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Friday July 22nd @ Church Bar…

al 20 July 2005 8

Come down to the Church Bar and check out some great rock from some great Canberra bands.

The Guests
The LaVans
Foot to the Floor

All for $4!

Thats Friday 22nd of July at the Church Bar!

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8 Responses to Friday July 22nd @ Church Bar…
Jay Wayward Jay Wayward 9:55 pm 24 Jul 05

“Those Bastards” ? Well, that sounds like an educated comment (not). Sounds more like someone just being controversial and trying to ham up a discussion.

Postering should be confined to places where property owners don’t have to suffer the effects of vandalism. I agree on this.

Bands should be able to advertise but postering should be done carefully so that it does not leave long lasting marks on walls.

Believe it or not Bonfire, there are gig attending cultured people who don’t have easy access to online sites that advertise shows.

As far as i’m concerned, getting off the couch and actually going along to a gig sure beats sitting at home on friday night watching a field full of sexually oppressed lard asses on television joyfully sticking their fingers up each others butts each time the ref calls a scrum.

el el 9:44 am 23 Jul 05

I agree entirely Absent Diane…The whole interchange is possibly the ugliest monstrosity in the whole of Canberra – but yes, bands need to watch out they’re not postering on private property. I remember reading a little while ago (I think it was on JustBands) a story from a guy who’d just been fined $1500 for postering in Melbourne. Personally I’ve kept it mainly to the (legal) boards in Woden and the bollards in Civic.

Absent Diane Absent Diane 10:30 pm 21 Jul 05

You seriously think it could look any uglier than it already does… I personally think the posters are an improvement… gives the city a feel that it actually has some culture!! Bands need to be mindful of small/medium sized business, artworks and so on – but the rest is open slather – IMHO

al al 7:29 pm 21 Jul 05

Take it easy. I can’t believe The Guests are getting this put on them! This was the first time they’ve put up posters and I think by the reaction the last. I was involved in the putting up of posters for them and we did it in civic whereever there were posters and in woden. The Guests have taken full responsibilty for the Better Music incident even though it wasn’t them it was a few friends who put posters up for them… They’ve had nothing but good things said to them and about them before this incident so don’t judge just on this. And talk to all of the other bands about music don’t just slag The Guests

bonfire bonfire 5:12 pm 21 Jul 05

so i have to put upwith a disgusting looking bus overpass between westfield and the bus interchange just so some kids can continue tradition ?

why dont they go along post gig and take the damn things down ?

Absent Diane Absent Diane 4:41 pm 21 Jul 05

I disagree wholeheartedly – Postering is a part of music/rock tradition and should be appreciated – a lot of effort goes into it and a lot of the time these kids don’t have the money for any other form of advertising.

There are some general unspoke rules with postering – but so long as people stick to these I for one will stick up for them…. and I certainly think it is a bit unfair to call them bastards

bonfire bonfire 4:33 pm 21 Jul 05

these bastards post graffiti in the form of photocopied band promos all over the place.

on principle i wont go to places that promote using thsi method.

it doesnt work for the international socialists (all 6 of them) and it just creates visual pollution.

ssanta ssanta 9:40 am 21 Jul 05

Go the Guests… The spritely young lads.

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