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Fuel Guzzling Speed Camera Vans

By paperboy 19 June 2008 48

Like most motorists, I’ve only ever driven past those dreaded roadside speed camera vans. Today I was on foot, and as I passed, noticed the van’s engine was running. I’m not sure how long the van had been in place, but it was there for at least 15 minutes as I walked up to and past it, so it wasn’t as if it had just arrived. I can only assume the operator wanted to keep warm. And I suppose in summer the engine is running to keep the operator cool. But at what cost? I know these ‘safety’ devices also bring in a whole swag of revenue, but at $1.60 a litre for fuel, how much petrol are these vans going through? And at what environmental cost. Not to mention the wear and tear on the van’s engine, just sitting there for hours on end.

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Fuel Guzzling Speed Camera Vans
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Mr Evil 11:18 am 24 Jun 08

“They use the equivalent of about 1.5 litres an hour on idle.”

Oh my God, think of all those toxic fumes that might affect all those poor people in O’Malley, Isaacs and Macarthur!

vg 9:30 am 24 Jun 08

Pandy said :

How can an annonymous avatar sue?

When he isn’t anonymous and is very broadly known under that tag

“doubt he will. Even if he gets up the courage to talk to a lawyer, as soon as they see what he posts here, the insults and aggression, they’ll back right off and advise him to do the same.”

Fant, I don’t need courage to speak to a lawyer, I look at one in the mirror every morning and sleep with another every night……but if you want it to turn into a courage competition (oh no, big bad VG is threatening someone again!! I might soil my online bridge undies).

Have a look at the action of the mods and tell me who won that little battle and who now looks like a prat.







Greg 8:26 am 24 Jun 08

Thanks god he didn’t walk past a taxi rank..

Pandy 7:09 am 24 Jun 08

How can an annonymous avatar sue?

DJ 3:32 am 24 Jun 08

ant (or is it Farq – are you the same person?), you obviously didn’t read the offending comments that were removed. Without a clue, off you go making stuff up without any idea. Do you always do that? Twisting things to validate your opinions?

The comments made by VG are backed up by the actions of the mods. Twist that….

ant 11:29 pm 23 Jun 08

VG was ranting about on a closed thread last night. Somewhat ironic, as most would agree. I didn’t see the post that annoyed him so much, but I did see *his* posts, that’ll blow any suit clean out of the water. But he rattled his defamation sabre.

It was yesterday’s main post, about the police being useless. It’s still there.

madman 10:44 pm 23 Jun 08

who’s wanting to sue the site and what the hell for. There’s really no visual reason that i can see, and i work in a legal area.

Thumper 9:18 pm 23 Jun 08

Now this place is a puff piece like any Jessica Wright story in Sundays Times…

Agreed Mr Ferret

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