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Fraxel laser?

By bellaa - 13 May 2010 21

Hi everyone,

I’m considering getting rid of my freckles and I’ve heard fraxel laser is the way to go (I’ve tried IPL but it didn’t help much). I know they offer this at the ‘Clear Complexions Clinic’. Has anyone been there? I can’t find any reviews of the place on the web and I’d like to get some ‘word of mouth’ recommendations to back up their glossy advertising. Or is there somewhere else I should try?


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21 Responses to
Fraxel laser?
OzChick 7:09 pm 15 Sep 11

Bumping this thread. Has anyone had any recent experiences with the CCC? I would love to hear how you went, especially if you had a fraxel treatment.

wrangler 3:50 pm 18 Jul 10

How did it go?

bellaa 1:19 pm 19 May 10

Thanks for your comments people, esp. the “freckles are cute” ones. I love that some people’s “flaws” are appealing to others. There’s hope for us all!
I don’t want to get rid of all of them (my husband would be a bit upset) but I have some big splotchy ones that I could do without. (that no amount of lemon juice or hiding indoors will help. Thanks anyway Bimbogeek, but I don’t fancy looking like a ghost for the rest of my life. A bit of sun now and then is good for you). And can I just let you all know, there is no freaking way I aim to look like Nicole Kidman. She looks like a waxworks model. Unhealthy.
I’ve booked in for the fraxel, so I’ll let you know how it goes!

Pommy bastard 1:27 pm 14 May 10

I find Nicole Kidman scary looking.

troll-sniffer 10:10 am 14 May 10

I can’t understand why people think Nicole Kidman is beautiful? I guess if you like spakfilla and enamel paint jobs you could see something there but I’m afraid I can’t.

BimboGeek 9:57 am 14 May 10

Have you tried lemon juice and just staying out of the sun? Because for the Nicole Kidman look, it’s not just one shot with a laser and you’re freckle-free for life, you actually have to maintain it. So you might as well maintain it naturally.

Lemon juice works for me, your mileage may vary. Those little bottles of concentrated lemon juice are even better. It exfoliates as well as bleaching so you need to be extra careful to keep that glowing white skin out of the sun!

niftydog 8:55 am 14 May 10

cleo said :

Well Nichol Kidman got rid of her freckles

All the more reason to keep them I’d say. After all, she also married Tom Cruise.

Spectra 8:53 am 14 May 10

Nicole Kidman also married Tom Cruise. I would not be looking to her as a role model for making sensible decisions.

I will also put my hand up for the ‘freckles are cute’ vote, but ultimately it’s your body and your choice. I’d actually be interested in opinions on the results of the treatment too – for a friend, not myself – it’s going to take more than a laser to fix me 😉

cleo 11:39 pm 13 May 10

Well Nichol Kidman got rid of her freckles

nhand42 5:35 pm 13 May 10

Freckles on a woman are sexy.

Mimiboo 5:31 pm 13 May 10

I’ve been to Clear Complexions for other treatment, and yes they are very friendly and professional. Maybe a little bit on the expensive side, but I think IPL is expensive everywhere.

Pork Hunt 5:29 pm 13 May 10

+1 to Troll and Pommy.

Pommy bastard 4:24 pm 13 May 10

Freckles are cute! Why would you want to get rid of them?

troll-sniffer 4:21 pm 13 May 10

Why? Freckles are cute. Give me natural any day.

kiki 2:08 pm 13 May 10

Can’t help much with the Fraxel Laser part, but I have been to the Clear Complexions many times for other treatments and they’ve always been really good, good at looking at your skin and giving a realistic opinion of what will work and won’t. So they seem to know what they’re doing which is always a good start:-)

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