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Fuel Guzzling Speed Camera Vans

By paperboy - 19 June 2008 48

Like most motorists, I’ve only ever driven past those dreaded roadside speed camera vans. Today I was on foot, and as I passed, noticed the van’s engine was running. I’m not sure how long the van had been in place, but it was there for at least 15 minutes as I walked up to and past it, so it wasn’t as if it had just arrived. I can only assume the operator wanted to keep warm. And I suppose in summer the engine is running to keep the operator cool. But at what cost? I know these ‘safety’ devices also bring in a whole swag of revenue, but at $1.60 a litre for fuel, how much petrol are these vans going through? And at what environmental cost. Not to mention the wear and tear on the van’s engine, just sitting there for hours on end.

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48 Responses to
Fuel Guzzling Speed Camera Vans
Growling Ferret 9:29 am 20 Jun 08


Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.

Its how the Riotact has always worked – and when it was at its best, long before the ‘who does the best coffee, hairdresser, etc’ that it has dropped down to now.

The old Riotact would have been leading the charge on Stanhope’s Estimates lies, Zed moving to MacArthus and breaking other stories before the Canberra Times. Now this place is a puff piece like any Jessica Wright story in Sundays Times…

paperboy 9:27 am 20 Jun 08

I’m thick skinned. I can take it.

You’ll never convince me the motor is running to power the camera set up. Any half decent recharge unit will give enough power for a day’s operation. It’s only a camera and laser.

The engine running to keep the operator warm.

In summer I’ve seen the vans with the back door open to let in some fresh air.

In winter, put on a jumper.

tylersmayhem 9:20 am 20 Jun 08

Whats happening to RiotACT?! While I agree with a few of the comments on here – whats with the more and more aggressive and abrasive comments on here. It’s like Pandy gets a bit frustrated at work each day and jumps on here to just cut people down!

Sarcasm is one thing, and each one to their own – I thrive on it (isn’t is the highest for of wit). I personally found this topic pretty boring, but it’s the right of all members to put a question out there and not be personally attacked by the responders.

Growling Ferret 8:43 am 20 Jun 08

I would like to categorically state that I do not power anyones air con. But after Tacos I may be able to produce enough gas for the Tuggeranong power station

Clown Killer 8:33 am 20 Jun 08

You can get ferrets that power your air-con! Cool.

madman 8:27 am 20 Jun 08

What – you suppose he just plugs in to an electrical socket to operate the equipment in there???

He’s obviously got the van on to create power for the electric guzzling equipment….

OMG – TAD – Classic!!!

Hamilton 8:03 am 20 Jun 08

Slightly off topic – I have heard a story doing the rounds that some young guys stole the number plate off a speed camera van and put it on the back of their car and sped past the van about 5 times – pretty funny however the second part of the story is that the guys car had a 4 sale sign with his mobile number on accross the back window – apparently they got nicked!

Can anyone validate if this is a true story?

Clown Killer 7:52 am 20 Jun 08

If only there was some way to get Ingeegoodbe to ring the guy in the van to ask him “what the fcuk he thought he was doing!”

Lenient 7:47 am 20 Jun 08

I hope paperboy planted some trees to offset the carbon in the hot air he let off in that post.

Pandy 9:58 pm 19 Jun 08

Sunshine, Go and read your electricity bill. Tell me how many tonnes of greenhouse gasses your one kilowatt/hour bar radiator produces, then we can have a decent conversation rather than the grunts I am getting from you now.

paperboy 9:26 pm 19 Jun 08

Seems I’ve touched a raw nerve.

But for the sake of an argument, let’s accept that idling a car uses only 1.5 litres an hour.

At last count, Canberra had five vans patrolling the roads for up to 18 hours a day.

I know there’s some moving around between locations and setting up, but that’s near enough to 50,000 litres of fuel a year.

That’s a pretty significant environmental impact.

Woody Mann-Caruso 9:16 pm 19 Jun 08

My air conditioning runs off smugness.

TAD 9:06 pm 19 Jun 08

And the aircon and heating in your cozy office is powered by ferrets FFS?

Spideydog 8:51 pm 19 Jun 08

What do you think powers the equipment in there?? Batteries only last so long.

Pandy 8:20 pm 19 Jun 08

Grow up!

They use the equivalent of about 1.5 litres an hour on idle.

More than compensated by the revenue they get from you boy.

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