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Fossil Fools Day

By activistupdates 24 March 2008 51

Take action to stop the Fossil Fools in industry and
government from messing with our climate!



Tuesday 1 April 2008
Meet: 12noon @ Union Court, ANU, or
12.30pm @ Garema Place, Civic

Bring yourself, your friends, banners, signs, jester or clown clothes (if you have them), a sense of fun and a commitment to saving the planet. Walk or ride with us to one of Canberra’s own Fossil Fools – and find out who will win the 2008 Fossil Fools Awards!


 “All of our members are big enough and ugly enough to represent themselves”
– John Daley, CEO of the Australian Industry Greenhouse Network

The Parliament of Australia is situated in the middle of Canberra and is constantly under siege by an army of lobbyists who seek to influence government policy on behalf of whoever provides their paycheck.

Amongst this legion of lobbyists there are a few who stand above the rest, who represent the common interests of the largest corporations in the world and who speak for Exxon-Mobil, BP, Shell, Chevron, Woodside, Halliburton, BHP, Alcoa, Xstrata, Rio Tinto and others.

Encamped within their offices these lobbyists have direct access to the highest levels of Government and the public service – something to be expected of representatives of such wealth and power.

Their mission is simple: to defeat any proposed law or policy that would require their employers to stop drilling oil, stop exporting coal, use less energy, pay for their pollution or clean up the mess they have made of our climate.

A few years ago they denied that climate change was happening; now they deny that any serious action is required to stop it.

In public, amongst other titles, they call themselves the Australian Industry Greenhouse Network, the Australian Coal Association, the Australian Institute of Petroleum and the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association. In private, as revealed by an advisor to the former government, they call themselves the Greenhouse Mafia.

Their job is to ensure “business as usual”.

Ross Garnaut, who has been appointed by the government to investigate how Australia should respond to climate change, has estimated what would happen in a “business as usual” scenario. He predicts in his interim report (using CSIRO information):

–         the irreversible melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet

–         the “rising risk of collapse of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet”

–         the “southward spread of dengue transmission zone as far as Brisbane”

–         the bleaching of “almost all of the Great Barrier Reef”

–         the loss “to sea level rise” of “80% of Kakadu’s freshwater wetlands”

–         “up to a 200% increase in temperature related mortality among people aged over 65 years in capital cities”

–         “changes to India’s annual monsoon [that] could lead to severe droughts and intense flooding in parts of India”

–         “1,200-1,400 more heat related deaths a year in major population centres”

–         “significant species extinction in internationally significant environments in north Queensland and Western Australia”

–         The “relocation” of Coastal settlements and infrastructure “due to anticipated extreme sea level rise”

–         “the flooding of residences of tens of millions of people in the low lying areas of South, Southeast, Northeast Asia and the South Pacific” …and more.

Garnaut also notes that under the “business as usual” scenario “that global average temperatures could rise by up to 6ºC, and perhaps more if positive feedback effects amplify the warming effect of greenhouse gases”. He states that this is a conservative estimate with recent data suggesting that “the climate system may be responding more quickly than climate models indicate”.

In the face of such shocking predictions – all the more shocking for the solid science underlying them – the Greenhouse Mafia continues to oppose any policy that would make the fossil fuel industry reduce its emissions.

They have argued that the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act should not even consider climate change as a factor in considering whether to approve or reject a coal mine, oil rig or aluminium smelter.

They have said that “it is fanciful to fix on a rigid target” for reducing emissions, but base their proposals around stabilising greenhouse gas concentrations at 575ppm carbon dioxide equivalent – which would almost certainly cause massive and irreversible global warming.

They have argued for an Emissions Trading Scheme… as long as they get free permits for all their current emissions, plus “compensation” for any further permits they might need, plus a cap on the price of permits so that it won’t cause them to change their behaviour, plus exemptions for the energy, transport and mineral industry and other major sources of emissions, plus only “light” regulation.

In effect they want the legal right to emit greenhouse gases with impunity – and to be paid extra for wrecking the climate.

If, despite their wishes, anything is done to curb emissions they also make it quite clear that they don’t want to pay for it and, absurdly, that this responsibility should rest primarily with poor countries.

That these Fossil Fools are still allowed to have any say in Australia’s response to climate change is insanity. It’s time for their backroom dealings to be exposed, their abysmal policies subjected to public scrutiny and for their mask of respectability to slip. It’s time that when they call the Government that the politicians know not to pick up the phone.

This April 1 join the campaign to stop climate change, and turn up the heat on those fooling with our climate – come out on Fossil Fools Day!

 For more information call Leigh on 0421 283 825 or email

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Fossil Fools Day
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RuffnReady 6:06 pm 02 Apr 08

Thumper, the Manhattan Declaration is a joke and it was organised by the Heartland Institute which is a well-known front for fossil fuel lobbying:

Sourcewatch reports that a total of 19 scientists actually turned up to the event – the rest of the people there were lobbyists, economists, etc. Principals at the event included such notable skeptics as Fred Singer and Myron Ebell… who aren’t climatologists!

It amazes me that anyone with obvious intelligence will take the spurious ramblings of these guys over the PEER-REVIEWED STUDIES (which means they are open to challenge from anyone) of thousands of scientists from the best universities and scientific organisations the world over. CSIRO has produced a ton of work to support climate change theory – they are just full of it?

You won’t tell your baker how to bake bread, your mechanic how to fix your car, or your accountant how to do your taxes, but every skeptic on the planet seems to think he knows more than the collective minds of the world’s great scientific organisations… go figure!?!?

I had the misfortune of walking through the city earlier today and chanced to see this event. What a bunch of complete idiots. There were about a dozen hippie looking uni student type people chanting a ripped off tune, holding poorly made signs, and then a couple of sadly lacking speeches that could hardly be heard due to the quality of the PA system being used.

If you want to support the environmental cause, I’d suggest aligning with one of the major players, rather than buying into half baked crapola like this. It was, frankly, embarrassing.

S4anta 2:40 pm 27 Mar 08

activistupdates said :

Seems like some people have the giggles.

One thing they don’t have is a serious explanation for why they reject the findings of the vast majority of the world’s scientists on this topic.

What? Can’t it fit within one sentence?

I believe that Creationism has this one covered my friend.

activistupdates 4:46 pm 25 Mar 08

Well Thumper, that’s some common ground we can build on. 🙂

But, Toad… poor toad… *sigh*

barking toad 4:41 pm 25 Mar 08

I suspect that’s the cleverest thing you’ve ever done activista 🙂

It’s gorebully wet atm

Thumper 4:39 pm 25 Mar 08

I should add that, regardless of my views on climate change, we should not be pumping crap into the atmosphere and we should be looking at alternative methods of energy.

activistupdates 4:01 pm 25 Mar 08

That’s better. Thank you Thumper – now at least I know where you are coming from.

Anyway, I agree with you and Ruff that we’re probably not going to resolve this on a bulletin board.

I would like to say that in future that we could revisit this debate and see who was right and who was playing the good citizen of Dachau, but I fear that by then it really won’t matter.

That’s me, signing off.

Thumper 3:11 pm 25 Mar 08

Whoops, sorry ’bout that 😉

Thumper 3:09 pm 25 Mar 08

Googler Manhattan Declaration

Anyway, this is all a waste of time. Everyone has entrenched views, and posting on a bloody message board isn’t going to change a thing

Agreed Mr Ruff.

I’ve come to my point of view by viewing the facts as I see them. Others have done exactly thhe same and have come to a different conclusion.

No problem there in my books

Thumper 3:08 pm 25 Mar 08

Googler Manhattan Declaration

Anyway, this is all a waste of time. Everyone has entrenched views, and posting on a bloody message board isn’t going to change a thing

Agreed Mr Ruff.

I’ve come to my point of view by viewing the facts as I see them. Others have done exactly thhe same and have come to a different conclusion.

RuffnReady 3:05 pm 25 Mar 08

“The one thing constant about climate is that it will change”
Now, give me a sentence that explains your point of view.

“When climate is changing 100 times faster than shown in the geological record, maybe the influence of 7 billion industrialised human beings has something to do with it”.

skaboy, there are not “thousands and thousands” of dissenting scientists at all. There are less than 100 – the same names crop up every time – and most of them are current or ex- fossil fuel lobbyists.

Anyway, this is all a waste of time. Everyone has entrenched views, and posting on a bloody message board isn’t going to change a thing.

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