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Gays only at Cube

boomacat 19 February 2006 22

Cube have decided that only gays can go to Cube, well on some nights anyway.

Check this out.

[ED – It does appear straight people can still enter as a guest and as they’re only checking on the basis of club membership we can all go as long as we’re willing to put hand on heart and say we’re gay (if that’s what we want to do)]

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22 Responses to Gays only at Cube
Absent Diane Absent Diane 3:44 pm 23 Mar 06

idiot straighties… hehe… I actually find that quite amusing.. not in a patronising way either… so many of the greatest leaders and innovators were donut punchers and/or bi…. egleonardo, michaelangelo (depending which history you read), Ghengis, Al.. just to name a few…

Thumper Thumper 1:28 pm 23 Mar 06

I couldn’t care less. It’s not as if I’m ever going to go there.

However, it does cry out discrimination.

Maelinar Maelinar 1:07 pm 23 Mar 06

Dark_Surf, no.

It’s called Discrimination, you should be well aware of the meaning of the word, poofter.

wonsworld wonsworld 1:05 pm 23 Mar 06

dark SURF?… damn I had been reading this as Dark Smurf. I had just confirmed my suspicions about them lil blue things being “very friendly” with the tele-tubbies.. Now I will have to change my thought processes.

Blamemonkey Blamemonkey 11:53 am 23 Mar 06

Overreaction Much??
I was going to post something hammering Dark_Surf, but i thought i would give them the benefit of the doubt and re read the article, there were no homophobic diatribes it was just some anonymous people discussing membership plans for a Canberra Night club, if you can’t handle that Dark_surf take your sequined shirt and Hand bag somewhere else.

LurkerGal LurkerGal 11:37 am 23 Mar 06

Time for some anger management classes for you, Dark_Surf.

Dark_Surf97 Dark_Surf97 10:25 am 23 Mar 06

Get over it!! Theres heaps of clubs you idiot straighties can go to!! Cant we have one thing to ourselves without you wrecking it?! Alot of us cant go to other clubs because we get assulted by drunk homophobic men and on occasion women. If you come in and behave i know for a fact they wont mind at all. Its there way of protecting the gay community while they are trying to have a bit of fun!

schmerica schmerica 8:53 pm 21 Feb 06

If your so desperate to get into the club… It would be a small price to pay.

simto simto 8:42 am 21 Feb 06

Having thougth about this a bit more – all the whiney “oh, we’re being excluded” straights have to do is pretend they’re gay. Which, considering that I’ve had to pretend to be straight for large chunks of my life, shouldn’t be too hard.

And no, you don’t have to make out with a bloke at the front door or anything – just be prepared to say you’re gay. Is it really that difficult, people?

schmerica schmerica 7:29 pm 20 Feb 06

How could you tell if someone was gay or not? I mean, wouldnt it be possible to just say your gay? Or do they force you to make out with someone of the same sex to prove it ?

bulldog bulldog 4:41 pm 20 Feb 06

bah – whatever, i don’t even care anymore.

jamius maximus jamius maximus 8:44 am 20 Feb 06

I guess they must rely on self-report to assess whether people are gay, however this does remind me of Daffyd’s “Gay Test” off Little Brittain.

Lodger: “Well, I seem to have passed your gay test, so I must be gay.”
Daffyd: “No, you are not a gay. I am gay. You’re probably just a little bit poofy!”

simto simto 8:36 am 20 Feb 06

I’m pretty confident that they won’t be running the “gay only” nights on any nights that they’d be expecting a particularly high straight attendance anyway – after all it’s a business, not a charity, and the owners aren’t going to voluntarily chuck in a large percentage of their walk-in patronage for ideological reasons.

jamius maximus jamius maximus 8:31 am 20 Feb 06

Personally I have witnessed a small sub-section of idiot drunk straight girls who get tanked and decide to go to cube to gawk at all the “hot gay guys”, as if they were going to the zoo or something. At least it may put an end to this.

jr jr 8:17 am 20 Feb 06

Terubo: are you really Daffyd in disguise?

terubo terubo 7:36 am 20 Feb 06

But I’M the only gay in that niteclub….!

jr jr 11:20 pm 19 Feb 06

No different to the way that Fernwood gets away with their “women only” policy.

Jey Jey 9:34 pm 19 Feb 06

I agree Unbeliever, very pink dollar.
If there was a problem with queerphobia at the place I can maybe understand but then if there was a problem with queerphobia the staff of the club should do their job and get rid of anyone causing a problem.

Slinky the Shocker Slinky the Shocker 9:06 pm 19 Feb 06

Ahhh…this is gonna be fun! I’m waiting for everyone to turn up on Monday morning, read this post and complain about being excluded from a club that they never went to and that they never had any desire to go to anyway…
C’m on, who’s first 😉

Unbeliever Unbeliever 8:07 pm 19 Feb 06

Can anyone say ‘storm in a gay teacup?!’

This is a membership-increasing campaign – nothing more.

Presumably, if a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered NON-member turned up at the door – the policy is that they would also be turned away at a MEMBERS-only event.

Now to attend to stuff of actual importance…..where did I put my handbad?

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