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Foskey, dogs and vomit

By Ari - 2 May 2006 22

Everyone’s favourite tax sponge Deb Foskey has fired up the tofu-powered word processor to take issue with an opinion piece about the ACT’s woes by Angela Shanahan in The Australian.

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22 Responses to
Foskey, dogs and vomit
barking toad 4:08 pm 02 May 06

Oh, I see.

A doctor in moonbat theory.

When’s the next election? Or rephrased, when’s she going on the waiting list?

Thumper 3:40 pm 02 May 06

Hehehehe.. She’ll be on the four year waiting list….

Mr Evil 3:27 pm 02 May 06

Noooooooooooooooo, she’s studied at the ANU!

I wonder if Deb’s going to go back into Govt housing once she’s kicked out of the Assembly next election?

johnboy 3:00 pm 02 May 06

Global politics of population according to this page.

barking toad 2:05 pm 02 May 06

As an aside, exactly what is the discipline to which deb’s doctorate applies? I’m assuming she’s not a GP.

bulldog 1:46 pm 02 May 06

Deb only opens her mouth to change feet.

barking toad 12:59 pm 02 May 06

Ohh, deb, why do you keep trying to defend the indefensible.

It was bad enough you harping on when “your” property was on the market and now you go to print again to demonstrate your stupidity and how out of touch you are with the real world.

As well as Ms Shanahan exposing deb’s shameless rorting of the system, her article is a damning indictment of the mayor’s delusions of grandeur that have emptied the till and left the ACT with a totally unnecessary deficit.

johnboy 12:45 pm 02 May 06

It’s sad to see all the good work done by Kerrie Tucker in making the Greens a viable alternative party (I think we need more alternatives on general principle) in the ACT being blown away by Dr. Foskey with her tin ear.

What’s worse is that suggestion, that the furor has been driven by the development lobby, is so deeply offensive to the very great number of people who thought that her occupying the house was (while technically legal) wrong.

Thumper 12:40 pm 02 May 06

And I agree with Angela Shanahan’s piece.

Thumper 12:35 pm 02 May 06

“As it is, my former house was sold for $665,000 and it will be knocked down and replaced by housing for a wealthy household. Public housing has lost another property and a family in difficulty has lost the opportunity to raise their child/children in a supportive

I seem to recall that the government said they can now purchase a number of properties with the money gained from selling the place.

As such the above statement by Foskey is a blatent lie.

Ari 12:32 pm 02 May 06

Les, Foskey’s weasel words try to counter your point by talking of a “supportive neighbourhood”.

[Translation]: “I prefer to hob-nob with the Yarralumla crowd.”

johnboy 12:31 pm 02 May 06

To be fair it’s more than possible to tutor and study at the same time.

Les Whinin 12:27 pm 02 May 06

I just love the way in which Dr Foskey has gone out of her way to express woe at the fact the ACT Government housing has lost a property, but makes absolutely no mention of the fact that the sale price will allow the purchase of two further properties in a less affluent area, thereby INCREASING the pool of available housing.

Mr_Shab 12:27 pm 02 May 06

Thanks Ari – I needed a laugh. Two equally contemptible people sniping at each other from their respective high horses…

But…I find myself agreeing with parts of what Shanahan wrote.

Oh God! NOOOOOO!!!!!

Maelinar 12:19 pm 02 May 06

Deb (via Roland) you are a big fat whopping great mother of all liars.

Before my election, in October 2004, I lived in a government house in Yarralumla for 10 years as a low-income sole parent, while studying and, when possible, working part-time.

I work right next to somebody who you TUTORED at UC (DOCTOR) FOSKEY. That neither implies you were studying, nor does it imply that you were scant of a dollar or three.

The fact of the matter is, and allow me to point this out;

You were ripping off the system and you got caught out. You were siphoning off your income into an interstate property, and living the easy life off the broad back of the local government.

As a Doctor, yes you were studying, for your doctorate. Then as a Dr, you were subsequently employed by UC, and have had absolutely no difficulty in obtaining further employment elsewhere.

At any stage during that time, you could have abandoned your doctorate and obtained employment.

You chose not to, and you are most welcome to make up your own life decisions, however unlike the majority of the rest of us, you elected to attempt to rip off the public.

That was your choice, now reap the consequences.

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