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Four Hornets flying slow, straight, and far apart the best show the RAAF can put on?

By johnboy 31 March 2011 27

hornet over canberra

Today marks the 90th birthday of the Royal Australian Air Force. To that end there was a ceremony at their memorial on Anzac Parade and a fly past.

Tight formation flying? Maybe a display of Hornets, Hawks, Super Hornets and Wedgetails?

Er no. Anzac Parade was the disgrace we have become familiar with in the long years of road works.

Anzac Parade

And the four old model Hornets flew slow, straight, and very, very, far apart.

More than a little underwhelming.

Happy Birthday RAAF.

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
Four Hornets flying slow, straight, and far apart the best show the RAAF can put on?
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Davo111 1:59 pm 01 Apr 11

creative_canberran said :

I was about to say that perhaps these jets aren’t ideal for that fancy flying, then I remembered:

What about Top Gun? 😛

johnboy 1:45 pm 01 Apr 11

10 harriers lost to 35 argentine fighters and two bombers, but, along with the nighthawk, irrelevant to what’s being discussed. The nighthawk of the balkans war was much less capable than a super hornet of today, let alone a growler, and, as you note, fell victim to EW.

creative_canberran 1:39 pm 01 Apr 11

johnboy said :

that was 50 years ago.

Serbia took down a US Stealth Nighthawk in 97 with a SAM because the operator used an unusually long wavelength on their ground-to-air radar.
Never say never.
UK lost 10 Harriers over the Falklands, at the time a very modern aircraft.

johnboy 1:29 pm 01 Apr 11

that was 50 years ago.

deye 1:08 pm 01 Apr 11

johnboy said :

Dogfighting is about as useful as their sword duelling skills.

I seem to recall that was the thinking leading up to Vietnam. That changed soon enough.

creative_canberran 10:58 pm 31 Mar 11

johnboy said :

it’s on the public record that growlers in afghanistan have been blowing up IEDs by recognising heating up the detonator filaments.

And there’s the big flaw in your reasoning JB.
The models we are ordering are the E/F models, with 12 of the 24 being equipped for upgrade to the G model at a later stage.

On its own, there is no evidence that the Raytheon APG-79 has an attack capability as you suggest. Raytheon certainly doesn’t own up to it and they’ve being pushing the radar hard on the export market, even offering it to India.* There are rumours out there, but even those admit that to work, it would be at such a short range as to make it impractical for fear of getting into a dog fight.

The Growler has several modifications and has hardware dedicated to active suppression and jamming of enemy electronics, some of which is proving problematic in that it interferes with the AESA. It’s a work in progress.


Even if the Super Hornets aren’t that great though, it could be worse. Recent audit figures indicate the cost of the RAF Eurofighter Typhoons could push higher than what the F-22s cost yet offer far less capability. They won’t even have proper bomber capability until 2016. Even word that UK may be exploring the Super Hornets too for their two new air-craft carriers.

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