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Fully Sick Drag Race?

By johnboy - 7 August 2012 80

2600inHD has made this contribution to YouTube with this note:

The RushhouR crew drag racing in Woden.

RushhouR is the ‘underground’ car club of Canberra. They consistantly participate in burnouts, drag-racing, drifting and other hoon related activities.

drag race screenshot

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80 Responses to
Fully Sick Drag Race?
colourful sydney rac 11:26 am 07 Aug 12

Someone put the beer in the fridge and put some popcorn on the stove while we wait for the usual apologists for this group, that promotes criminal behaviour, to post about how they have done ‘nufink wrong’ and we should pay for them to have a dragway so they can perform these acts of stupidity legally.

Apoc 11:22 am 07 Aug 12

Apoc from RH here – just want to confirm, I have never seen either of these cars (the lexus or the 200SX) at RushhouR, we do not organize street/drag racing – that kills people! lets say if you were helping organize a vigilante group of “hoons” as you call them, could you sleep at night knowing someone died during a street racing event you organized? no? neither could we. Burnouts on the other hand – we have no-where legal to do it, half the reason the laws are so harsh is because the conservative majority disagree with the whole smoke and noise thing – so “it must be stopped” right?, but on the realist side of the fence: if they are going to happen its best they happen away from the suburbs where no one can whinge.

Burnouts are part of the culture, dont like it? get f###ed and go watch some ACA or TT propaganda on hoons to make yourself feel better 🙂

You can label a whole group based on what you see 1 person do, RH cant control every member, but the least we could do is encourage people not to do things that will get themselves or others killed,

Punishing, fining, impounding cars, sentencing drivers is not educating the young blokes who want to enjoy a good high powered motorvehicle – however a legal burnout pad (not the joke sutton skid pan that doesnt allow burnouts) will at least give the police the power to say “you had an option, but you chose to do it on a public road so here is your summons”.. not “you’re a bad egg, heres a whole bunch of fines, a defect, a summons and we’re taking your car so you cant work, next time just drink drive and get off lighter”

RH is in a temporary hiatus, but we’re still around, 11 years strong

yellowredme 11:18 am 07 Aug 12

Yup, wankers, putting others lives at risk or taking up bed space in hospitals themselves when it all goes wrong.

My best friend is permanently brain damaged because of a wanker driving a car too fast thinking he was invincible – his actions bounced my friends car into an embankment after meerly clipping her car. He walked away intact, my friend was formerly young, stunning and vivacious – she was in a coma for three months, had to learn to walk and speak again and will never lead a normal life again. The person responsible didn’t apolgise and showed no remorse.

So RushhouR, reflect on that before you get in a car and think what you are doing is harmless and that you can handle it …

FXST01 11:16 am 07 Aug 12

Children with licences and no idea.

farnarkler 11:14 am 07 Aug 12

Hmmm was that meant to be exciting? FAIL.

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 11:09 am 07 Aug 12

yar, its the video info, so by the wording, seems like the poster either doesnt like rushhour, or is celebrating them being bell ends and also contradicting what their spokespeople often say(besides evidence to the contrary)

quewastaken 11:06 am 07 Aug 12

That’s surely people from rushhour, just as that guy on the motorcycle is clearly a member of the Comancheros or the Rebels… Just because someone rides a bike doesn’t mean they are an outlaw bikie, just as someone driving a car doesn’t make them part of a car group

johnboy 10:55 am 07 Aug 12

I’m normally very careful with my quotes.

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 10:53 am 07 Aug 12

p1 said :

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd said :

How do you know they are members of rushhour?

I kind of assumed from the nature of the video, that it had been taken intentionally by someone associated with the “drivers”.

Description in italics seems to be the videos title. doesnt sound like they are happy with them.

unless jb forgot to close his tag and that last line is his thoughts?

p1 10:29 am 07 Aug 12

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd said :

How do you know they are members of rushhour?

I kind of assumed from the nature of the video, that it had been taken intentionally by someone associated with the “drivers”.

VYBerlinaV8_is_back 10:27 am 07 Aug 12

Duffbowl said :

So, basically, they’re d***heads?

When they do it on public roads? Why yes, yes they are.

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 10:21 am 07 Aug 12

i though rushhour never did drag racing or burnouts in public roads lolol

having said that, and knowing its a lie as i have witnessed it on a few ocasions in my daily travels, but i dont see the rushhour sticker on either car? Something they normaqlly wear with pride to make up for their tiny lil dongers.
How do you know they are members of rushhour?

bundah 10:18 am 07 Aug 12

Who said Canberra Dragway was closed?

p1 10:14 am 07 Aug 12

RushhouR is the ‘underground’ car club of Canberra.

They are about as underground as Justin Bieber.

Was the bike stuck in second?

Duffbowl 10:04 am 07 Aug 12

So, basically, they’re d***heads?

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