the Floriade 21 tent down the Ferry Gate end is kind of awkward – would have thought this better placed somewhere that says “hey – we’re 21 and proud of what we’ve done”. Then again, it does at least put something of interest at that gate, rather than just watching the monster carp in Nerang Pool.

Whilst at first thinking that the new “gates” that welcome/farewell the visitors was a nice idea, I doubt these will be a return fixture – a particularly strong gust of wind blew one of these overat the main gate, and a volunteer was knocked to the ground by it. The onsite first-aid was there very quickly, and hopefully said volunteer was not seriously injured.

All in all, always worth a visit or two.

Granny Granny 3:46 pm 14 Sep 08

I love the sign about Rotary proudly serving the Gnome Community …. *chuckle*

Who knew?

Ari Ari 3:41 pm 14 Sep 08

One of those giant steel and plastic tulips at the corner of Northbourne and London Circuit almost snapped off in last night’s winds and was lurching over to dong passers-by and traffic at lunchtime today.

It didn’t help that the government had attached a giant banner between it and the next one that acted like a Sydney-Hobart yacht spinnaker.

The cops had to come and block off the street to forestall giant-flower induced mayhem.

Swaggie Swaggie 3:34 pm 14 Sep 08

Somehow appropriate for “Rosebud’ to post the first comment on a Floriade topic 🙂

rosebud rosebud 3:24 pm 14 Sep 08

Spoke too soon. all fine now!

rosebud rosebud 3:23 pm 14 Sep 08

The slideshow doesn’t seem to be working.

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