Foskey hits form on property options

johnboy 14 March 2007 7

The outrageous Greens MLA Deb Foskey is being desperately beastly to the wonderful open and honest Stanhope Government again.

This time she has the temerity to dare to ask our beloved leaders to release their option papers on the future of the derelict schools and libraries which now dot the landscape thanks to the marvellous nature of Mr. Stanhope’s economic management.

How she could be unaware that these deals are best stitched up in private and never disclosed to the easily confused public is frankly beyond me!

Fortunately our glorious government has refused this grave democratic threat to authoritarian rule and are going to spare us all from worrying our pretty heads about where the money will go.

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7 Responses to Foskey hits form on property options
Thumper Thumper 2:01 pm 15 Mar 07


louise louise 1:32 pm 15 Mar 07

I should have added, the words consultation and school shouldn’t be in the same sentence at the moment, unless you want to emphasise the con.

louise louise 1:30 pm 15 Mar 07

ACTPLA would be the shining exception, and the only good example I can think of. Their consultation over the planning laws has made everyone unhappy, so they must have done something right.

ACTPLA actually seem to want feedback, except for that bothersome issue of third-party appeal rights…

Al Al 12:50 pm 15 Mar 07

Jazz: Without intending any inference over the abyssmal handling of the schools issue, I’ve been involved in a lot of cinsultation work with ACTPLA recently, and have to say that they’ve been really good and responsive to work with.
So it ain’t all negative…
And consultation is a vexed issue for any government. No matter how well intentioned or hard you try, you either:
1/ get the response you made or
2/ get nothing (until the cr*p hits the fan as a result of the outcome that noone bothered to comment on…)

Maelinar Maelinar 11:58 am 15 Mar 07

I’m getting sick of all the community consultation meetings I’ve been invited to. Perhaps you should all move out to Holt where the only street that gets the flyers is located.

Strategically, it’s a good place, we’re so close to NSW, that I regularly walk my dog there, and when invited to a meeting in Lyneham or wherever, we’re unlikely to go.

Community Consultation is in the eye of the beholder.

Jazz Jazz 11:42 am 15 Mar 07

Consultation. haha. That means there will be a series of token public meetings where the communities concerns are heard and then duly ignored.

louise louise 9:59 am 15 Mar 07

But Mr Hargeaves said he will consult fully with the community. Are you telling me that we can’t trust him and his mates?

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