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From Canberra to Copenhagen

By Coach - 9 December 2009 38

While Copenhagen is in Europe and Canberra is down under, we are all part of what is happening there, and our discussions and our actions here in our little city, are what will make a difference for us. Regardless of what the world leaders decide to do, it is us the people, each one of us individually, that has the power to bring about change, and soon 1 becomes 2, 2 becomes 4 etc.

So lets have the debate in the best forum we have in Canberra to discuss anything that affects our city, this groovy little website called RiotACT.

Here is my contribution to that debate:

The Copenhagen Summit

  1. On the first day of Copenhagen, the conference gave to me:……………120 World leaders focused on our planet and humanity instead of domestic politics and their own re-election.
  2. On the second day of Copenhagen, the conference gave to me:………….An agreement to give the benefit of the doubt to the planet on issues where the science is inconclusive.
  3. On the third day of Copenhagen, the conference gave to me:……………A world population that stops using violent protests to achieve its outcomes, and a level of tolerance and understanding that knows we have the ability to solve any challenge facing our planet and mankind.
  4. On the fourth day of Copenhagen, the conference gave to me:……………An admission that the world is using an irreplaceable source of energy, and that now is the time to move to sustainable energy, before the pressure to do so becomes even more extreme.
  5. On the fifth day of Copenhagen, the conference gave to me:……………An acknowledgement that our farming practises are not sustainable and need to change.
  6. On the sixth day of Copenhagen, the conference gave to me:……………A commitment to cease pumping chemical fertilisers into our soils, and replace them with life giving microbes that help our soils to store carbon from the atmosphere, and move us to “Permaculture” (permanent agriculture)
  7. On the seventh day of Copenhagen, the conference gave to me:……………120  leaders who took a well earned rest.
  8. On the eight day of Copenhagen, the conference gave to me:……………A commitment to start replacing the trees we have removed all around the planet, with an agreement that trees bring rain, and deforestation brings drought and desert.
  9. On the ninth day of Copenhagen, the conference gave to me:……………An agreed path and framework for moving away from irreplaceable fossil fuels to renewable energy.
  10. On the tenth day of Copenhagen, the conference gave to me:……………An understanding that renewable energy not only takes the climatic pressures of mankind, but also the long term economic pressures, and a major excuse for future wars.
  11. On the eleventh day of Copenhagen, the conference gave to me:……………An agreement to keep working together, to help the poorer nations make the required changes, regardless of how tough the challenges seem.
  12. On the twelfth day of Copenhagen, the conference gave to me:……………An outcome that serves the whole of humanity, the planet, and each person alive today and into the future.

What’s Your opinion?

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38 Responses to
From Canberra to Copenhagen
spinact 11:45 am 10 Dec 09

I’m already tired of hearing about the Summit. It’s all hot air if you ask me

yellowredme 11:12 am 10 Dec 09

First of all I apologise for going off on a tangent, it relates to carbon footprint etc …

Lonefighter, I agree public transport in Canberra is inadequate, I moved here as a nursing student and had to buy a car to get around, I surmised Australia’s capitial would have good public transport, but buses dont run early or late (I can’t bus to hospital shifts, nor get home from a night out on public transport, most venues are in Civic, a taxi home is expensive, no wonder Canberra has high DUI rates). I admit express/peak hour buses are good and I can get my bike on the bus.

My home backs onto a main road with two bus stops in sight, busing to Uni in the middle of the day I have ended up walking because buses were late, another didnt turn up when I had an appointment, this journey takes 8 minutes by car but sometimes half an hour by bus if I have to transfer. Frequency and reliability of daytime buses leaves alot to be desired, maybe it is a matter of supply and demand.

Planning a new or spontaneous bus journey isn’t easy, the transport info line operates 7am-8pm Monday to Friday (shorter hours on weekends) operators have had difficulty identifying where I catch a bus from (even when given cross street details), timetables and maps are informative but it takes a while to figure out journies with transfers. A 16 yo who visits thinks it is too difficult to figure out and just waits until a bus turns up. Easily accessible info could influence more people to use public transport and in turn allow more buses to run cost effectively.

I have emailed and phoned Action Buses asking why Canberra, a capital city, does not have an online journey planner (Sydney’s is good, London’s is briliant). Action gave several verbal replies: it will be up and running soon, try Google Maps (does not work), no we dont have one. I wrote to the Transport Minister, his reply said Action Buses had advised the Minister’s office that Google Maps provide a journey planner for Canberra. I tried Google Maps again, it certainly doesnt work for the routes I require. I emailed Action quoting the Minister’s reply, they replied advising that although they had given Google Maps the info it was out of their control as to when Google chooses to use this information. It is a poor excuse giving the impression Action have not outlaid money for a journey planner, or they wouldn’t allow Google to fob them off.

I have had parking fines for squeezing my little car into voids during busy parking periods, I would hope that this revenue may go towards solving these problems. Lack of accessible public transport causes our small population spread over a wide area parking problems, parking at Canberra Uni often nears capacity as student numbers have increased, it was discussed in a student publication that commuters may be using UC to park for free whilst busing into Civic or Belconnen.

Maybe I have just become spoiled living away from Oz for a few years using efficient public transport and not needing a car. Saying all of this, I should really use my bike more to lessen my carbon footprint and save money, Im the one that slows down the fast guys on the bike paths particularly on the hills!

There, I have had my rant.

astrojax 11:04 am 10 Dec 09

you of course can have your opinions, toad – but the science isn’t ‘junk’; unlike the ‘evidence’ to which denialists resort.

H1NG0 11:00 am 10 Dec 09

I think it is always a good thing to clean up our environment, that can’t hurt, but we don’t need a New World Order to tell us how to do it. It should be managed by each individual government down to a local level.

neanderthalsis 10:40 am 10 Dec 09

On the first day of Copenhagen… the media got hold of a leaked doc that outlined plans to bypass the UN and screw over developing countries.

On the second day they argued over said document.

On the third day, they said %&*$ it, we’re going home.

We have a PM whose blatant toadying to Obama makes the Howard / Bush thing look like an equal partnership and whose efforts to create a role for himself as a world leader instead of a petty bureaucrat are both comical and embarrassing.

I agree that we need to rein in our reliance on coal and oil, stop cutting down forests & plant more trees and stop polluting our air and water; but this frenzied “we’ll all be rooned” catastrophic climate change mentality is the abandonment of all common sense.

The world is warming and sea levels are rising. 10 000 years ago it was much colder and you could walk from Singapore to Hobart. In another 10 000, Queanbeyan might be a seaside village.

Barking toads likening the Copenhagen to an evangelist in a white suit claiming that salvation is sold here for a meagre donation is all too true unfortunately.

Buzz2600 10:22 am 10 Dec 09

Good work Coach! While it appears that KRudd seems more focused on getting himself elected to the supreme council of every world forum, there is some good work happening in Copenhagen.

What about ‘On the 4th day of Copenhagen the conference gave to me …. the tiny country of Tuvalu keen to stop sinking in the sea!’

Anyone been there? I have … highest point on the whole island is about 1 metre above sea level. Not much room for complacency or the Mad Monk’s ‘lets wait to see what every other country on the planet does before we do anything to cut our unsustainable, fossil fuel intensive, environmentally destructive over consumption’ attitude.

barking toad 9:30 am 10 Dec 09

If you want to understand the dodgy temperature measurements as adjusted by CRU (as exposed by the leaked emails/coding) with the assistance of the now politically correct BoM and CSIRO have a look at the featured post about Darwin’s temperature records at

The shenanagins at Copenhagen are like a tent revivalist meeting with conversions, swooning and, most of all, money extraction.

As Thumper noted, our little Kev747 trots after Hussein like a lovesick puppy seeking attention as he angles for a plum job at the UN.

Meanwhile the “do as I say, not as I do” crowd fly to Copenhagen in their private jets to be collected by limos that had to be driven from other countries to meet the demand so they can pose and demand the great unwashed must reduce their carbon footprint (whatever that stupid saying means).

A pathetic political circus with competing interests driven by a lust for power and money based on junk science provided by those benefiting from the scam.

Coach 9:25 am 10 Dec 09

Yes it came out of my mind, yesterday at my desk, taking a break from my work. Whether it is good or not depends on whose filters it is read through. It’s purpose is to stimulate debate.

But I will allow myself the indulgence to add an observation, and this one is a quote from Deepak Chopra’s new book “A tightly focused mind becomes narrow and linear if it can’t expand. We are all guilty of following narrow mental grooves, like a train confined to one narrow set of tracks.”

So whatever your current opinion, lets allow ourselves to step out of judgement mode (where we judge everything to be right or wrong based on our current beliefs) and get into curiosity mode, where we seek to understand why other people hold different opinions. We don’t need to agree with them, just respect the opinions and attempt to undertand where they come from.

Chop71 6:58 am 10 Dec 09

Scientists tip 2010 as hottest yet –

Well of course they do, they get more funding to perform the next study…..
and next year…..OMG it is getting hotter …….. more money, more studies …

…and the kids at school learn this great poem
I love a sunburnt country,
A land of sweeping plains,
Of ragged mountain ranges,
Of droughts and flooding rains.

yes folks, back in the 1900’s we had droughts and flooding rains
(although we didn’t have as many people running around saying OMG the sky is falling)

Cletus 2 12:09 am 10 Dec 09

A… LITTLE bit optimistic, you say?

If you’re living in a fantasy world of fairies and unicorns it’s a little bit optimistic.

lonefighter 9:09 pm 09 Dec 09

If Canberra wants to go green then one way is to put something decent to do in Southside to reduce people driving to Civic and Northside thus reduce our carbon imprint. Also could it kill them to put in place a decent public transport system- buses are too unreliable and slow, Taxis too expensive.

H1NG0 9:02 pm 09 Dec 09

I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth

georgesgenitals 7:54 pm 09 Dec 09

Sounds like we should sit around singing ‘Kumbaya…’

Thumper 7:18 pm 09 Dec 09

well, we have a pm that is chasing the US president around like a love struck groupie..

astrojax 6:50 pm 09 Dec 09

is this actually your work, coach – or lifted from another’s creativity? in which case citing a source and not purporting it to be ‘your contribution’ would be appropriate; even if we are only little ol’ riotact…

it is good but, if a little over-optimistic. the ‘outcome’ from copenhagen is more likely to mimic doha trade negotiations – which linger yet, some years after doha was spick and polished, if less endowed with mermaids than copenhagen.

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