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Flower guy weather man

By Jorge - 2 September 2008 29

This may have been covered before, but what are the views out there on the ABC’s flower-guy weather man?

My 2c? – He should have his own comedic gardening show.

He reminds me of Edwin Maher, former ABC Melbourne weather guy. He was famous for having a different pointer each day. people used to send them in from everywhere. He’s now a newsreader for a English language network in China.

[ED – that would be Mark Carmody who can be a bit of a shock the first time but seems to grow on people]

What’s Your opinion?

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29 Responses to
Flower guy weather man
Hercsie 5:52 pm 03 Sep 08

Peter Leonard – recently departed WIN news reaader, used to be the local ABC TV weather man. The news reader at the time was Claudia ?? does anyone remember her surname?

Holden Caulfield 12:01 pm 03 Sep 08

@dr. faustus: I don’t mind Mark Carmody either, he’s a bit of a dork, but a loveable one. He’s pretty harmless. But if you reckon his banter with Virginia is working then we’re on a different planet, haha. I think she just tries to make it look like she is laughing with him, while actually laughing at him. I reckon Craig Allen just can’t stand his antics.

nicolae 10:52 am 03 Sep 08

Mark Carmody always gives us a laugh (often because he’s stumbled over a word again). He’s the opposite of slick and precious and seems to like a chuckle at his own expense now and then too. We like his idiosyncratic ways (inc. the daily flower). And he gives a good explaination of all the weather stuff too.

dr. faustus 9:32 am 03 Sep 08

Mark Carmody is much loved in the Faustus household. He certainly grew on us. And my impression from the evolution of his banter with Virginia is that he has grown on her too (but that bloke who sometimes sits in for Virginia doesn’t seem to know how to take him).

Skidbladnir 9:15 am 03 Sep 08

You’re talking about Mark Carmody and you want to further defile it by combining it with a discussion of smut</b?

Does that qualify as a crime against humanity?

Aurelius 9:07 am 03 Sep 08

How long before this thread spirals into a Jessica-style smut fest, this time about a bloke?

realityskin 9:02 am 03 Sep 08

The old one, John Ringwood was heaps better.

Holden Caulfield 8:42 am 03 Sep 08

No, this has never been covered before. Thanks for raising the issue.

pug206gti 8:40 am 03 Sep 08

but seems to grow on people

Bwa ha ha, Dynamic Lifter will have that effect :p

Jono 11:49 pm 02 Sep 08

I would rather he stuck with radio personally, where I don’t have to listen to him talking to me like he’s reading to a kindergarten class, at least without having to stop watching the only decent local news on TV.

Overheard 11:36 pm 02 Sep 08
Overheard 11:35 pm 02 Sep 08

Granny said :

ant said :

would you rather a big-titted small-brained kiddy in a dress?

Highly unlikely, I should think.


Jorge, you may want to cf. and….

Granny 11:06 pm 02 Sep 08

ant said :

would you rather a big-titted small-brained kiddy in a dress?

Highly unlikely, I should think.


Morgan 10:59 pm 02 Sep 08

He seems like a genuinely nice bloke; my parents are from interstate and when they came to stay with me one time and saw the ABC news they were really impressed that he could make a light hearted different go and something mundane like reading the weather; makes a change from the boring Mike Bailey!!

ant 10:55 pm 02 Sep 08

What’s wrong with him? Weather people on TV are not qualified meteorologists, they’re talent. Mark Carmody has actually been involved in gardening shows before, and now he’s talent reading the weather. would you rather a big-titted small-brained kiddy in a dress? Or a raddled old fake like that awful guy on Ten? Carmody knows his plants, and is a genuine bloke, not some graduate from Media Studies at a new university with literary skills that would scare the average 8 year old.

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