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Free to choose Cage Eggs

By Kramer - 15 September 2009 69

The ABC reports that Labor will attempt to block the ACT Greens bill to ban the production of cage eggs in the ACT. Jon “Sensible” Stanhope claims that banning their production in the ACT will just see imports of cheap cage eggs flooding over the border from NSW, and he would rather see a system to more clearly identify cage eggs. Meanwhile the Greens are up in arms (surprise surprise).

How about we forget saving the chickens, and concentrate on saving (and serving) the people of the ACT? Then I can get back to my battery hen omelette, knowing the ACT health system will be able to unclog my arteries.

What’s Your opinion?

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69 Responses to
Free to choose Cage Eggs
justbands 3:18 pm 15 Sep 09

Are free range eggs really still considered *alternative*? Judging by the ever increasing variety of free range eggs on offer (& the decreasing range of cage eggs) at the supermarket, I’d say free range was more & more the norm.

Thumper 3:17 pm 15 Sep 09

I’d rather free range. Stanhope is just using NSW as an excuse. Just ban it Jon and get back to roads, rates and rubbish.

pepmeup 3:10 pm 15 Sep 09

cage eggs are a good cheap food for people whom can not afford free range or organic. It is said that poor hens get locked up all their life. But a cheap food group is worth protecting. we can all be champagne socialists

Ralph 3:10 pm 15 Sep 09

There is no role for government here.

People are free to make their own choices about what types of eggs they consume. If they require further information on battery vs caged, they can seek that information themselves, and make their own choices.

Three quarters of all eggs sold are still from caged hens – indicating that price is a far more important factor influencing peoples’ egg consumption.

Mr Evil 2:57 pm 15 Sep 09

Has the local egg concentration camp donated to ACT Labor party recently or something?

I haven’t bought caged eggs for yonks – and I reckon if most supporters of caged egg farming actually saw a battery hen farm operation from the inside, you probably wouldn’t eat their eggs either!

Jim Jones 2:55 pm 15 Sep 09

Spitfire3 said :

It’s so cool to be alternative

Being opposed to cruelty to animals is ‘alternative’? Alternative to what, exactly?

j from the block 2:20 pm 15 Sep 09

Question left unanswered by a punter who “liberated” some cage chickens, when you liberate an animal whose entire existence has been cooped up in a cage, do they go a little bit Brooks Hatlen from Shawshank Redemption?
I had a housemate who did this once in Brisvegas. Guess which “evil meateater” was tasked with cleaning up all the dead chickens………..

Gobbo 2:11 pm 15 Sep 09

There would be no market for caged eggs if the majority of buyers would refuse to buy them.

They don’t.

Over 75% of Canberrans purchase the cheaper caged eggs.

As for myself? I only buy free-range and only when my friend’s chooks have gone off the lay.

Spitfire3 2:07 pm 15 Sep 09

It’s so cool to be alternative

candelabra 1:43 pm 15 Sep 09

I think its a great idea to ban cage eggs. It’s horrible to think about a creature living its entire life in a cage it can hardly move in, anyone who values freedom and not the couple of cents they save should be able to see that.

barking toad 1:30 pm 15 Sep 09

Has the local mayor been hit by a common sense stick?

Maybe it’s the serenity of the pretend forest he has access to.

Inappropriate 1:24 pm 15 Sep 09

I’d rather my government encouraged people to choose free-range eggs for the right reason, and not simply outright ban caged eggs.

Observing 1:14 pm 15 Sep 09

I find the yolk is yellower and tastier in eggs made by chickens zapped with electric prods. Higher voltage allows pre-scrambling for consumer convenience.

Madame Workalot 1:05 pm 15 Sep 09

Nice to know the good citizens of Canberra think this is a big joke.

I hope you come back in another life as a battery hen.

pmm 12:57 pm 15 Sep 09

I find my eggs scramble nicer if the chickens have been kept in a cage…

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